Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men

The beauty supplies Industry and Missed Opportunities: Lessons from the IT Sector and The Writing on the Wall.

In a commercial enterprise, we’ve got all performed the “if I simplest knew then what I know now…” game. And yes, maximum – if now not all – people would lunge at the opportunity to jump right into a time system and emerge on the fabled right place at the right time: say, simply before a wild inventory marketplace surge, or just as valuable, right earlier than a drawing close crash.

But of all the “if I most effective knew then what I realize now” ponderings, those which can be the most painful – those that keep us up at night, lamenting now not simply what might have been, but what ought to had been – are the opportunities that we allow slip right thru our very personal fingers.

Those are the possibilities that sting the longest and reduce the innermost, because in hindsight we see, with tragic clarity, that they had been virtually designed for us. Those possibilities got here knocking at our door, and all we sincerely needed to do was turn the doorknob, allow them to in, and obtain the existence-changing rewards.


But for a variety of reasons – name it future, bad success, or something else – we neglected it. And so the knocking stopped, the door remained closed, and the possibility went someplace else.

Top Missed Opportunities (and Blunders) in Tech History

If reflecting on neglected opportunities have you feeling quite lousy, then take heart: at the least, you didn’t make PC World’s harshly (but as it should be!) entitled “The Top 10 Stupidest Tech Company Blunders” listing. Indeed, at the same time as you can every so often lie wide awake in the mattress at night time wondering “what could have been,” the oldsters in this listing are probable knee-deep in therapists via this factor. Behold:

• In 2006, Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel reacted to a few bad agency monetary news through pulling back a sincerely sealed $1 billion greenback offer for Facebook. The provide became reduced to $600 million, which becomes too low for Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Just five years later, Facebook is now really worth a jaw-dropping $eighty+ billion.



• In 2000, an engineer, Tony Fadell pitched a music participant that was an innovation from the cutting-edge mix of MP3 gamers. He changed into proven the door with the aid of Real Networks and Philips, but he did capture the interest of some guy named Steve Jobs. Jump in advance a decade and Fadell’s vision – which has become the iPod – commands 80% of the virtual track market and has transformed the manner the tune enterprise produces and gives you its product.

• In the early 2000’s, monoliths Sony and Toshiba waged corporate battle over who could outline the new high-definition DVD fashionable. Sony had an element called Blu-ray. Toshiba had an element called HD DVD. The war waged on until 2008, while Sony ultimately gained – however handiest after paying Warner Brothers Studios a tidy $four hundred million to kill HD DVD in favor of Blu-ray. Had they worked collectively, they could have stored loads of millions of bucks and profited loads of millions more. Talk about a neglected possibility!

• Folks of a positive age will easily keep in mind the times when MS-DOS dominated the computer working machine global (can I get a dir, please?). But maximum oldsters don’t know that before IBM selected Microsoft, it attempted to strike an address a man named Gary Kildall of Digital Research. As it turns out, the day that IBM stopped by Gary’s area to forge a deal, he becomes out handing over a product to a customer – leaving his spouse to address the negotiations. Mrs. Kildall failed to like a number of what IBM become the offering, and sent them in their manner. IBM went instantly to Bill Gates and Microsoft and the rest is history.

• In 1973, Xerox built something very thrilling and called it the Alto. At the time, nobody clearly knew what the Alto became because not anything like it had ever existed. All they knew become that it had a windows-primarily based GUI, ethernet networking, and a WYSIWYG text processor. But who in their proper minds could need that? There becomes no personal computer market in 1973, and so the Alto become put on the again burner. However, this wasn’t earlier than that iPod guy Steve Jobs performed around with one, went “aha!” after which spun the vision into Apple’s Lisa and Mac computer systems. By the time Xerox awoke to this, it becomes too late and that they in no way did capture up.

• In 1999, tens of millions of people basked in the front of the warm glow of their video display units and loaded up on digital tune courtesy of Napster. But now not absolutely everyone became pleased – such as the tuning industry categoriesitself, which went into DefCon three mode and attacked Napster and thousands of the “pirates” who have been using it to “rip ’em off”. That’s while Napster CEO Hank Barry supplied this revolutionary answer: license the song and pay royalties to the artists, just like a radio station. To placed things mildly, his thought became not heeded. Nor become it heeded by means of the song industry while a comparable answer turned into proposed by way of MP3.Com, or any of the opposite websites where music-loving “pirates” had been congregating. Of course, we know how this story ends: these days, Barry’s licensing version is really worth billions of bucks 12 months – and developing. The digital song industry should have averted years of missed sales, criminal costs, and the ire of track lovers (specifically the 30,000 or in order that it used) if it had without a doubt visible the writing on the wall and READ it.

