Key to Optimal Health

Optimal fitness means extra than the absence of ache, sickness, and ailment. As vital as it is to be bodily wholesome it’s miles equally essential to be mental, emotionally and spiritually healthy as properly. Optimal fitness, therefore, in context of what’s being written here, is a balance of physical, intellectual, emotional, and religious aspects of fitness. Let us take a look at each of these aspects, starting with physical fitness.

Physical Health Health

So lots have been written about the situation of bodily fitness within the categories of health and health, weight loss program, and weight loss, health and bodybuilding etc. In this newsletter I will on the whole cope with physical fitness in its internal aspect which includes constructing a wholesome immune system, detoxifying the body, wholesome and brief removal, and nourishing the cells with proper nutrients. Aging itself may be bogged down with the aid of keeping the inner issue of our bodily fitness as much as par. Wouldn’t you love to have a healthy, younger, lively, robust, lean frame that is freed from ailment, illness, and pain properly into adulthood beyond the age of 40? It all narrows all the way down to what form of meals we positioned into our bodies – either meals filled with toxins and poisons, or healthy, residing, vital food.

Mark and Patti Virkler, of their inspiring ebook “Eden’s Health Plan – Go Natural” write:

“Food is supposed to supply the frame with all of the stay factors wanted for the regeneration of its cells and tissues. If the body fails to be healthy, the shortage or deficiency of regenerative factors within the food is the purpose of, and the obligation for, whatever disorder, illness or ailment overtakes it. Our bodies are trying to find homeostasis, equilibrium, stability. This equals health. When given the right building blocks to work with, the body maintains itself in health.”



These building blocks may be determined in whole, unbleached, natural grains, rice (wild rice, brown rice and so forth.), beans, the end result, veggies, nuts, various seeds and herbs and so on. Large portions of those constructing blocks may be determined within the “extraordinary-meals” family in such foods as Spirulina and Barley Grass. (An incredible-meals is extraordinarily rich in a huge variety of nutrients, minerals, hint minerals and amino acids, and can be assimilated by way of our bodies very easily. Spirulina is a whole protein and is known to be very healthy.) Look at your neighborhood health food shop for exquisite green foods in powdered form. I individually every now and then use Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula.

Super-foods are regarded to:Optimal

Deter Aging

Massively Boost Your Immune System

Aid Weight Loss

Lower Your Cholesterol

Radically Improve Your Energy

Enhance Your Mental & Emotional Well-being

Boost Your Libido

Alkalize Your System

Protect in opposition to Toxins and Pollutants

Beautify Your Skin

Cleanse and Fortify Your Blood

Nourish and Revitalize your Systems

Fight and Protect in opposition to several diseases inclusive of Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Arthritis, Cataracts, Osteoporosis, Acne, Obesity, High cholesterol, Age-Related Blindness…And Much More!

Again I quote Mark and Patti Virkler:

“By taking simply a bit of a superb-food (in tablet or powered drink form) as a complement for your food regimen, you will find many exceptional matters appear in your frame. Essentially, the nourishment will supply your body the wished sources to rebuild any damaged or damaged components and improve your body’s chances of returning to homeostasis. Testimonies of its energy variety from improved eyesight, to relief from again pain to higher scores in sports by way of international champion competitive athletes. Generally, one will revel in emotions of accelerated energy and vitality; discount and comfort of strain, tension, and despair; relief from the discomforting signs and symptoms of fatigue, hypoglycemia, some allergies, bad digestion and sluggishness; and stepped forward memory and intellectual clarity. People also revel in an elimination of temper swings, toxin elimination, better sleep, reduced cravings for food and candies, lower blood strain and plenty of different fitness blessings. Then there are numerous specialized fitness problems that have disappeared as human beings’ bodies receive ok nutrients via high-quality-foods. Prostate troubles had been normalized, in addition to triglycerides, arthritis and diabetes, and many different excessive and degenerative sicknesses. Basically, any and each ailment may be fought off by means of your body, if it has the proper equipment to combat with. Super-meals deliver it the proper gear. You just need to strive it for thirty days and notice what it can do for you. I suggest taking a product that consists of several kinds of top-notch meals, as they work collectively in a synergy that may have a profound effect on your fitness and energy. If your frame desires detoxifying first, you may experience a chunk of a “tissue cleansing” in the course of the primary few days or even weeks of taking the wonderful-food as your body cleanses itself.”

