Short Hair Today, Long Hair Tomorrow-How Do Celebrities Get Sexy, Long Hair Styles So Fast?

No longer do you need to wait years for your hair to grow out to have a long style? You can move and get long hair proper now using extensions. According to Julien Guyonnet, Creative Director at Antenna salon in London, hair extensions are ideal for reworking short hair to long hair, adding volume to thinning hair, growing out layers, an awful haircut or even including highlights and lowlights with none chemical processing.

Long Hair

Julien Guyonnet explains that the general public wants the satisfactory fashion available inside the quickest time viable. Everyone is in one of these rushes in order that they should be realistic. In fact, hair extensions are the simplest manner to have long and wholesome searching hair. To attain that kind of thickness isn’t always to be had in another manner.

What are hair extensions?

Extensions contain attaching human or artificial man-made hair near the root to create a herbal-looks as if it grew out of your head—appearance. The extensions can be attached in 2-4 hours and will final everywhere from 3-6 months at which period they want to be removed and/or changed relying on the technique used.

There are many different extension methods to pick out from these days. The hair may be attached strand with the aid of strand or in wefts (tiny little curtains connected collectively on the top). Some of the many attachment strategies to be had nowadays use the keratin-based totally adhesives, glues, heat seal, tiny loss or even string. And if you’re not equipped to permanently attach something, you could always attempt clip-in hair extensions which can be without difficulty removable.

The Facts of Monofibre® Hair Extensions

Julien Guyonnet makes use of the Monofibre® hair extension technique that becomes invented with the aid of Simon Forbes of Dome Cosmetics over 20 years ago. This approach uses man-made Monofibre® in place of human hair. It is so silky and easy which you can’t even inform it’s not real.



The Monofibre® has connected near the basis the usage of a gentle warmness that creates a warmth seal among the extension hair and the herbal human hair. The herbal hair needs to be at the least 3-inches/ ~8 cm. Lengthy to connect the extensions. It is appropriate for all hair sorts as there aren’t any glues or bonding substances used inside the software.

Julien Guyonnet has connected Monofibre® hair extensions to clients that need a new look with longer and/or thicker hair or even clients stricken by all types of hair loss because of most cancers and sure treatments.

Hair loss clients typically have first-rate or brittle hair that may be in addition broken if heavy human hair extensions are attached. The more weight of the human hair can pull out the herbal hair causing extreme damage or even everlasting hair loss. Monofibre® weighs about 1/3 of the load of human hair and puts much less pressure on the herbal hair.

The extensions can take between 2-three hours to connect, depending on the requirements of the clients. A partial transformation could take more or less 1 hour and volumising could take among 1-half to 2 hours. Monofibre® comes in lots of special colorations and a pair of exclusive textures, traditional and wave. The classic texture works on poker directly and semi-immediately hair even as the wave texture suits all curly hair types.

Monofibre® extensions can last up to 3 months at which time the extensions are absolutely removed and changed with new hair. The hair may be eliminated and replaced throughout the same appointment so that a persistent appearance is maintained. Most salons offer a tidy-up service to preserve the fashion looking immaculate in among replacements. The prices for extensions can vary from salon to salon but are plenty less expensive than human hair extensions. At Antenna Salon, Monofibre® extensions are very cheap. Prices start from £195/~$347 US.

Advantages of Monofibre®

The Monofibre® extension method has many benefits over methods the usage of human hair, Julien Guyonnet explains. Monofibre is a lot lighter in weight and shinier in texture than the human hair. And unlike human hair that has a mind of its personnel, the fiber holds a style till you are taking it out. Fibre is also non-porous, so it does not take in any hair care products in any way. He adds, “Because of its versatility, Monofibre® extensions may be manipulated into Avant-Garde styles together with dreadlocks, braids, and so on.”

Julien Guyonnet keeps, “I even have tried the usage of human hair for extensions and observed it sincerely an awful enjoy. I didn’t like the usage of the glue and solvents. Actually, I felt pretty sick through all of it.” He feels that Monofibre® extensions are the most secure method for herbal hair and the maximum interesting because you can combo the hair with a variety of colors. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

Another huge advantage of Monofibre® extensions is the schooling and training that a stylist ought to go through so one can be qualified to do hair extensions Julien Guyonnet came to London over nine years in the past to study everything about Monofibre® extensions from Antenna Salon.

He started out his career by using education in France for three years at a Hairdressing Institute observed by way of 2 years paintings revel in in Parisian salons at the Champs Elysées. He trained as an assistant the use of Monofibre® extensions for six months.

