Subtle Bodies And Dark Matter

Long earlier than physicists stumbled onto invisible ‘dark count number and energy’, metaphysicists have been experimenting and staring at them using the sensory structures in their better strength our bodies. They generally are known as it ‘subtle matter and electricity’ but it went through unique names in unique places; the maximum famous being ‘qi’, ‘prana’ and ‘kundalini’. ‘Qi’ is a trendy term for ‘strength’ in Mandarin; ‘prana’ and ‘kundalini’ are terms that have similar meanings in Hindu metaphysics. This invisible electricity has now not most effective been found by using those within the East, it has also been studied in the West. In the West, the term ‘L’ strength is now and again used. This ‘L’ power or ‘lifestyles power’ has the identical well-known meaning as qi and prana. Science has been not able to measure qi, prana, kundalini or L-strength directly – just as it unearths it difficult to measure darkish rely on or electricity without delay.

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Is darkish rely on the same as subtle rely on?

Obviously both dark rely on and diffused count are invisible to maximum folks who use the sensory systems of our bodily-biomolecular body nearly exclusively at some stage in this lifetime. However, convince your self that they’re identical via comparing a sample of residences of dark relies on the diffused count, underneath. (The list isn’t exhaustive. More and extra correlations are cropping-up as we study the problem in more detail.)

1. There is Mutual Affinity among Dark/Subtle and Ordinary Matter

According to science reporter Robert Britt, studies show that on big cosmic scales darkish be counted and ordinary remember in galaxies trace out the equal shapes and structures. “They end up sculpted into almost identical sheets and filaments, with large expanses of close to-nothingness in between.” According to metaphysics Charles Leadbeater, there is an affinity between “astral” matter (a shape of diffused count number) and bodily matter He says that astral remember is drawn to bodily count number and molds into its shape because the physical-biomolecular frame grows. Astral depend follows its every exchange, ninety-nine % of which is compressed in the periphery of the physical-biomolecular frame. Conversely, there are also observations which confirm that normal matter falls below darkish be counted’s have an effect on. There is, in fact, a mutual affinity between darkish/diffused matter and everyday matter.

2. Dark/Subtle Matter offers the Invisible Scaffolding, Mould or Template for Ordinary Matter

Physicist Chung Pei-Ma, a companion professor of astronomy at UC Berkeley, concludes that “the ghost universe of darkish be counted is a template for the seen universe”. According to Richard Massey, a darkish remember researcher on the California Institute of Technology, dark remember condensed first. The gravity of darkish is counted then pulled regular be counted into it. “The regular matter flows gravitationally into this type of darkish count number scaffolding,” Massey says “and is built inside that into the galaxy and the celebrities we see nowadays.” According to scientists, darkish count number and its gravity shaped shiny remember in a manner similar to how the texture of the floor shapes puddles of rainwater. This basically method darkish count number acts as a mold for normal count number to build up and be formed. Dark remember has been appeared by using scientists as something that gives shape to ordinary count. This method permits regular count to preserve its form.

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Barbara Brennan, the former NASA engineer and now global-renowned electricity healer, says that the “human strength field” has an organizing impact on the matter and builds bureaucracy; any adjustments within the material world are preceded through an exchange in this subject. Metaphysicists, consisting of Brennan, were insisting for years that these invisible fields shape the templates for the formation of the biomolecular frame. Metaphysicist Leonard Ravitz says that the invisible electric powered fields function an electronic matrix to maintain the corporeal shape in shape. In different words, they offer the shape to our physical-biomolecular body to maintain its shape.

Brennan observes via her “better experience belief” that an “electricity subject matrix” inside the form of a leaf is projected by way of a plant prior to the growth of a leaf, after which the leaf grows into that already current form. In other words, the energy discipline acts as a mold for the growth of the seed leaf. In Raymond Burr’s experiments with plant seedlings, he determined electric fields which resembled the eventual adult plant. He additionally observed that salamanders possessed an electricity area shaped like a grownup salamander and that this blueprint even existed in an unfertilized egg. Young salamanders were surrounded by an electrical discipline of the identical length as a person salamander. He additionally determined that electrical fields surrounding sprouts did no longer correspond to the form of the seeds however to the form of the grown plant. According to Leadbeater, the (invisible) “etheric double” is truly built earlier of the human fetus. “Clairvoyants sometimes see this doll-like little determine soaring about, and afterward inside the frame of the mom”, he says.

Three. Dark/Subtle Matter generates Superficial Forms

Physicists Chung-Pei Ma and Edmund Bertschinger of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say, based on pc models of the way darkish remember would move beneath the force of gravity, that dark be counted need to form smaller clumps that look superficially just like the galaxies and globular clusters we see in our luminous (mainly visible) universe.

Metaphysicists, which include Leadbeater, say that the etheric and astral bodies look superficially like the biomolecular frame however they perform in a different way, being primarily based on electromagnetic in place of largely biochemical techniques as within the biomolecular frame.

4. Dark/Subtle Matter Astronomical Objects Outnumber Ordinary Objects

Ma and Bertschinger of MIT say that pc simulations of the evolution of darkish count predict ways extra clumps of dark rely than commonly seen luminous rely on a distinct area. According to Ma, “Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has approximately a dozen satellites, but in simulations, we see lots of satellites of darkish count number.”

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Mystic Paramahansa Yogananda stated in 1946 that “simply as many physical suns and stars roam in space, so there are also limitless astral suns and moons.” In 1957 meta-physicist Norman Pearson referred to that to this point (in Science) we’ve simplest taken into consideration physical planets, but there are also planets composed of ‘outstanding-bodily’ rely on. In reality, he says, “The great-physical planets shape the more part of the planetary population of the Solar System.”

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