Your nose can be of various shape and size, it can be too big, small, round or narrow but at the end of the day, it’s your nose that defines the shape and symmetry of your entire face. Most people go through a nose job in hopes of getting it all in place which makes the rhinoplasty as known as a nose job, the most popular cosmetic surgery across the globe. Those who get this surgery are very cautious after the surgery. It requires proper follow-up and recovery. Recovery though depends on person to person and case by case but there few common tips that everyone must follow to ensure you look and feel good even after the surgery. The recovery is not dreadful if you follow these tips.


A doctor follow-up is mandatory after a nose job. You must ask the right questions to ensure your peace of mind. The hard-shelled cast needs to be removed from a patient’s face after one week of surgery. The doctor has to run a proper examination to chalk out everything that you need to do after the surgery to take care of your nose. The doctor has the right expertise and experience, so trust their instructions and follow them sincerely. They may teach you some gentle massage to avoid any swelling. So abide by the rules you are given by your surgeon.


Rest and sleep are your new best friends. Take advantage of your rhinoplasty surgery with unlimited naps. It is the best time to cozy up in the bed and binge watch your favorite series. Let rhinoplasty be an excuse for a night of deep and uninterrupted sleep. This will do wonders to your recovery and body as a whole. It will help you let go of the pain easily.


Good nutrition is the key to good healing. Every food that you eat plays an important role in your healing process. So eat soft food and stay hydrated. A lot of time pain killers make you feel nauseated or constipated. However, fluids like electrolyte are helpful in restoring the required body fluid and speed up the recovery process.


The first week of rhinoplasty is crucial, it is very important to take care of the swelling or congestion post-surgery. Humidifiers are a great way to help soothe these post-surgery symptoms. Conversely, staying out of the sun is of prime importance too. Doctors suggest that it is very critical to recovery. Staying out of the sun will help you heal the various bruising, inflammation, and swelling. Exposure to sunlight can slow your recovery process and increase irritation. Nose is one of the sensitive and vulnerable areas, you must avoid any physical contact after rhinoplasty.


Nicotine inhibits healing, every sensible nose surgeon suggests their patients to stop smoking after the surgery. So make sure to trash your cigarettes.

Healing or rhinoplasty recovery is more than a month affair. You must be patient throughout the healing process. Contact your nose surgeon when you feel any sort of discomfort. Surround yourself with your loved ones to survive and speed up to the recovery process. The scar tissues inside the nose can take more than a year to recover. Hence you must learn to accept the reality and make peace with the surgery. The final results take time to surface but are satisfying when done.


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