• Back in the 90’s, the Internet Service Provider panorama changed into dominated by means of Compuserve. It had everything that a CEO, investor or shareholder desires of huge marketplace percentage, hooked up purchaser base, big assets, little competition, and technical advantages (in particular around records) that functioned in a few methods like a herbal monopoly. So what occurred? Neglecting to improve its management function, re-invest in revolutionary technology and services, Compuserve, in essence, held the door open for AOL to are available and within some years – kicked Compuserve out of the marketplace altogether.

• For years, Craigslist became visible however now not heard by the newspaper industry categories. Who should consider absolutely everyone turning faraway from (the very beneficial) newspaper classifieds and placing their fact in some bizarre advertisements on some bizarre website named after a few (probably weird) guy? Instead of know-how Craig Newmark’s business version and exploiting it, the newspaper enterprise went on whistling, while Craigslist and pals – eBay, Google, and so on – kept developing exponentially. And now, there is a great hazard that the only region destiny generations will see a newspaper, or as a minimum the labeled segment of a newspaper, can be in a museum.


• We live in the Google Age, however, we may be residing inside the Open Text age – that is, if the folks at Yahoo! And its new partner Open Text had, in 1997, determined now not to abandon their plans to create a search engine that would quick and as it should be experiment documents at the net beauty supplies and bring again search results. Their oversight became Google’s invitation, because in 1998, Google released its seek engine and, well, the rest is records (and, no question, the stuff of nightmares for the humans at Yahoo! And Open Text who ignored out on tens of billions of greenbacks in earnings).

• At the turn of the century, Apple and its consultant Steve Jobs (yes, him again) were dealing with a totally horrifying hassle: they did not have cash, their inventory turned into near nugatory, and it failed to actually have a CEO at the time. So who failed to Apple fade into oblivion? Enter: Bill Gates and Microsoft, who despatched over a check for a cool $150 million to hold Apple from rotting to the core. Obviously, Microsoft in no way realized that this strategic miscalculation would price the corporation billions of dollars in lost income and market percentage in PCs, digital devices and software program. But it did, and that is why Bill is in the listing.

The Ingredients of a Missed Business Opportunity

While all the shockingly huge missed opportunities (and blunders) have distinct details and paint special pix, it’s insightful to look beyond the surface to the not unusual denominator – because in doing so, it becomes evident that there are some key, not unusual ingredients to every overlooked enterprise opportunity. These include:

1. Misjudging the marketplace. Each of these unhappy testimonies wraps itself around a core mistake, which is that the marketplace becomes woefully misjudged. Either markets that truly did exist were assumed to be not anything (or, at best, now not worthy of attention), or simple fundamentals of what purchasers desired changed into neglected in favor of what organizations desired and figured had been of their nice interest, rather than the customers’.

2. Not seeing the caution signs. While hindsight is 20/20, it is truthful to finish that the writing was already on the walls for these oldsters – and for some of them, it had been there for years in the event that they would most effective pay attention. But instead of analyzing the signs and symptoms, accepting reality and making adjustments, they both pretended that everything was exceptional, or did an ostrich dive and insulated themselves against what became really going on. The irony right here, of course, is that the people who were charged with seeing reality – the leaders – had been the ones who have been lifeless-set on seeing something but what was absolutely going on. In the cease, their failure was tons larger than them – it crushed whole agencies to the ground.

Three. Not partnering with the proper solutions company. All of these organizations may be faulted for failing to appearance outdoor of their enterprise. If they’d, they might have no doubt related to the right solutions company and obtained precious access to know-how, merchandise, offerings, channels, and systems – all or any of that can have saved them from monetary disaster and a gap in this horrible listing. In other words, they could not clear up the hassle on their own (presuming they saw it inside the first place) and failed to paintings with partners to remedy it neatly and successfully.

The Writing is on the Wall for the Beauty Industry

We’ve seen how the three center errors recognized above – misjudging the marketplace; now not seeing the warning symptoms; no longer partnering with the proper answers company – have caused untold billions in losses for IT leaders who might do something to go returned in time and undo the harm (and no longer be the guffawing stock of destiny generations). And chillingly, we also can see how those errors are making their way into the Beauty Industry – especially, in how the Beauty Industry deals with men.

Frankly, the Beauty Industry, for all of its blended intelligence and revel in, is woefully neglecting guys in its product improvement, it’s advertising, its marketing and particularly its retailing. Why? Well, in case you ask the Beauty Industry, you may not get an answer – due to the fact maximum enterprise insiders don’t suppose there may be a problem! The few who do, their visions are so myopic they can not see their manner to a clear solution. In fact, the traditional Beauty Industry would have you agree with that men in well-known, are nicely on their way to be ‘feminized’.

