Svetlana Wickstrom Discusses What to Look for in Skin Creams and Lotions

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One of the most misunderstood family of products on the market is skincare and some products have been known to worsen the issues you are trying to correct. In fact, many of today’s leading skincare products labeled as natural are anything but. Forget about actually knowing what is in a product, as in custom supplement manufacturing, skincare products are often entered into the marketplace without the slightest bit of regulation. Here, expert pathology histotechnician, Svetlana Wickstrom, discusses what to look for in skincare creams and lotions if you want to avoid chemically produced products known to have some potentially dangerous effects on your body.

Skin Care, Applying, Sunblock, Skincare, Healthy Skin

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Why Does It Matter That Svetlana Is a Histotechnician?

In reviewing yet another line of skincare products, you might be wondering what sets Svetlana Wickstrom apart from other lines of beauty care products. Why is it important that she is an experienced histotechnician? First you need to understand just what this job entails. A histotechnician spends their days looking at slices of tissue trying to determine the pathology of the disease or condition being examined.

In analyzing diseased tissue, it has come to her attention that there are several additives to skincare products that are unhealthy, and some are even being equated with the onset of a number of different cancers. The most prominent of all would be parabens which recently have come under fire as components leading to the growth of harmful bacteria and new evidence is showing a direct relationship with the development of breast cancer.

What Sets Birdie and Peppers Products Apart?

Svetlana Wickstrom recommends trying her favorite line of skincare products, Birdie and Peppers, and it’s important to look at what sets them apart. The first thing you need to know is that she brings her years in a laboratory setting to the skincare industry. What she found to be common causes of such things as inflammation, breakouts and premature aging have been left out of any and all of her products.

Even fragrances are derived from natural sources and not chemically manufactured scents produced to mimic the real thing. Rose hip is used for the a myriad of health benefits, containing an amazing number of natural antioxidants including vitamins A, B-3, D and E along with bioflavonoids. Hibiscus is another amazingly fragrant ingredient also proven to be high in antioxidants, both of these giving the cream a soft, natural fragrance while providing ingredients known to promote healthy skin cell growth.

Bottom Line on What to Avoid

“Sometimes it’s more about knowing what to avoid rather than knowing what to look for,” Svetlana adds. “If you know to stay away from parabens, for example, or to look for a lotion that does not contain water, you have solved major issues you have faced over the years.” This is the bottom line on what you can take away from this today. By avoiding harmful chemicals, even those meant to add fragrance, you are doing your skin a favor and are promoting healthy growth. All those ingredients are common to most skincare products and have been found to cause more problems than benefits, so why take the risk? If you know what to avoid, you know what to buy. Sometimes the answer is just that simple.

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