Traditional Medicine – Approach And Practice

The traditional remedy has lasted thanks to the fact that it is born out of the limitless stories of whole generations, from century to century, from millennium to millennium; it’s far born out of traditions; it’s miles real and it comes from the start; it’s far as contemporary now in its efficiency because it become lower back then. As a present era, it is our duty to hold intact this treasury referred to as traditional remedy and – if we are not able to improve and improve it – it’s miles our duty to pass it within the identical situation to the subsequent generations, too.

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An individual may prove that he exists if he is aware that there may be white and black, night time and day, far and close to, item or shadow at the horizon, and he can tell what some of these are: mirrored image, shades, lighting or Creation; he is aware and he can make us apprehend what every of them are in his turn. A human being may additionally pick to live in white or black. It is his right to do it. The difference is that during white you evolve, you work and also you create, even as in black you relaxation your self.

The first men went without sin into the Kingdom of Heaven. The next era went into the Kingdom of Heaven, project 1/2-done and half of mistakes, due to the fact they hadn’t understood exactly and they hadn’t assimilated the primary guys’ teaching faithfully. We, people these days, unaware of lifestyle, we’ve got erred insomuch that each one that stays us to do is await the Last Judgment, with all the outcomes of our mistakes.

We took the freedom to forgive, we took the freedom to choose, we took the liberty to usurp our fellows’ will, and we took the liberty to crucify, as nicely. After some of these, we dared trust in Redemption without giving any attention to tradition and its saved treasure.

The improvement tactics of a human being touching on the human race ought to be approached in approaches and by branches: psycho-somatic development and nonsecular evolution. In the first case we shall discuss approximately the integrity of the person’s psychic and frame; in the latter one about the individual’s nonsecular evolution, which relies upon at the person’s perfect and continuous searches. In this cloth, I describe the human direction of psycho-dynamic evolution, specifically the individual’s dynamics at the path of evolution and his reactions to numerous stories; and the somatic development, as well. The primary reasons triggering someone’s problems are SADNESS and INSECURITY, that have grown into CONSTANT WORRY.

Pain and various affections are an assignment for the person, each as a character and as science. We have not were given any historic supply that tells us how illnesses seemed within the world. We have sicknesses and we’ve treatments but we have not were given both any medical studies or any rationalization as to how the phenomenon of sickness passed off within the global. In our century, the illnesses with the best mortality price are tuberculosis, myocardial infarction, obesity, cancers, schizophrenia and depression of diverse kinds. The last ones existed in the past, too; they have existed given that the start of human evolution. Most often genetic mutations are the triggering elements of numerous affections. The external elements causing genetic mutations are cosmic phenomena, foremost climatic changes and so forth. The internal aspect is considered to be the structural alteration of leukocytes and erythrocytes.

There are other hypotheses, too, including the person has been born (and was) perfectly wholesome and indestructible. Searching and looking, the man or women found that he had a spirit; ever for the reason that then there has been an incessant conflict fought between soul and spirit; either they managed to turn out to be one or they would rot. In the direction of time, frame started out to lose warfare to the soul.


Or: in the way they’re viewed, illnesses are the expression of a person’s exceptional strategies which are born out of someone’s diverse conceptions, namely the pragmatic and the religious one. In exceptional a long time, civilizations just like the Assyrians, the Mayans, and the Greeks said that the diverse sicknesses have been an effect of people’s errors; they were gods’ punishment for people’s shameful acts. As, from diverse reasons, the man or women misplaced his independence, the gods had been born. With the gods, have been born the ruling factors of the human civilization, specifically: FEAR, OBEDIENCE, AND SLAVERY.

Thus being dominated via force, the human being lost the struggle and the knowledge that supplied him stability; the sturdy and unbiased human being now not existed; best the individual changed into obeisant and susceptible individual did. The above-stated civilizations frequent as a hypothesis the concept that sicknesses are unintentional however essential for the person; if the human being were now not dejected and damaged down, that could assist him alternately, evolve and adapt to the environmental changes. In vintage instances, the idea that falling unwell was accident, destiny, and destiny at the identical time and that you can succeed by using your very own pressure by myself; you can get better your fitness with the help of nature and of its produces and change your destiny.

The individual may additionally pick among contending together with his circumstance and along with his subduing affections or thinking in which the affections have come from; why they have got befell to him of anyone; how long he was to place up with the scenario and whether he should place up with it in any respect. An ailment would not simply occur to strike out of a clear blue sky. It settles little by little by way of little, like an avalanche accumulating the small mistakes we acquire and in no way deal with along time. The avalanche once settled, it’s miles difficult to undo it. However, it’s miles possible, furnished that we need to understand the way to do it. Through his own evolution, the man or women who understand that the assets of eternity are to be determined in nature; who is aware of that sickness is the trainer of lifestyles for a person’s personal weak point, can turn those weaknesses into a scourge towards the diseases and may emerge as a robust and developed human.

Each person needs to recognize and recognize that fitness is the harmony among contraries. The man or woman should also know that he can not dissociate his ailment from his nonsecular and emotional nation. Those who treat the somatic situation alone are sincerely wrong. Where the man or woman is psychosomatically balanced, no disorder will occur, because there is no breach in his defense. Therefore, the disorder takes place due to the fact – from diverse reasons – the individual defensive shield has given in. The bodily sickness influences the character’s emotional state; however if the misbalance of the latter one lasts too lengthy, the bodily circumstance will continuously decay, main to death subsequently. It is a demonstrated reality that – while someone lives in fear, melancholy, wrath, and anger for a long time (whether consciously or not), and in insecurity as properly, traumatic too lengthy, his frame undergoes consistent adjustments and put on, which sentenced him to death. The continuous lack of confidence destroys the immune device slowly and consequently it is easy to recognize why we’re so at risk of all sorts of viruses and microorganism.

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