Dr. Ryan Shephard – The Side Of Doctors We Don’t See

Dr. Ryan Shephard is one of the most talented doctors I know and someone who is entirely committed to doing all that he can to save as many lives as possible. I was Ryan’s roommate for 7 years and during that time I was able to see the other side to being a doctor, the side that most people do not see. This is very much the same for anyone who works as a medical professional or in the emergency services and whilst we may see a great doctor or nurse who has it all together, the reality can often be very different.


We may think that doctors are devoid of emotions but that is just not the case and more often than not they simply keep emotions back until they are able to let them out. I can remember a number of times that I heard my roomie in emotional distress after a tough day, perhaps a patient of his had arrested or passed away that day and of course he must remain professional, once that door closes however, things are very different indeed.



Doctors must work incredibly long hours, often 12 hour shifts over the course of multiple days. As you can imagine with such a stressful and highly charged job, the tiredness can be incredibly tough to cope with. I have seen Ryan on numerous occasions after a tough 5 day stretch of work where he is so fatigued that he cannot even perform the most basic of tasks. I have even seen him engaging in conversation and then falling asleep before he had finished what he was saying. The fatigue which the doctors and nursing staff face is truly incredible and how they keep going is simply beyond me.


For most of us the studying stops once we have finished our education but in the world of a doctor that is not the case at all. In fact many doctors still study very hard because they are worried that they will lose knowledge which could later help a patient. Doctors will also continue to study because of the new advancements and technological improvements that are constantly being made in medicine and they do their best to keep their anger on the pulse in order to be the very best that they can be.


Many doctors have people who they look after in the hospital and they must ensure that they are a good leader for their charges. This is something else which a doctor must be focussed on and many of them need to work on leadership skills. Away from the hospital this can mean additional stress and days off which are not in fact days off at all. Working as a leader can mean that doctors can make more money and it can also give them a more prosperous career, they must work very hard for it however.

Joshua K. Lopez

I do take care of my health so I do love writing many articles over health and care.