Made to Move – Exercise Is Essential for Optimal Health

Exercise can lower your danger of coronary heart ailment, boom your power degrees, improve your mood and self-confidence, improve your reminiscence, help you sleep better, and gradual down the getting older method. And but most of us nonetheless discover lots of excuses to no longer workout. This seems to be especially genuine inside the church, where willpower to exercise is frequently wrong for conceitedness. The fact is that Scripture encourages us to have interaction in physical pastime in exercise. Considering the numerous advantages of exercise, it is obvious that God created us to be active, that we had been Made to Move.

Many people are acquainted with 1 Corinthians 6:10-20, in which the Apostle Paul exhorts us to attend to our bodies.

“Or do you no longer realize that your frame is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you’ve got from God, and which you aren’t your personal? 20 For you have got been bought with a charge: therefore glorify God in your body.” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NAS95S)
While many have heard this verse used to train that we must keep away from promiscuity, alcohol, tobacco, and pills, it’s miles rare that we are taught that this verse is not only a warning to keep away from these sports, however is an exhortation to be proactive in being concerned for our our bodies. We need to make sure that we preserve our bodies in a top situation always. That approach that we are to glorify God each with the foods we devour to gasoline our bodies, however also that we are to interact in physical exercise. In reality, in his first letter to Timothy, Paul says:

“For bodily exercising income a little, however, godliness is profitable for all matters, having the promise of the life that now could be and of that which is to come back.” (1 Timothy four: eight NKJV)
Some people take Paul’s phrases that physical workout profits a little however that godliness is profitable for all things as a dismissal of exercising, which makes for a convenient excuse for them to take a seat around on their duff. But that isn’t what Paul is announcing. First, we’ve already seen from 1 Corinthians that God is substantially worried about the what we do with our bodies. Second, we need to remember the context.



“But reject profane and vintage other halves’ fables, and exercise yourself in the direction of godliness. For physical exercising profits a bit, however, godliness is worthwhile for all things, having the promise of the existence that now is and of that that is to come back.” (1 Timothy four:7-eight NKJV)
Paul is instructing Timothy to reject false coaching, which is dangerous to us spiritually, and to exercise ourselves towards godliness. Paul then reaffirms the gain of bodily exercise to apply it as an instance of the more gain of the non secular workout. Bodily exercising, at the same time as beneficial to this life, will not bring about everlasting life. But it nevertheless income. I am reminded of Jesus’ coaching to the PhariseesMove

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cummin, and feature left out the weightier provisions of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness; but these are the stuff you should have carried out without neglecting the others.” (Matthew 23:23 NAS95S)
It is not a case of “both/or” however of “both/and.” We need to exercise ourselves physically and spiritually. To expect that Paul is teaching in 1 Timothy that Christians ought to no longer engage in physical exercising is to fall into the Gnostic heresy and ignores Paul’s numerous other references to the advantages of physical discipline and workout.

Another fundamental rule of interpreting Scripture is that you need to take into consideration the unique target audience as well as the space of time. Paul wrote these words to Timothy almost 2000 years in the past. Paul and Timothy lived in a time and subculture wherein regular physical interest changed into the norm. It has handiest been inside the last one hundred years that labor-saving gadgets have ended in a drastic decline of our each day bodily hobby. A recent observe of Old Order Amish populations, who reject present day conveniences, showed that a very excessive level of pastime is included into their each day lives. On common, the Amish participated in six times the bodily interest accomplished by using contributors in a recent survey of 12 modernized countries.

“The Amish were able to reveal us simply how a long way we have fallen inside the closing 150 years or so in phrases of the amount of physical activity we generally carry out,” said David R. Bassett, Ph.D., FACSM, a professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and lead researcher for the observe. “Their lifestyle indicates that physical hobby played a vital role in preserving our ancestors in shape and healthy.”

