How Much Water You Should Drink Everyday?

The human body is composed of 60% water. During your routine activities, water is being consistently lost. To prevent dehydration and any such disease, there should be a proper quantity of liquid that should be consumed. Different people come up with varying opinions regarding how much water you should be drinking each day. Most health authorities recommend having eight glasses of water as a routine requirement. Around 2 liter of water equals eight glasses roughly. But is that the universal quantity suggested?

As most of the things are subjective, drinking water is also dependent on several factors. Body shape, size, living habits, and environment must be taken into consideration while calculating the adequate water consumption requirement of a person. In this article, we have included certain studies on how to calculate the exact specification for their bodies.


Can water consumption affect your brain and energy level?

Several People and health experts together claim that if a body is not hydrated throughout the day, it automatically starts indicating depreciated energy levels. Also, the brain doesn’t work that well as there are plenty of studies proving this fact. In a study of 10 women, it was shown that the fluid loss accurately results in impaired concentration and induced mood swings. It can also heighten the frequency of headaches and other diseases.

Even if a body suffers from mild dehydration, it is bound to encounter increased frequency of headache and bodily malfunctioning. Just 1% of dehydration is a significant amount to feel something wrong going in your body. While you are sweating under the sun, it is a clear cut sign that your body requires water at that time.

Dehydration can easily affect your physical performance and reduce the overall stamina.

Can drinking water reduce obesity?

There are several claims that state the benefit of having more water is inclusive of weight reduction. While your body stays hydrated, it automatically induces metabolism and reduces appetite. Consuming 500 ml of water can boost metabolism by up to 30%.

Consuming 2 litres of water per day is directly proportional to losing 96 calories in 24 hours. Moreover, drinking water helps in maintaining the optimal body temperature because you need to spend more calories on heating water and bringing to the average body temperature.

People who drink 500 ml of water before every meal can lose up to 44% weight within quickly four months. On the other hand, people who avoid consuming water cannot lose weight that quickly.

Practically, drinking water before your meals results in significant weight reduction and detoxification. Consuming water regularly has several General Health benefits.

Can you fight health issues by drinking more water?

Yes of course, there are several reports to support this claim. drinking water can fight with the following diseases-

  • Consuming water every day can compete with a common problem of constipation very easily. Start your day with two glasses of warm water and see the difference yourself.
  • Want to avoid kidney stones forever? Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • People consuming more water can easily escape bladder and colorectal cancer.
  • Want glowing skin without any special treatment? Enjoy several glasses of water and get that glow easily.

Is it necessary to drink a variety of fluids?

Plain water cannot contribute to the overall fluid balance in the body. It does not have all the components that can keep you hydrated. Caffeinated drinks are also categorised as fluids. However, they dehydrate the body instead of nurturing it.

Food loaded with natural water is fish, meat, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables. Check out the list of water-rich foods and include them in your daily diet for having a healthy body naturally.

Why do we feel thirsty?

The human body particularly feels thirsty when the total water content reduces to a specific limit. Your brain starts sending you the signal to drink water and everything is controlled by internal mechanisms. People don’t have to worry about their routine water intake as long as they are healthy. The thirst mechanism keeps everything in control and optimally balanced.

The rule of drinking eight glasses of water is wholly subjective and not meant for everybody on this earth. Sometimes, a human body requires drinking more body during increased sweating. On the other hand, when there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, the fluid loss is less and one can stick to lower water consumption. Athletes who initiate intense exercises need to replenish the electrolyte imbalance and for them more water consumption is a merry requirement.

Breastfeeding mothers and people suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting also need to enhance their water consumption level. Older people need to monitor their water intake because their thirst mechanism doesn’t work. They have to consume water at regular intervals consciously.

How much water should a human consume?

Nobody can exactly tell what the optimal water requirement for your body is. It depends on several factors that can vary daily. If you feel that drinking more water helps your body to function better, carry it on forever. On the other hand, if you start finding it uncomfortable to drink more water because of more bathroom trips, reduce the consumption level. Keep these simple guidelines in mind-

  • Drink water whenever you feel thirsty and do not avoid doing that ever.
  • When you don’t feel thirsty, avoid having water unnecessarily.
  • Increase your water consumption during heavy exercises and exposure to Sun.
  • It’s as simple as that

Remember excess of everything is bad

Drinking a lot of water to keeps the body hydrated, detoxified and well functioning. However, for some people drinking unusual amounts of water can create issues. Reduce water consumption during the following circumstances-

  • Frequent urination that includes peeing more than seven times a day.
  • Colourless urination because it should be light yellow
  • Stomach cramps because of the loss of potassium
  • Feeling overtired because your kidney have to filter water all the time to balance the internal fluids
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