Can Drinking 8 Glasses Water Keep You Healthy?

Almost every health expert and dietitian recommends consuming eight glasses of water every day. They say that the practice keeps the body from toxins and diseases. But is it worthwhile to drink so much water daily? The claim is somewhat truthful but has its limitations. Let’s know how far is it right to have eight glasses of water every day –

How did the rule originate?

The exact source from where the advice came is still yet to be confirmed. However, on a scientific ground it has been proved that an average person requires 1 ml of water for each calorie of food consumed. So, If a person is consuming 2000 calories per day on average, it roughly creates a requirement of 2000 ml of liquid intake. The report also stated that a certain amount of food products naturally have water and the body obtains moisture from them.

One can easily have 6 – 8 glasses of water per day. If the regular diet of a person includes fruits and vegetables as well, the overall water requirement is naturally less than eight glasses.


Scientific studies about eight glass water rule

According to a survey conducted in 2002, it examined 8 x 8 rule and as a result, there was no substantial evidence. There are no scientific theories that prove that human health can become better by consuming eight glasses of water every day. The study included people having sedentary lifestyles living in milder climates and having unlimited health.

8 x 8 rule is conditional

Not every person requires having 8 glasses of water every day. Different conditions and circumstances might induce the need for water consumption and decrease it as well. For example, healthy women and men don’t necessarily require such a large quantity of water to be consumed daily. Having 2 liters of water is enough to combat symptoms of dehydration.

People having some disease and suffering from dehydration require high water consumption. Dehydration can eventually lead to headaches, fatigue and impaired mood.

Drinking a lot of water is always a good idea but you don’t rigorously need to follow any rule for that. Just consume a lot of water according to your thirst and body requirement. Most healthy people don’t need to worry about water intake. Your desire is the first indicator of water requirements in the body.

Can drinking more water keep you hydrated for long?

Human body requires liquid in different forms. Just water is not enough to fight dehydration. In other words, there should be a proper Combination of milk, water, fruit juice and coconut water to keep the body healthy and well hydrated. Caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks are also accounted for as fluids. But they tend to create adverse impacts. Certain drinks have a diuretic impact that can increase the loss of fluid by making you urinate more.

It’s not just fluid that keeps you hydrated, but also certain foods that have a significant amount of water in them. Your overall hydration level also depends on what type of food you have been consuming. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in water. Also, meat, eggs and fish are known to have a high water content in them. Perhaps, consuming them eventually reduces the requirement of extra fluid intake.

Apart from everything else, the human body has a tendency to produce water while the metabolic process is carried. The water generated during processing the food consumed is known as metabolic water.

According to a report, people practicing sedentary lifestyles are mostly known to survive on fluid intake and beverages that account for 70 – 80% of their overall diet. The food consumed is less than 30% in most cases.

In the United States of America, people derive around 20% of the water from the food intake which is remarkably lower in comparison to European Nations.

People who do not consume water-rich foods have to depend on Fluids to retain their hydration levels.

Drinking water is always beneficial –

Drinking water keeps one optimally hydrated. As a general practice, everybody loses water through sweat, fecal matter, urine and breath. Drinking water comes with the following health benefits-

  • Burns more calories – drinking water can naturally burn calories and reduce appetite. It automatically eliminates the risk of long-term weight gain.
  • Reduces headache – people who often face problems can quickly reduce the intensity by keeping themselves hydrated.
  • Constipation – drinking a lot of water is a significant relief for the people suffering from illness.
  • Fights with kidney stones – according to hundreds of researches, it has been proven that drinking more water can quickly reduce the formation of kidney stones and keep one healthy.
  • Detoxification – is the body gets rid of unwanted chemicals and toxins by the means of sweat and excretion, it improves performance and works better.

What is the ideal water consumption?

Ideal water consumption for women accounts for 2.7 liters per day and for men it is 3.7 liters per day. Requirement of water consumption depends on several guidelines and factors including the environment and following Lifestyle. Body composition, activity level and size also influences the water consumption requirement. For example, if one is living in a hot climate or breastfeeding, naturally the water requirement is high for such a person. There is no precise cut measure for the amount of water that one needs.

Consuming eight glasses of water everyday can be ideal for some people and not a good idea for others. Your thirst primarily indicates the water requirement. Follow the bodily guide and you will never fail to keep yourself hydrated. Just don’t avoid drinking water whenever you feel thirsty from within. Consume a variety of beverages and fluids during hot weather and physical exercises. Elderly people need to remember consuming water from time to time as they do not feel thirsty that often.

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