It might be unfair to mention that the beauty supplies industry categories made no effort toward developing products and marketing campaigns that “attraction to guys”. But the little that they did, is to this point of the song that pulling the train back would be comparable to getting it to prevent on a dime. That’s no marvel due to the fact significant alternate from the ground up takes money – lots of it. Yet because masculine guys do not wield nearly enough shopping for power to seize the Beauty industry categories interest, the Beauty industry categories figures that you are not essential sufficient for them to spend money on a whole and high-priced overhaul in their present-day practices in the direction of the advertising and marketing of guys’ skin care and men’s anti-getting older merchandise.

Besides, the present day Beauty industry categories as an entire, like a number of their opposite numbers inside the IT phase that made the List, is still so restrained through traditions and influences of their feminine roots which have described the Beauty industry categories for almost two hundred years, one doubts that they’d see the solution even supposing it was right before their eyes.

But that may be a MONUMENTAL trouble, and writing is clearly on the wall.

It’s an undisputed reality that guys’ pores and skin care and anti-getting older is the fastest growing segment of the Beauty Industry nowadays. But notice that this boom is not the result of the Beauty Industry’s efforts to reply to the needs of masculine men, it is, in reality, the opposite. Earlier problems of this article collection communicate about this considerably, in addition to the Beauty Industry’s practice of recruiting and bribing of women to do their heavy lifting – this is why as much as 70% of guys’ skin care merchandise are offered by girls.

No marvel the whole lot from the packaging to the advertising to the extremely-female branch keep “splendor jungle” enjoy is absolutely designed for the ladies. Even the maximum common promotions are geared toward ladies – who else might be expected to utilize a “quite” makeup bag complete with lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara!

Does this sound familiar? Kind of scent like a number of the awesome miscalculations that the IT leaders on the list above made back once they had a threat to get in advance of a fashion – in preference to lie consciously in the mattress at night time (or on their therapist’s sofa inside the day) thinking about it.

So that begs the questions…

• Who could be the Beauty Industry’s Yahoo! And profoundly misjudge the fee of Facebook?

• Who could be the Beauty Industry’s Xerox, and assume that certainly as it does not have a distribution channel to a market, then that marketplace have to no longer exist?

• Who may be the Beauty Industry’s Open Text, who became properly within draw close of being, well, THE Google of the tech industry nowadays, but figured returned then that it wasn’t worth their time to concentrate to what the market become sincerely pronouncing. Enough stated.

• Who will be the Beauty industry categories Real Networks and Philips who, in spite of their fulfillment in other fields, will by no means recover from the economic loss of having held the future iPod in its palms, but brushed off it as an aspect “on the way to in no way trap on”?


The listing may want to go on, however, the factor is obvious: that is the beauty supplies Industry’s wake-up call. Masculine pictures of men are a real – and actually big – piece of the global market puzzle, and they’re ready, willing and capable of spending billions of bucks on guys’ skin care and anti-getting old products which are designed and brought to them on their terms – no longer their other halves’, no longer their girlfriends’, not their sisters’. They need masculine guys’ face care merchandise which can be designed from the floor up for masculine guys – merchandise and messages that meet the needs and befitting the lifestyle and self-photo of the cutting-edge masculine guy – The Man’s Man.

Beauty Industry visionaries who see this writing on the wall, receive the new fact and take smart steps to have interaction masculine pictures of men  will not simplest position themselves to profit and thrive. They’ll do something just as pleasant:

They may not end up the “The Top 10 Stupidest Beauty Industry Company Blunders” listing when it’s time to write down that one up.

Candace Chen is the world’s important authority at the advertising and marketing of Masculine Face Care ™ (guys’ skincare and guys anti-getting old) merchandise, her credentials encompass over 150 U.S. And international patents issued and pending. She is also the founder of the FaceLube Marketing System and FaceLube, the Home of Ultra Masculine Face Care for a Man’s Man®. FaceLube is Ultra High-End Masculine pictures of men  Anti-Aging Technology with the entirety he desires, nothing he does not.

FaceLube’s vision is to make High-End Masculine Face Care ™ products easily to be had to the general public at an incredible cost and at retail places handy to you. This is made possible because FaceLube places our notable shopping for strength to give you the results you want. Compared to much less than 2,000 retail places where high cease guys’ skin care and pictures of men anti-growing old products are traditionally sold in the US, FaceLube’s distinctive distribution channel has over 50,000 first tier retail facilities and another a hundred,000 2nd tier locations. With this type of shopping for power, FaceLube has the potential to negotiate splendid bulk pricing with some of the top beauty supplies and personal care producers around the area and bypass the financial savings on to you.

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