Lo Bosworth Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

All merchandise featured on Glamour is independently selected via our editors. However, while you purchase something through our retail links, we might also earn an affiliate commission. Lo Bosworth is all grown up. While you may bear in mind her as L.C.’s bubbly blonde high-quality pal on Laguna Beach and The Hills, today, she’s a complete-blown enterprise female. Bosworth—who is very bubbly and blonde, F.Y.I.—founded the girls’ wellness emblem Love Wellness in her residing room in 2016. Now, five years later, the emblem is stocked at the shelves of mega-outlets like Target and Ulta, and the goods have 5-superstar reviews inside the heaps.

The logo gives dietary supplements, vaginal care, and probiotics, which have to be a cornerstone of the line. “I feel like probiotics are the brand new multivitamin,” Bosworth tells Glamour. “We stay in a contemporary world in which tons of what we devour, what we stumble upon in terms of the environment, and what we placed on our pores and skin is disrupting the unique microbiomes in our frame, from our gut microbiome to our skin microbiome to our actual microbiome. So it’s a certainly interesting time in science with regards to probiotics, due to the fact we’re starting to find out all of those one-of-a-kind lines that serve distinct features in the frame.”

Lo Bosworth

Bosworth believes in an inside-out philosophy on the subject of beauty. However, she doesn’t leave it at that. She loves a product—her alternatives span from a $10 scrub to a $245 serum—and isn’t scared of injectables. “My biggest worries are honestly hormonal acne and anti-aging,” she says. “I’m just starting to be aware my skin around my eyes getting extra skinny. I get Botox, and it without a doubt enables and works, and I get under eye filler. I’m constantly on the lookout for incredible merchandise that tightens the skin.” For Glamour’s modern Drop the Routine, Bosworth breaks down her whole ordinary, from an eye-fixed cream that knocks out puffiness to a skin-changing diet C serum.

My Supplements

When it involves probiotics, we’re studying loads about the gut-pores and skin axis, the gut-brain axis, the gut-vagina axis—all of these bacteria are created inside the intestine. Then it enables to populate the bacteria in those one-of-a-kind microbiomes. So about the pores and skin, you can use products that are eroding your skin microbiome, causing you to have all of those problems—dryness, pimples, acne. The reason for our new Clear Skin Probiotics is to assist repair that skin microbiome so that your frame and your pores and skin may be at their great on their very own how nature meant. I’ve been taking Clear Skin for the past couple of months because I have been managing maskne and hormonal zits, and I’ve seen a massive development in my skin, mainly with hormonal acne.

I additionally take two other merchandise from Love Wellness which can be super excellent helpful. Good to Glow is a form of our wellknown antiaging complement. It’s full of collagen, ashwagandha, vitamin C, and diet E, so it’s a brilliant everyday complement. And then Sparkle Fiber is our veggie fiber plus digestive enzymes in a single capsule. You would be shocked how much skin is associated with digestion. So it’s no longer just probiotics; it’s additionally growing the fiber content material for your frame so that you’re easing that herbal manner of cleansing—while you’re increasing fiber and going to the restroom, your pores and skin go to glow.

My Cleansers

First is the Dr. Devgan Advanced Revitalizing Cleanser. I use this morning and night; it’s a high-quality fundamental gentle cleanser. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub is my favorite scrub. It’s affordable and the best scrub I’ve ever used. I love it. I use it a couple of times per week as I need it, usually once I’ve been on the beach at the weekends. I feel adore it” mild enough that you can use it each day, but I’m greater of an “as I want it” kind of female.

My Micellar Water

I simplest commenced using this a couple of months ago, but I love the Bioderma Micellar Water for combination-oily skin. I don’t recognize what it’s far about this. However, it’s so correct. It simply appears like this is more cleansing and firming; I don’t remember if it has an actual effect. However, my skin has been searching properly on account that I’ve been the use of this. It’s less brilliant in the day. I comprehend it’s a cleaner. However, I use it as extra toner. I wash my face, after which I use it to help get different makeup off. In the morning, it simply units my pores and skin appropriately for the relaxation of the day.

My Serums

I use two merchandise from Dr. Devgan, both a.M. And p.M. The first is the Vitamin C+B+E Ferulic Serum, and the second is her hyaluronic acid serum. My pores and skin have by no means seemed better; it’s so easy, and all of my discolorations go away. It’s virtually high-quality. I love those two merchandises. And then this product is exciting, the Ren Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum. I use this within the morning once I need it. I even have a lot of redness on my cheeks, and I suppose this calms the capillaries or something. I don’t frankly recognize how it works. However, it works! It’s first-rate for touchy pores and skin.

My Night Treatments

At night time, I use the Strivectin S.T.A.R. Light Retinol Night Oil; it has bakuchiol, retinol, and all that form of stuff. It smells without a doubt top, and it’s a lovely mild oil. I rotate the ArtNaturals Lactic Acid with the Strivectin night oil, and I don’t use them each night. My dermatologist instructed me that’s, in reality, better. However, I suppose there are conflicting critiques on that. I’ve visible excellent consequences of its usage every couple of nights, so when I use the lactic acid, I don’t use the night oil because you don’t want to mix them.


I use Shiseido. It blends in indeed properly with makeup. However, I use it throughout SPF 50. It’s exceptional; it’s so smooth and gentle.

My Eye Cream

I use the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment. I don’t understand what it does, but the sales guy at Ulta became like, “This is what you want.” Because I usually awaken with actually puffy eyelids. I use this on my eyelids, now not simply on my under eyes, and I do sense adore it allows with puffiness.

My Tools

My preferred element is to use my Rosehip Seed Oil from The Ordinary, and my gua sha devise and go to the metropolis. I do that each time my face is puffy and wishes for a few lymphatic drainages.

My Masks

I love Versed; it’s so correct and so cheap. I’ve been using the turmeric clay mask. It’s insane. It’s a brilliant-brightening mask, but it doesn’t dry out your pores and skin in any respect. I adore it; it’s my preferred mask proper now. And I do love the Peter Thomas Roth undereye ones. I preserve them within the fridge. I like to position them underneath my eyes and over my eyes, and on my smile lines. I put them anywhere throughout my face.

My Lip Balm

My all-time favorite is Bag Balm. You can get it at CVS. I love these items. It’s an antique-school product, and I’ve been using it forever, but it works so well. A makeup artist taught me about it years ago, and I constantly have it.

My Treatments

I visit Glo Spa in New York. My buddy Sai Demirovic owns it, and they are excellent. She does this jet peel—it’s insane, it’s like this factor that suctions all the goop out of your face. However, it additionally puts serums in. I love that. I try to move once a month.

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