Myths, Lies and Propaganda About Exercise

Throughout my profession, in the army, I have come across a variety of tall tales approximately consuming and exercising. The extent of misinformation is so terrific that you’d assume we have been coping with Cold War propaganda. If a lie is informed frequently enough it’s miles treated because of the fact. Here are some of the myths, lies, and propaganda about the workout.

Exercise MYTH # 1: The excellent time to exercising is within the morning because it leap-begins your metabolism.

The TRUTH Exercise anywhere, every time.

The first-rate time to workout is the time that fits your schedule. That may be morning, midday or middle of the night. The enemy desires to rob you of any notion of pliability so you just give up and do not exercise enough. Morning workout will expedite the wake-up manner, and you may experience energized. Mid-day exercise will energize and refresh you and assist you to triumph over that afternoon grogginess. The nighttime workout is a fantastic stress-control device as a way to get that blood circulate back up so that you are truely infused with the electricity to revel in the night much more. Any morning versus evening metabolism, the distinction is insignificant in comparison to the general advantage of exercising. It is propaganda from the enemy. This fable is busted.

Exercise MYTH # 2: If you do not exercise, the muscle will turn into fat.

The TRUTH: Muscle does no longer and cannot flip to fat.

What a group of hogwash! The Wizard of Oz may be in a position to turn muscle into fats, but that may be a fairytale, and the Tooth Fairy will no longer be able to help you on this one! Snap out of it, Soldier! Fat can’t and does not turn to muscle, and muscle can not and does not turn to fat! Here’s what does show up. You burn off fat and build muscle OR you lose muscle and advantage fats. Get that different propaganda out of your head!

Exercise MYTH #3: Running a mile burns more calories than walking a mile. The TRUTH: Both walking and on foot a mile burn the same amount of calories.MYTH

We referred to as in our mathematicians for this one. They checked out us with a smile and stated, “Give us something challenging. This is a no-brainer.” Running one mile and walking one mile both burn a hundred calories. Walking a mile takes longer and consequently outcomes in a burn of the identical quantity of energy. So why run? Because it really works that aerobic and, if you are looking for a calorie burn, walking will burn greater calories in less time than strolling. Ask a mathematician. It is actually.



Exercise MYTH #4: You must workout constantly for 30 to 40 minutes to benefit your heart.

The TRUTH: Every little bit of workout provides to a heart gain.

The enemy desires you to subscribe to the self-defeating All-or-Nothing Principle. The All-or-Nothing Principle: “If I cannot workout constantly for 30 to 40 mins, I’m now not going to do it in any respect.” We were created to do what we CAN do. Research supports the truth that each bit of workout accumulates to an ordinary health gain. Conversely, every bit of sedentary lifestyle accumulates to harm your health and your heart.

Exercise MYTH #five: An excellent sweat consequences in greater weight reduction.

The TRUTH: A proper sweat is a superb sweat.

I will inform you what an excellent sweat is! It is a superb sweat! A desirable sweat outcomes in extra water loss, now not fats weightloss. Need I say more?

Exercise MYTH #6: If you are injured, you need to not workout in any respect, for you to allow your damage to heal.

The TRUTH: Movement promotes healing.

My dependable marketers inside the area have uncovered more than one resources of this delusion. It is viable that liability concerns of the medical community will play a role in the propagation of this misinformation. The truth: Movement promotes healing so long as it’s far accomplished safely and under the steering of your physician. Now, here is a huge test question for you. Why is bodily remedy prescribed for accidents? Yeah, I recognize. I already gave you the answer: Movement promotes recuperation and the regeneration of tissue.

Exercise MYTH #7: Focusing on belly physical games will help me lose that belly fat.

The TRUTH: This stimulated me to get poetic.

You can crunch all day.
You can crunch all night time.
You can crunch at bedtime and by way of the moonlight.
You can crunch it up.
You can crunch it down.
There ain’t no way you’ll lose a pound.

