Dean Toriumi Reviews – When Is rhinoplasty a Good Idea?

This time last year I was just about getting prepared to go in to surgery for a rhinoplasty procedure. This decision was not taken lightly at all and it was in fact something that I mulled over for many years before finally taking the plunge, and I am so glad that I did! Getting the right surgeon wasn’t easy and after reading so many reviews, good and bad, I finally decided after reading the Dean Toriumi reviews that he would be the perfect fit for me. Undergoing any procedure like rhinoplasty must be done for the right reasons however and here are what those reasons should be.


There are many situations whereby people will have rhinoplasty in order to reshape the nose after an injury or an accident. In this situation you will probably have no choice about your nose reconstruction and it will be a decision made by the medical professionals.

On the other hand there are numerous health issues which can be resolved with rhinoplasty, such as people who have difficulty breathing through restricted nasal passages. If you have an issue such as this which you think that rhinoplasty can help with, make sure that you contact your surgeon to find out whether or not they are able to help you.


Shape or Form

My decision to undergo rhinoplasty was not related to anything medical but rather the fact that I have alway hated the shape of my nose. For many years I would try and hide from photographs and I used to hate looking at pictures of myself, all because of that crooked nose.

In truth there are lots of areas of my body that I would like to have changed but the nose was without question the area which had caused me the most problems throughout my life. Despite this I still gave the decision a great deal of thought before I finally decided to change it, for no other reason than altering a part of your body is a big decision to make.

The Dangers

The reason why I say that there are right and wrong reasons for doing this is because we live in a society whereby many people, predominantly younger people, are having areas of their body augmented for very much the wrong reasons.

In some cases you have people changing their body because they want to keep up with a particular fashion or trend, which is of course never a good reason to have your body changed. Another issue which many have is body dysmorphia which means that no matter how much surgery they have, they will still dislike areas of their body. In this situation the person needs counseling rather than surgery.

If you do want to have a procedure like this done, make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons, spend some time to think about what you want and why, before you settle on your decision.

Joshua K. Lopez

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