So Paul became advocating the blessings of physical workout in a way of life that became a good deal more lively than we are. How tons greater essential it’s miles for us to have interaction in bodily exercise! Dr. John J. Ratey, medical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School commented:

In state-of-the-art generation-pushed, plasma-screened-in world, it is smooth to forget about what we’re born movers… Because we’ve engineered motion right out of our lives… The sedentary character of modern-day existence is a disruption of our nature and it poses one of the biggest threats to our persisted survival… We’re literally killing ourselves.

We could speak approximately the advantages of regular exercising for hours on cease. The motive of this lesson is to touch on a number of the primary scientifically demonstrated benefits. The first advantage of workout may marvel you. We want to Move For Our Mind.


In the Introduction of his book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, Dr. Ratey commented:

We all know that exercise makes us experience better, however, maximum folks don’t have any concept why. We anticipate it is because we’re burning off pressure or decreasing muscle anxiety or boosting endorphins, and we depart it at that. But the real cause we sense so proper when we get our blood pumping is that it makes the brain characteristic at its best, and in my view, this advantage of physical interest is some distance more crucial-and captivating-than what it does for the frame. Building muscular tissues and conditioning the heart and lungs are basically side results. I regularly tell my sufferers that the point of exercising is to construct and situation the mind.

Exercise Produces “Miracle Grow” For Your Brain

The modern-day research indicates exercising can hold the brain sharp into antique age and may assist prevent Alzheimer’s disease in conjunction with other mental issues that accompany growing older. Carl Cotman, Ph.D., of the University of California at Irvine discovered a hyperlink among physical hobby and mental ability. In a observe published in Nature, Cotman concluded compounds accountable for the mind’s health can be controlled with the aid of exercise. Cotman carried out his research on rodents due to the fact, he says, “the outcomes of exercising are nearly equal in human beings and rats.” In his observe, Cotman monitored “couch” rats and rats that ran on a treadmill. The rats that exercised had an awful lot higher ranges of brain-derived neurotrophic aspect (BDNF), the most broadly allotted boom thing within the brain and one believed to say no with the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Exercise Improves Cognitive and Mental Function

Not only does workout stimulate the advent of latest brain cells (neurons), it also strengthens the relationship among those cells. The regions of the brain that are inspired via exercise are related to memory and learning. Cotman’s stated:

One of the outstanding features of exercise, which is every so often no longer favored in studies, is an improvement in the fee of studying, and I suppose it truly is an in reality cool take-domestic message as it suggests that if you’re in suitable form, you will be capable of analyze and function extra efficaciously.

A German take a look at conducted in 2007 showed that people learn vocabulary words 20 percent quicker after a workout than before exercise and that the fee of learning correlated directly with ranges of BDNF in the mind.

Exercise Improves Mood

Exercise may be a tremendous manner to raise your temper and improve your emotions. When you exercising, your body feels greater cozy and calm. Find out some of the reasons and the quality sporting events to boost your mood and stability your feelings.

When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. These chemical substances all work collectively to make you feel exact. In addition, after a workout, you can sense an experience of achievement and your muscle mass will loosen up deeper because of the exercise – easing anxiety and strain.

“Moderate depth cardio exercise improves mood without delay and those improvements can last up to 12 hours,” concluded take a look at lead researcher Dr. Jeremy Sibold, assistant professor of rehabilitation and motion technology at the University of Vermont, Burlington.

Exercise Reduces Stress

Experts agree that one in every of first-class approaches to reduce pressure is thru exercising. During the strain reaction, many chemical reactions arise in the frame getting ready it to what is referred to as the “combat or flight” reaction. Our ancestors have been able to burn off our stress through their day by day interest, including defending themselves whilst an animal attacked, because it became a method of survival. They have been able to run away or fight the risk right away. In modern-day society, we do now not have to combat a endure or tiger, so we do now not have much of an outlet with no trouble to hand to burn off the pressure or pent-up terrible emotions. Therefore, we carry it with us developing emotional and physical troubles. Exercise can assist by means of offering an outlet for bad emotions including worry, irritability, depression, hostility, anger, frustration, and tension. Regular exercise affords the possibility to manipulate the fight or flight response and facilitates the frame to return to a homeostasis or balanced nation greater quickly.Exercise

