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Managing Cancer: A Choice of Three Options

The doctor removed a lump from the breast of a female and discovered it to be malignant. Next, the health practitioner desired to cast off the complete breast. After the mastectomy, the usual “recipe” might be: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and in all likelihood take an oral drug known as tamoxifen. This […]

My Skirmish With Cancer

First of all, calling my ordeal a “fight” with cancer would be giving me an excessive amount of credit score. I recognize an entire bunch of humans who’ve complete-blown, knock-down, drag-out slugfests with most cancers. They’re the toughest people you will ever meet. Comparing my state of affairs with theirs […]

My Journey As a Cancer Survivor

Yes, that is me a survivor, a cancer survivor. I suppose that during many ways we’re all survivors of one type or another. We have all long past thru our very own trials and tribulations in our lives. It is my desire that this “journey” can also help the ones […]

Essiac – Nature’s Cancer Treatment

Nurse Rene M Caisse desired simplest to ease human struggling, to assist humans stricken by a horrible ailment, and to prove the efficacy of the invention she had made. She had no mind of personal benefit. Yet she changed into usually stressed by means of Canadian health government and threatened […]

Can Vitamins Fight Cancer?

What scientists recognize – and don’t know – about treating most cancers with vitamins. Hydroxyurea. Mercaptopurine. Cyclophosphamide. One factor all most cancers pills seem to have in not unusual is their hard-to-spell names. Or do they? How about A? D? E? These aren’t fancy new drugs – they’re simple old […]

How to Cut Your Cancer Risk by 50%

The first step is to create a cancer-resistant surroundings on your body. types of cancer is a sickness we give to ourselves and may broaden in any cellular tissue. Each cellular has a built-in braking machine to alter boom. If that device fails, the mobile will become a runaway teach […]

Lung Cancer and Smoking

According to the American Cancer Society, nowadays, lung most cancers is the main reason of cancer-associated deaths in ladies. In 2006, an estimated 162,460 deaths resulted from lung cancer, and of these deaths, an estimated seventy-nine,560 of those had been women. At first look, the numbers won’t appear so alarming., […]