Why Install Stairlifts In Your Home

If you’re counting on aging in place, maintaining movement and preventing drops ends up being a priority. This concern is strengthened by real-world information, as the National Institute on Aging reports that 6 out of every ten slips happen in the house. Picking to install a stairlift Singapore product in the home helps significantly minimize that concern, and, with the number of stair lift kinds and arrangements available, discovering one that fits your requirements doesn’t need to be tough.

Benefits of installing a stair lift at home or in a public place?

3 myths surrounding stairlifts

Myth 1: Stair lifts are simply for older individuals

As I’m sure you have uncovered, discomfort and mobility concerns can impact any person at any moment. A stair lift supplies access at once when mobility is needed, and restores accessibility to the entire residence, and the outdoors.

Myth2: My stairs are too constricted for a stair lift

Another popular myth about stair lifts is a problem that the stairs are too narrow. While we know this is a possibility, it is really improbable. These days’s stair lifts fold up to a really compact size, as low as 11 and 12 inches when tucked.

Myth3: A new stair lift will make the stairs troublesome for other folks

Again, this is no longer a concern with modern stair lifts. Today’s stair lifts come with a range of options consisting of an extended rail that wraps around an edge or part of the stair railing near the bottom or top of the stair, to make sure that the stairs is entirely accessible when the stair lift is folded. One more option is a flip-up rail that could be added to a straight stair lift to eliminate the stair lift from the area when there is an entrance.

2 main types of stair lifts

Straight Stair Lift

A straight stair lift is the simplest and most economical type of stair lift. This stair lift is installed directly alongside a totally straight staircase. Some usual benefits and features of straight stair lifts consist of the ability to be installed on either side of a stairs, a retractable rail and seat, and footrest and armrests that fold when not in use.

Straight stair lifts frequently have the choice of a power swivel so you can be automatically and securely transferred to the landing at the top of the stairs.

Curved Stair Lift

A curved stair lift is personalized to your personal stairs considering that it adheres to the distinct contour of the staircase. Consequently, this type of stair lift is significantly more costly. Curved stair lifts can adapt to a plethora of specific needs, such as staircases that encompass several floors, staircases with a landing between floorings, and also complex spiral staircases.

Like straight stair lifts, curved stair lifts are additionally commonly equipped with a foldable seat, foot rest, and armrests and either a power swivel choice or the ability to halt straight on a landing. Easy-to-use and instinctive controls are additionally conventional.

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