Social Distancing The Right Way

Social distancing is the new norm. Here are some tips on how to do it right. Remember, just because you’re healthy and feel okay doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t transmit the virus to others in a high-risk group.

Less than 10 people

Many cities have already asked people to refrain from gathering in groups larger than 10. This decreases the possibility of transmission, which will help slow the number of positive cases. The biggest concern for planners is that too many people will need hospitalization at the same time and they will overwhelm our healthcare system. 

Stand 6 feet apart

Since transmission of the virus occurs when people breathe in aerosolized droplets, standing 6 feet apart from people when you are out in public can help decrease the spread. Many grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies have signs that remind you of this advisory. 

High-risk groups should stay home

If you are in one of the high-risk groups, stay home. There are many people without symptoms who can still transmit the virus. Once again, the best way to help our hospitals, doctors, and nurses is to stay healthy. If you need to, order takeout or have friends help with errands. That’s probably the best way to stay healthy.

Go out for necessities only, during off-peak hours

When you must go out for groceries and other necessities, try going during off-peak hours. There will be fewer people, making that 6 feet of social distancing easier to maintain. Fewer people in the stores also means less exposure for people who work there and more time for them to clean and disinfect high-traffic surfaces.

The average citizen cannot help produce a vaccine or increase the number of test kits or run the tests through a lab. But we can do our part to slow the spread of this virus within our community. This is a time to put aside personal inconvenience and minor discomfort to benefit the greater good. If you are feeling helpless, remember that social distancing is the best way you can contribute.


Joshua K. Lopez

I do take care of my health so I do love writing many articles over health and care.