Exercise Is An Antidote For Depression

In October of 2000 researchers from Duke University made the New York Times with a observe displaying that exercising is higher than sertraline (Zoloft) at treating despair. What notable news! Unfortunately, it becomes buried on web page fourteen of the Health and Fitness section. If workout got here in tablet form, it’d be plastered across the front page, hailed because of the blockbuster drug of the century.


If you watch tv at all, you are constantly bombarded by using advertisements for every prescription drug below the solar. In an hour of TV, you possibly watch at least 10 of those classified ads. What amazes me is the quantity of potential facet results those capsules have. You might be better off with whatever is unwell you than going through side consequences ranging from the mild to loss of life. The other trouble is that those pills do not do something to treat the foundation reason for the trouble; they only alleviate the signs and symptoms. If we’d simply comply with God’s recommendation to exercise our bodies, we may want to alleviate the foundation trouble together with the symptoms.

Exercise Boosts Energy and Fights Fatigue

Feeling worn-out? A stroll can be better than a nap for enhancing strength and preventing fatigue.

New research shows normal exercising can increase power tiers even among humans tormented by chronic clinical situations related to fatigue, like most cancers and heartsickness.

It may additionally seem counterintuitive, but researchers say expending electricity through undertaking regular exercise can also repay with multiplied electricity in the long run.

“A lot of times whilst human beings are fatigued, the final element they want to do is exercise,” says researcher Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D., in a news release. “But if you’re bodily inactive and fatigued, being simply a piece extra lively will assist,” says O’Connor, co-director of the University of Georgia exercising psychology laboratory, in Athens, Ga.

“We live in a society where humans are continually looking for the next sports drink, electricity bar, or cup of coffee on the way to give them the more aspect to get through the day,” says researcher Tim Puetz, Ph.D., additionally of UGA. “But it is able to be that lacing up your tennis shoes and getting out and doing a little physical hobby every morning can offer that spark of power that humans are looking for.”

In this examine, published in Psychological Bulletin, the researchers analyzed 70 research on exercising and fatigue concerning extra than 6,800 humans.

“More than ninety% of the research showed the identical factor: Sedentary those who finished a normal exercising program suggested progressed fatigue compared to groups that did not work out,” says O’Connor. “It’s a totally steady effect.”

The results display that normal workout increases strength and reduces fatigue.

The average impact turned into greater than the improvement from the usage of stimulant medicinal drugs, along with ones used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

Researchers say almost every organization studied — from healthy adults to cancer patients, and people with chronic conditions including diabetes and coronary heart disease — benefited from exercising.

Exercise Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

There is a right away relation among bodily inactiveness and cardiovascular dying.

Lack of physical hobby is one of the principal chance elements for the cardiovascular ailment.

Regular physical interest makes your heart, like every other muscle, more potent. A stronger coronary heart can pump extra blood with much less effort. Regular workout additionally prevents coronary heart disease through decreasing blood pressure, growing top HDL cholesterol that transports fats far from the arteries and lowers back to the liver for processing, lowering degrees of terrible LDL cholesterol which can form fatty deposits inside the arteries and via preventing blood clots.

In a long-time period Swedish look at males and females who have been bodily energetic at the least two times every week had a forty-one% lower threat of developing coronary heart sickness than folks that executed no bodily hobby.

Exercise Has a Cholesterol-Lowering Effect

Physical workout favorably influences blood cholesterol levels by using reducing LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol and increasing HDL LDL cholesterol.

Exercise itself does not burn off cholesterol adore it does with fats. Physical exercising can positively adjust LDL cholesterol metabolism by using growing the production and action of numerous enzymes within the muscle mass and liver that characteristic to transform some of the cholesterol to an extra favorable form, along with HDL-cholesterol.