No! Abdominal physical activities do now not goal belly fat loss. Do no longer agree with the one’s machine classified ads and, by way of the manner, there is no Tooth Fairy.

Exercise MYTH #eight: Stretching before exercise is essential to prevent harm. The TRUTH: There is no conclusive evidence that stretching prevents damage.

This myth is designed by the enemy to keep you from getting down to enterprise and focusing on your aerobic and power training. Too much emphasis on stretching! The aerobic advantage of stretching is almost 0. There is no conclusive proof that stretching is important to save you damage. In reality, there are studies that endorse that stretching clearly will increase the muscle mass’ susceptibility to injury, which – consistent with the research – causes the muscle fibers to lengthen and destabilize the muscle during electricity education. Mild stretching ought to not virtually be a problem. My recommendation: Warm up the body before stretching, or carry out mild stretches until warmed up. Another alternative is to stretch briefly among units.

Exercise MYTH #nine: Never devour before an exercise.

The TRUTH: Eat before your exercise.TRUTH

The enemy would like Americans to expire of electricity and get vulnerable. Now, if a person stated to you, “We’re going take a power. Make certain you don’t get gasoline,” I think I can visualize that appearance of astonishment on your face! Food is gas, and also you need it to your exercise. However, do not overeat. If you have a night workout, make sure that lunch is not the last meal you had. In addition, if you do not have time to get a first-rate meal, devour a banana, a sports activities shake or an electricity bar. There is no excuse for not getting some desirable-best nourishment in instruction for an amazing-pleasant workout.

Exercise MYTH #10: Strength schooling with weights will make ladies bulk up.

The TRUTH: No! Strength training will no longer bulk ladies up.

The enemy desires to keep our ladies susceptible. Do not allow it appear! Ladies, you’ll now not bulk up with strength schooling. Most women’s bodies do now not produce enough testosterone to end up cumbersome like those huge guys on TV. Proper strength education will decorate your appearance and electricity. In addition, in case you are nonetheless worried, simply deal with doing excessive reps. That method may be very wholesome in your muscle mass due to the fact you will additionally be growing your muscle persistence and now not simply your muscle power.

Exercise MYTH #11: You need to simplest start power education after dropping extra weight.

The TRUTH: Strength schooling is superb for weight reduction.

Here we pass once more. The longer the enemy can put off an American getting on an exercising application, the more the possibilities of defeat and every other healthful life-style could be shot down by way of a fantasy earlier than it even takes off. Movement is always healthful as long as you are not hurting your self. Of direction, inside the beginning, a workout might also thoroughly harm your emotions. If you feel that coming on, just visit my internet site NoMoreCryBabies.Com. Strength education is a specific plus whilst you are within the manner of dropping excess weight. Cardio is likewise vital. Just observe that principle of doing what you can do, and do not forget to mention to yourself and others how lots fun you’re having.

Exercise MYTH #12: If you do no longer workout tough and often, it’s far a waste of time.

The TRUTH: All exercising blessings your health.

The human frame changed into created for motion and not a sedentary life-style. Every bit of exercising you can combine into your each day life will beautify your health and wellbeing. It is a fable which you have to workout hard and often to gain any health blessings. Eat right; workout often; assume predominantly positive mind; awareness on the one’s worth existence goals; cognizance on leaving your mark on this earth by means of serving others and benefiting your fellow guy and woman. That is a recipe for a wholesome existence.

Exercise MYTH #13: You will burn more fat in case you exercising longer and keep your heart rate within the “fat burning” variety.

The TRUTH: You will burn more fat when you grow the depth.

It is time for math elegance, once more. Yes, it is authentic that the percentage of fats you’re burning with a low-depth exercise is higher than an extra intense exercising with a heightened coronary heart rate. Nevertheless, right here is the fatal math errors. With a low-intensity exercising, you’re burning fewer energy. With a high-depth workout, you’re burning, general, greater energy and are consequently burning extra fat, even though the percentage of fats burn is reduced. This approach that each one the one’s treadmills with those fat burn indicators is not best robbing you of a calorie burn, however, are also robbing you of a great cardio and electricity-schooling exercising.

