Six Amazing Tips to Keep Air Inside Your House Clean

The air inside your home can significantly affect your health and mood. Low or poor air quality can be one of the primary reasons for fatigue, strokes, asthma, lung cancer, and heart disease. Many studies have shown that the air quality inside can affect our health more than the air outside since we spend most of our time indoors in homes, offices, and restaurants.

Poor quality of air can be caused due to many factors such as polluted air flowing inside from outside, emissions from heating and other appliances, building material, furnishings, etc. Other sources may include smoking, cleaning your home with cleansers, and aerosol sprays that contain harmful chemicals that stick to your house’s walls, causing more problems. It is essential to get rid of the low quality of air and improve it immediately by reading and implementing the given tips below-


Ventilation helps in improving the air quality by replacing the stagnant air with the inflow of fresh air. Please open the windows for a few minutes, especially early in the morning when pollution is at its lowest, to rejuvenate the air quality of your house. Try to use trickle ventilators for the kitchen and bathrooms that filter the air full of impurities before letting it in.

Plants for Decor

Keeping plants in pots at various spots in the house can enhance the look and improve the quality of air inside by destroying suspended harmful particles in the atmosphere. Plants like Aloe Vera get rid of formaldehyde, Areca Palm kills all the air toxins, and spider plants effectively alleviate carbon monoxide, xylene, and benzene.


Get Rid of Molds

Poor and humid air leads to the growth of molds. They usually grow in dark and damp places of the house, causing infections and allergies. Make use of humidifiers to dry the air and walls of your home, or if the condition is too severe, call a mold removal company.

Use Essential Oil-Diffusers

Essential oils have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are excellent for curing skin. Besides using it on the skin, these oils reduce airborne diseases. Essential oils like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, clove, and rosemary can be mixed in your homemade cleaners to minimize bacteria causing infectious diseases.

Take Your Shoes Off

Your shoes may carry the sticky stuff inside your homes, such as bacteria, fungi, pollen, and feces. These minute particles can easily float in the air and multiply. The more suspended particles in the air, the poor will be the quality. Therefore, it is recommended to take shoes off while entering inside.

Air Quality Testing

You can contact professionals for air quality testing if you are still suspicious about the quality of air in your house. They will provide you with complete air cleaning and advise you of various remedies. They are experts who know how to manage and tackle problems that occur because of the poor air quality of your house.

Joshua K. Lopez

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