My Top 10 Health Conspiracy Facts

There’s not anything greater appropriate than the antique adage “If you want to differentiate a conspiracy theory from a conspiracy truth then observe the money trails” with regards to the situation of

More and extra human beings are waking as much as the realization that there may be a mass deception happening; that there has been many very a hit cheap, herbal and non-poisonous opportunity therapies for existence-threatening diseases like cancer and coronary heart disease for endless years, however were suppressed by means of the clinical/pharmaceutical establishment due to fear that their commercial enterprise will be undercut…

Many fitness deceptions have been spun by way of the medical/pharmaceutical established order and respective governments taking in big revenues… Whilst they quietly pay off the click to suppress the reality. Yes, money is more resilient than fact.

In light of this, right here are my top 10 fitness conspiracy-facts.

1. The battle on most cancers

We hear numerous information media assets blurt out the saying “We will quit the battle on… ” followed by some thing it’s far: The struggle on cancer or terrorism or crime… And many others. It stuns me to recognise that many humans cannot see right via the ruse. That there’ll never be an give up to those wars: That’s because there’s too many people in high locations maintaining these things going for energy, political benefit and earnings…

Look up humans like Royal Rife and his most cancers system, or Dr Tullio Simoncini that most cancers is a fungus, or Gerson remedy, then there’s Dr Stanislaw Burzynski discovered a cancer treatment using gene remedy… Watch out for those attempts to discredit those pioneering people and rather effective but suppressed remedies. Some of the discredit is scientific /pharmaceutical establishment secretly funded!

2. Linus Pauling and his unified principle of heart ailment

Brilliant researcher biochemist Linus Pauling determined essentially that coronary heart ailment became a result of a long-term vitamin C deficiency. His therapy worried the use of 2 amino acids lysine and proline to stop LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol, or ‘awful ldl cholesterol’ from finding its manner at the arteries’ inner walls causing eventual limit or blocking off of blood float… He additionally gave very excessive regular doses of the deficient diet C to coronary heart disease sufferers, which contributes to healthful vessels. The outcomes produced high coronary heart ailment cure costs. However, due to the fact studies is specifically owned and ruled by the scientific / pharmaceutical established order he was refused investment for this cheap therapy…

3. GMO

If businesses are so pleased with their GMO meals then why don’t they market it it on labels? Is it because they realize that many humans do not need GMO and are aware about the documented information that it is doubtlessly risky? How approximately the exploitations GMO agencies have on farmers for promoting terminator seeds? Seeds that develop to produce no fertile offspring so the farmers should keep shopping for new seeds… How approximately the fact that congress driven via a invoice granting unhindered continuation of GMO? This is proof that the politicians concerned don’t care approximately our fitness whilst they obtained corporate returned-handers to motion this.

Four. Vaccinations

No surprise vaccines have dangerous side-results when our children received a few 30 vaccinations at such an early age on an undeveloped immune machine… What about all the ones lousy substances like mercury containing thimerosal, aluminium, formaldehyde, phenol, pigs pancreatic rely, putrid animal blood..? Did you pay attention approximately the cautious lengthy-term look at in New Zealand displaying that vaccinated youngsters grew to become out to be greater wholesome than the ones vaccinated? The equal has been located in Germany and Russia.

5. Fluoride in water

Contrary to what you get from some media resources fluoride suggests many instances wherein it’s miles harmful… Look up some of the web sites that file this and determine for yourself if that is proper. Many people are refusing to accept the concept that folks who suppose that fluoride is terrible for you are crazies…

6. The HIV AIDS hypothesishealth

I’ve been announcing this for some time that the first element to recognize, some thing that should bring the complete house of cards come tumbling down concerning the HIV AIDS hypothesis, is the fact that the HIV test is substantially mistaken by using its wild inaccuracy. However, because there’s a lot cash to be made on check kits and the follow up antiviral drugs the HIV check flaws were unnoticed. Again, like different fitness conspiracies, electricity, political gain and profit rule…

The flaws consist of: The test can deliver tremendous results from something like 70 exceptional move infections. For example a person might be HIV-advantageous simply because they’ve a cold or flu… There are many other flaws in HIV AIDS hypothesis but I’ll leave it there for now.

7. Cover-Ups of nutrition and vitamin dietary supplements as assets of curing disorder

Have you observed that every now and then mainstream media have a go at nutrition pills..? That’s due to the fact their sponsors the clinical / pharmaceutical status quo who sell this need you to accept as true with that they hold the only manner to deal with illness and disease.

As I even have defined above with Linus Pauling and vitamin C as a remedy of heart disorder which is essentially long-time period nutrition C deficiency or scurvy, there are many different methods of curing illnesses the usage of excessive-dose nutrients.

For examples there may be nutrition B3 (niacin) for schizophrenia, nutrition D3 (daylight) for cancer and over again nutrition C for cancer which prevents metastasis (migration or spreading of most cancers cells).

Eight. Statins for lowering ldl cholesterol

Just due to the fact someone has high ldl cholesterol doesn’t mean that coronary heart health is significantly underneath threat. More and greater situations for justifying handing out cholesterol decreasing statins have been made. That’s due to the fact they do indeed make massive bucks for pharmaceutical groups. According to reviews 35 billion in income had been made on statins closing 12 months.

There are many flaws to project the excessive ldl cholesterol coronary heart disease theory which include:

-The French anomaly. They have the highest degrees of blood ldl cholesterol but lowest occurrence of coronary heart disease compared to other neighbouring countries.

-Aborigines have around 4 instances greater heart disease than western international people however the lowest cholesterol.

-Some research like the one at Harvard have proven that statins produce no powerful final results for women.

-There’s no want to be that careful about the food you eat due to the fact your body makes approximately 4 instances greater cholesterol than dietary intake.

-Perhaps you might say that right here is the clincher. Statins do not have any impact on how lengthy human beings will stay.

There are other

9. Fats are terrible for you

Much of this fake indoctrination has much to do with meals advertising and marketing and the ever-present ‘low fats’ or ‘fat free’ labels you see in grocery store shops. Remember that fats is part of your dietary requirement and it’s miles consequently crucial to get a good quality nutritional consumption of fats.

10. Watch out, watch out, there is a disorder about..!

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