Forget the one’s gadgets that degree your heart fee, and get again in touch together with your frame with the aid of the usage of what’s called perceived exertion. You can tell whether your workout is mild, medium, hard, very tough, or brutal. Use that as a gauge. In addition, consider: You want to get your coronary heart charge up, to enhance your cardiovascular situation. Otherwise, the ones disease-related enemy infantrymen may be knocking at your door.

Exercise MYTH #14: You need to stay away from energy schooling at the same time as seeking to shed pounds, given that it’ll cause you to bulk up.

The TRUTH: All exercising, each cardio and electricity education, is crucial all through a weight reduction software.Exercise

This one may additionally tie in with the opposite myth that fats can turn to muscle. All workout, both aerobic and power schooling, is essential all through a weight loss software. If you do no longer perform strength training, your frame will start practicing cannibalism. Moreover, wager whose muscles your body will eat? Your very own! That is not technological know-how fiction. If you are not the use of and retaining your muscle, you’ll lose it. Your metabolism will sluggish down even greater, and your fitness will go through.

Exercise MYTH #15: Stress hastens the metabolism and burns extra fats.

The TRUTH: Stress causes the frame to burn fats slower and can bring about accelerated fat retention.

Exercise MYTH #sixteen: Jogging and strolling will make a lady’s breasts sag.

The TRUTH: This isn’t always a delusion! Jogging and running will make a woman’s breasts sag if she does no longer wear right support.

Wear a sports bra and do no longer even think about doing away with first-rate aerobic from your workout. Walking is for those who cannot run, and I hope you aren’t in that class. If you do not put on a terrific sports activities bra, exercising can make your breasts sag greater quickly, says Peter Bruno, M.D., an internist in New York City. High-impact activities, especially strolling or aerobics, can pressure your Cooper’s ligaments, the connective tissue that keeps breasts company. According to the American Council on Exercise, compression bras work exceptionally for smaller-busted girls. The greater nicely endowed (commonly a C cup or large) have to opt for an “encapsulation” bra that helps every breast one by one. Replace workout bras every six months to a year.

Exercise MYTH #17: I can’t lose weight due to the fact it is in my genes.

The TRUTH: No! Your genes do no longer have the remaining phrase. Eating proper and workout often will have a superb effect on your weight regardless of your genes. Lack of workout and horrific ingesting conduct can have a negative effect on your health regardless of your genes.

You don’t have any impact on your genes and, in some instances, there may be a propensity for weight gain that is inside the genes. But wait. The truth is a workout and healthful eating will have a nice impact on you irrespective of your genes. This way that if you have the propensity to gain weight or get positive sicknesses, workout and consuming proper will still lessen the impact.

Your way of life desire could have a terrible impact on the improvement of your genes for destiny circle of relatives generations. There is new proof for what is referred to as environmental inheritance, a thorough principle of the transgenerational genetic version proposed by means of Professor Marcus Pembrey of the Institute of Child Health, University College of London inside the mid-1990’s. Simply placed, your lifestyle of poor food choices or overeating or not exercising should lead future own family generations to have a tendency for being obese or having positive sicknesses or maybe smoking. The suitable news is that your wholesome lifestyle may additionally have a fantastic impact on the improvement of your genes for future generations.

By Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein, USAR-Ret., creator of Weight Loss – Twenty Pounds in Ten Weeks – Move It to Lose It

Lt. Col. Weinstein, nationally called the Health Colonel, has been featured on the History Channel and makes a specialty of a navy-style exercise for all health stages on Fort Lauderdale Beach in South Florida. He is the author of Boot Camp Fitness for All Shapes and Sizes, Weight Loss – Twenty Pounds in Ten Weeks – Move It to Lose It, Discover Your Inner Strength (co-writer), Change Made Easy and Quotes to Live By.

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