How To Fix A Broken Fingernail? Soloution!

Long fingernails beautify a woman in their ways. But if they happen to chip or Break apart, it can be vigorously heartbreaking. Luckily, some methods can help fix up a broken fingernail in just a few minutes. As long as you have not damaged the nail bed or the nail matrix, you can always get back the long nails look without any pain or discomfort.

How to quickly fix a broken fingernail?

There are so many methods that you can practice at home to fix your nails straight away. You don’t even have to visit a doctor or an Emergency Room to get away with the situation.

Broken Fingernail

#Choose a fingernail glue

You can use fingernail glue to attach the broken nail immediately. What has to be done is-

  • Wash your nail With warm water and dry it up
  • Dip your nail in warm water so that it softens a little bit
  • Apply a tiny amount of nail glue over the area and spread it all evenly to form an invisibly thin layer.
  • Place the broken nail gently in the area where it broke and wait for 60 seconds so that it creates a grip.
  • User a nail filer to smoothen up the nail even and out.
  • Apply nail polish or a base coat for a smooth finish.

#The tea bag method

  • Clean your nails with some warm water and let them dry.
  • Cut a small piece of the teabag that is big enough to cover up the broken area.
  • Apply a layer of glue over that piece and let it dry.
  • Use a tweezer or something to buff so that it looks natural and perky

Teabags are more valuable than you can imagine. However, it would help to remember that they are not strong enough to give a consistent appearance. You need to repeat the process more than just once until the new nail grows once again.

# Let the taping help

  • Take a small piece of tape and put it over the area where the nail has broken.
  • Press it firmly and make sure that it sticks to the nail.
  • Using a pair of scissors, trim the leftover area, and you will have a beautiful fingernail once again.

How to fix a bleeding, broken nail?

Sometimes, the problem can be more severe, and it can lead to a Nail bed injury. If the nail is wholly crushed or torn, it can even result in blood oozing out. Nail bed injuries can be more severe than one can imagine. They can even harm the nail matrix and make it incapable of growing a fresh nail ever again. The moment you find a severe problem taking place with your Fingernail, seek for medical attention to prevent further issues. Right before you visit the Emergency Room, take the following measures –

  • Remove bracelets, rings, and jewellery from the hands and arms
  • Wash the affected area with some warm water and don’t touch it directly; there is a possibility of further infection spreading.
  • Apply some antibiotics if you want, or simply wrap a bandage to secure the affected area.

How do we fix a chipped fingernail?

A chipped Fingernail can be a more severe problem than a broken fingernail. You can take care of it at home through the following remedies

  • you can trim the nail area until the entire surface is even.
  • Apply a small amount of glue, tape, or tea bag material to give it a fake look.
  • If the side area is affected, use warm water to clean and apply antibiotics over it.

How do we prevent nails from completely breaking apart?

  • Please keep your hands dry the moment you wash them.
  • Do not bite your nails.
  • Do not let your nails stay wet for a more extended period.
  • Pay monthly visits to the salon to get your nails done because they have got a license in cosmetology. The experts will eliminate any potential problems.
  • Trim your nails regularly
  • Do not apply nail polish very often because that can weaken your nails.

What exactly causes nails to break?

The human hand is involved in all sorts of daily activities in several ways. Here are some of the most common reasons behind nails breaking apart-

  • Excess Exposure to moisture
  • Brittleness in the nails because of malnutrition
  • The habit of biting or picking the nail
  • Accidental injuries are taking place because of crushing.
  • Ingrown nail infections
  • Nail deformity or psoriasis

The final piece of advice

Nail injuries can be managed at home most of the time. As long as you do not have a minor nail injury, everything can be looked after. Somehow, if the nail area breaks apart and there is a need to prevent the infection, paying a visit to the expert would be better. See your doctor and if there is any infection breeding, follow the suggested remedies.

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