Practicing Medicine In Islam

I am one of these human beings who is usually looking for an herbal remedy. Since early life, I had been suffering from Asthma. At a later age, I commenced affected by Diabetes. The amount of medicine I have taken terrified me understanding approximately all of the side outcomes and dangers of those medicinal drugs. A natural medicinal drug appeared to be an excellent opportunity. After all, natural is safe, proper? Not always. Natural products have their own chemical compounds too. What works for me, can as well, not work for a person else who is laid low with identical signs and symptoms. Some herbs may additionally cause an allergy to few or cause harm to your frame if taken excessively for an extended length not to mention causing loss of life in some instances.

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I am now not claiming that I may not attempt an advice or two. Hot tea with a twist of lemon constantly labored for me once I had bloodless. Raw potatoes worked on my ulcer and nearly cured it. I additionally tried a natural pill to lessen the sugar degree in my blood and it sure labored, decreasing it from 320 to 110.

I could not but however, observe the labeling when a positive organization says something about their natural product to the quantity of “Those statements is not recommended by way of the FDA”. Why could the Food and Drug Administration need to certify or advise a herbal product? I am genuinely not a massive fan of FDA as I realize how a few medicinal drugs got authorized simply to be pulled off the markets after a while because of their dangers and detrimental effects on health. I cannot deny even though that the FDA prevented many faux merchandises to reach the marketplace. FDA but, or its options within the advanced global, do not exist in growing nations.

I might, in reality, blame those money hungered traders who’ve no ethics, for pumping lots of fake medicine to Africa as an instance. However, are they to be blamed for using nearby grown herbs? There is an obligation on the local governments to govern the difficulty. There is an obligation on the only prescribing the herbs and different herbal combos, and there may be for positive a responsibility on the people searching for any such remedy with the aid of understanding who they’re dealing with.

I recognize that Islam is an entire religion. It has regulations for all elements of existence. So I decided to an appearance in addition to the difficulty of drugs from an Islamic factor of view. Although I was inquisitive about a few recipes for diverse illnesses, I was fascinated greater via the guidelines of working towards Medicine in Islam. Long before FDA, and numerous scientific boards, or committees to license practitioners, Islam made it sinful for someone to practice medicine for a nonmedical doctor, or a person who does not have the revel in to accomplish that. Why? For a completely simple motive! If you prescribe a medication (be it a herbal herb or different) you may honestly motive a damage to the character you’re prescribing the drugs to, if you are not knowledgeable in the count number. Risking human lifestyles isn’t always a mild situation in Islam.

I did not go deep in learning the difficulty but the reality that Islam protects human lifestyles by means of making it sinful to exercise medicine without the essential know-how is the first rate by way of itself. The that means of a pronouncing of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is that “person who does not recognize the specifics of medications, the unique popularity of ailments in special instances, is forbidden, religiously, to strive curing ailments by means of the use of herbs or such other approach” This knowledge comes by means of getting to know it from folks who know the character of ailments and medication. Hence it’s miles sinful for a person to rely on analyzing books simplest, to practice medicine without learning from informed human beings on this field.

Don’t get me wrong though! Medicine isn’t most effective about going to this or that Medical college and prescribing capsules manufactured by way of this recognized agency or the alternative. Long before the one’s faculties and earlier than the ones prescribed drugs, humans used to get sick and used to have medicines for their illnesses. Some like to disregard the life of Herbal treatment while others reject completely the need for modern-day medicine. Me, I select an aggregate of both. I take my inhaler when I experience an asthma assault, but I can not deny that multiple instances once I took a spoon of natural honey, it stopped the attack as speedy as the inhaler did.

So a short message to all people who are looking for medicinal drug for their ailments” Know who you are dealing with” and for the ones prescribing medication or herbal solutions left and proper without the right knowledge ” You may also get away with it in this existence, but you will pay for it within the hereafter”

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I published some articles about herbal merchandise (Fruits, Vegetables, and so forth… Not drugs or such) that can assist for one case or some other, but I’m not claiming that they will work. I am no longer a scientific physician and I won’t fake to be. One recipe for Diabetes that I desired to apply proved that it can motivate me an ulcer and that I only knew that because I asked someone who knows about herbal medicine. I simply percentage what friends and own family share with me.

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