Exercise Helps Prevent and Control Type 2 Diabetes

There is powerful proof from randomized managed studies

(e.G. Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study and the Diabetes Prevention Program within the USA) that moderate physical interest combined with weight loss and balanced diet can confer a 50-60% discount in risk of developing diabetes among those already at excessive hazard.

Regular bodily pastime may additionally improve insulin resistance and glucose tolerance and is exceedingly effective in stopping or delaying the onset of kind 2 diabetes in folks with impaired glucose regulation.

Exercise Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

The methods via which exercising can cause a discount in blood stress are unclear, but all types of workout appear to be powerful in lowering blood stress. Conversely, the low bodily hobby will increase the risk of hypertension.

Regular exercising decreases blood pressure in about 75% of hypertensive people with an average decrease of 11 and 8 Hg mm for systolic and diastolic blood stress respectively.

Regular exercise may additionally lower blood strain in obese and obese folks even without changes in body weight. Aerobic exercising appears to have a barely extra impact on blood strain in hypertensive people than in individuals without high blood pressure.

Exercise Is Associated with a Reduced Risk of Cancer

Evidence exists that physical pastime can be associated with a lower risk of numerous commonplace styles of cancer, most notably colon and breast cancer.

Exercise May Reduce the Risk of StrokeHealth

Research facts show that moderate and excessive levels of the physical hobby can also reduce the risk of total, ischemic, and hemorrhagic strokes.

People who have proper bodily function after the age of 40 can also decrease their danger of stroke by using as a good deal as 50 percent in comparison to individuals who aren’t able to climb stairs, kneel, bend, or carry as properly, according to research published within the December eleven, 2007, problem of Neurology, the medical magazine of the American Academy of Neurology.

Exercise Increases Bone Strength

An active lifestyle blessings bone density. Regular weight-bearing exercise promotes bone formation, delays bone loss and might guard towards osteoporosis (shape of bone loss associated with growing old).

Exercise Strengthens Your Immune System

Regular mild exercise may additionally have a beneficial effect on the immune feature. The findings from a few studies support the possibility that exercise may additionally postpone immunosenescence (age established decline in immune characteristic).

Exercise Can Help You Sleep Better

If you are afflicted by poor sleep, each day exercising could make the distinction. The natural dip in frame temperature five to 6 hours after exercising may assist to go to sleep. Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered that everyday exercise affords improvement in fashionable best of sleep, quicker sleep-onset, longer sleep length, and feeling rested in the morning.

Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

Regular exercise keeps or improves sex existence. Physical upgrades in muscle power and tone, endurance, body composition and cardiovascular characteristic can all decorate sexual functioning in each man and women. Men who exercise frequently are much less probably to have erectile dysfunction and impotence than are guys who don’t work out.

Exercise Can Help Reduce Back Pain

By growing muscle electricity and patience and enhancing flexibility and posture, everyday exercising enables to prevent again ache. High best research proves that exercise is a powerful treatment for the recurrent low backache.

Exercise Has Gastrointestinal Tract Benefits

Exercise is useful for humans suffering from cholelithiasis and constipation. The physical hobby may reduce the danger of diverticulosis, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and inflammatory bowel ailment.

Exercise is an Alternative to Hormone alternative remedy for postmenopausal ladies

High-intensity workout drastically reduces negative adjustments associated with the menopausal transition.


At this point, it should be abundantly clear that bodily workout is ideal for us. The Apostle Paul, again and again, used physical education to illustrate spiritual truths which suggest that he viewed bodily exercise and even opposition in a superb light. However, as with many stuff in life, there are extremes in the area of the workout. Some humans consciousness completely on spirituality, to the neglect in their physical our bodies. Others attention a lot of attention on the shape and shape in their physical our bodies that they forget about nonsecular growth and maturity. Neither of these suggests a biblical balance. We need to consistently expand our frame, mind, and spirit.

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