After completing the Dome Academy 4 day basis course he has become a qualified stylist in Monofibre® extensions. A 12 months after that he have become a senior stylist at Antenna and changed into doing 10 extension customers in line with the week. Two years later he has become the Creative Director at Antenna Salon in London.

Celebrities Wearing Monofibre® Extensions

Monofibre® extensions have ended up even greater popular as many celebrities, inclusive of Vanessa Feltz, Peaches Geldof and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson are sporting them. Julien Guyonnet connected 12-in./~30 cm. Extensions to Peaches Geldof’s medium duration brilliant blonde hair. He additionally introduced a few lowlights for a more subtle effect. She has been wearing Monofibre® extensions for about a yr.

Short Hair

When asked why she desired to get extensions, she says, “I desired extensions because I thought it became a virtually a laugh, sexy look. I changed into creating a documentary on the time and doing TV paintings, so I wanted to look glamorous! I’ve usually loved lengthy hair so it seemed the appropriate manner to do it as my hair just wasn’t developing fast sufficient.”

When she first was given the extensions Peaches Geldof turned into bleaching her shoulder-duration hair bright blonde. Because of all of the bleaching, her hair became no longer in very good circumstance and she or he turned into involved about further harm from extensions.

Peaches Geldof made the choice to go along with Monofibre® extensions for numerous motives. First, they’re extra moral than the human hair. She did now not like the concept of having someone else’s locks glued to hers. Second, the extensions are a great deal lighter in weight and connected in a way that might now not motive similarly harm to her already-broken hair. And 0.33, she may want to hold coloring her hair and no longer fear approximately unfavorable the extensions since they may be non-porous and will not absorb something.

Peaches Geldof mentions that one down-facet of having extensions is the up-maintain. She returns to Antenna Salon for a tidy-up every month. The extensions ultimate round 3 months earlier than they want to be removed and changed. She adds, “No remember the way you look at it, having long hair is costly and time-consuming. Whether you are becoming extensions, ordinary blow-dries, coloration or highlights, you’ll want to invest money and time for the quality results. I sense that extensions are well really worth the time and money. I become capable of getting a glamorous look in just a few hours, in preference to a few years.”

The day by day hair styling ordinary is reasonably uncomplicated. Peaches Geldof takes us through an ordinary day– “When I have the extensions in, I generally wash my hair with products designed for extensions, including Antenna’s aftercare merchandise from Dome Cosmetics. I then follow with a deep-conditioning serum or masque as my hair gets pretty dry. I spray my hair with a warmth-protection spray and blow-dry my real hair and the extensions which are already directly.”

Many other Antenna extension customers have nothing but right things to mention approximately Monofibre® extensions. Charmaine Rose, Extreme Makeover 2005 contestant says, “My hair has never appeared higher than once I began sporting Monofibre® hair extensions. They are a whole lot easier to preserve than I imagined. I feel and appearance a good deal extra female and I quite propose, when in London, reserving an appointment at Antenna!”

More about Dome Cosmetics

Founder Simon Forbes invented Monofibre® extensions over two decades ago by using fitting matters collectively. He picked up old implements and introduced new generation and understanding to those devices to discover that they may be tremendous things.

Simon Forbes says, “If you’ll be a hairdresser you’re lumped with the human head. You’re stuck like an artist with the identical medium that’s hair. That was the starting point for Monofibre®. It may be very versatile and doesn’t have a mind of its personnel.”


The Monofibre® is designed in England and manufactured in China. It has a proprietary detail that consequences in the highest fine acrylic fiber. The hair provides a gentle silky sense that is incomparable to different inferior quality fibers in the marketplace today. Monofibre® offers period and extent, as well as color and texture and so in itself it transcends style. The extensions are for everybody, together with the ones suffering from hair loss. There are no aspect results inside the short or long term.

Simon Forbes adds, “What I’ve never been surely capable of understanding is how someone can wear 2d-hair (human) on their head. I suggest it is the last thing I’d want to do is wear somebody else’s hair. If the hair is coming from people who’ve had some horrible misfortune of their lives,…Then to paste it on a lady’s head with glue (who probably has a £2000 Chanel Handbag striking from her shoulder )…There is something very immoral in that.”

Simon Forbes recommends the use of the Dome Aftercare product variety to preserve the extensions in pristine situation. The range includes Frequent Use Shampoo, Intense Conditioning Treatment, Daily Care Mist and a gentle bristle Dome brush. An aftercare leaflet is also covered to provide you pinnacle suggestions on a way to hold your Monofibre® extensions


Simon Forbes sees a continuing boom of extensions as a service. It is a supply of sales for salons that probably outperforms any other provider in the industry. Dome Cosmetics maintains to train and certify hundreds of stylists every yr in Monofibre® extensions.

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