Five Things to Consider When Designing Your Commercial Gym

The design is everything when it comes to a commercial gym. A well-planned workout space allows your customers to move freely and enjoy their time in a comfortable place. In short, it is something that keeps your clients coming back for more. However, designing a fitness center is no easy task. An improper gym setup can lead to severe injuries, and at worst, death. That is why it is essential that the layout you design is appropriate and meets the industry standards. To help you get started with the project and make your gym look world-class and run smooth, here is a list of things to keep in mind –

Commercial Gym

Realistic Budget

Well, this accounts to be the most critical thing while designing your commercial gym. Some have an extravagant spending limit on hand, and some may be on a strict budget. So, first, you have to determine your financial constraints and then invest in the venue and gym essentials such as treadmills, stair climbers, and more.

Spacious Venue

Your fitness business area has to be big enough to accommodate the workout equipment and deliver activities safely. Practicality and functionality top the list throughout the gym design process because nobody wants to be bumping into each other or machines when walking around. Thus, make sure you leave enough room for future expansion or getting in some additional fitness tools.

Happy and Bright Environment

Interior wall colors, lighting, air quality, and air conditioning are crucial things that have to be taken care of. You, of course, don’t want your clients to risk their mental and physical health by exercising in gray or dingy areas. Instead, you need to design a workout space that motivates them and have a good time (with excellent music and television shows) as they exercise.

Durable Flooring

An important thing to be careful of is the flooring you use throughout the gym. What many people don’t know is that different parts of the gym require different kinds of flooring. The ones used for Yoga or Zumba studio are entirely in contrast to what you need in the heavy weight-lifting zone. So, please think of the area’s utility and then pick out an option that can absorb such an impact and protect the floor beneath it.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

With so many people sweating like crazy on the floor and machines, you can imagine the odor and bacteria accumulated in the surroundings. And by not paying proper attention to regular cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance, you are sure to gain a reputation for being dirty amongst your clients. So, you must install a high-quality air filtration system to keep freshness inside your gym and plan the placement of shower stalls in a way that there is a minor mess of sweat and grime around. You can go on to add solid phenolic lockers for a more organized, beautiful, and symmetrical look.

Joshua K. Lopez

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