Basically if we put the wrong food (and drink) into our body it weakens the immune system and opens the door for us to be at risk of fitness issues of some thing type (whether or not it’s frequents colds and illnesses, flues, aches and pains, sores and ulcers, weak spot, sluggishness, excessive blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, arthritis, heart troubles, diabetes, cancer or mental issues including malaise, apathy or reminiscence problems etc., etc., and many others.) Looking on the bright side a healthful immune device that is not swamped with pollution can fight off illnesses correctly!

It is premier to by no means be bad to start with and to eat not anything but healthy food from day one. Unfortunately, it isn’t this way. Many had been conditioned to consume bad, fattening, artery-clogging ingredients from childhood to the grave. Many folks think it is a regular a part of the growing older procedure to begin getting weaker, fatter, having greater ache etc. After age 30 and onward. In many instances (genuinely now not all) premature growing old and physical weakening is the end result of years of poor consuming habits from childhood to maturity. Due to many years of wrong consuming behavior, it may be nice to detoxify.

In the method of nourishing our cells with meals excessive in fiber such as veggies, fruits, first rate-foods, and complete grains our body obviously detoxifies itself in the manner, which in flip strengthens our immune device and slows, or in a few cases, reverses the growing older method. The key to choicest health as far because the bodily factor of our health goes, is to:

Eat plenty of Grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, outstanding-foods, herbs, be sure to get lots of workouts, natural water, and easy air, excreting waste from the intestines fast (that is a byproduct of eating masses of the end result, fiber and vegetables). There also are herbal supplements you could take which includes Vitamin C, vitamins and minerals, and numerous antioxidants except you are becoming lots of these out of your ordinary diet.

I omitted different critical factors which make a contribution to universal most fulfilling health. They protected, however, aren’t restrained to, being healed of emotional traumas, maintaining a peaceful mental mind-set, living in a spirit of prayer, religion, hope and love in the direction of others in trendy, and toward God, Spirit, Higher Power especially.

Next, I hope to share a touch about the 3 final classes of fitness – intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

Mental and Emotional Health Key

Mental and emotional fitness are so intently associated it is hard to split the 2. Having healthy thoughts isn’t always constrained to having an eager intellect and an outstanding reminiscence. Someone can excel at this degree of intellectual health however nonetheless be an emotional smash, not to say being spiritually ignorant at the same time.

Negative intellectual attitudes or emotions will have a right away effect on our bodily fitness even supposing we are consuming healthy food. Emotional traumas, anger, rage, hate, stress and so on., when continued in the day in and time out, weaken the immune system and show up in sick bodily fitness. A terrible thought, over the years, regularly erases all of the good that healthy food does for us.

Some forms of sickness, disorder, and infection, as well as bad conduct like smoking, ingesting, pills and so forth., are often outside signs and symptoms of something deeper. They are outcomes of a deeper motive. And till that reason is addressed and healed the symptoms will maintain coming back like fruit on a tree whether or not within the form of sick health, disorder, tension, bad habits of 1 sort or every other, or in the worse case situation most cancers. Luckily there are caution signs and symptoms while all isn’t always nicely inside.

The subconscious a part of our mind is the storehouse of our emotions and memories and it’s miles here wherein we need recovery as some distance as our intellectual and emotional lifestyles are worried. Sometimes bad or uneasy desires (some of which originate from the sub aware) are manifestations of our very own fears and internal wounds. Some goals are also messages, clothed with pictures we are able to understand, from our maximum degree of thoughts – the amazing aware degree – warning us whilst we’re making incorrect choices or heading in a wrong route. In those uncommon cases wherein we are at risk of the restoration energies of the extremely good aware degree of thoughts, we are able to revel in inner healing faster than we ever imagined. More approximately this in a minute when I get to the nonsecular thing of health.

Along with a healthy eating regimen, it’s far crucial to think wonderful thoughts and preserve a fantastic mindset, fending off anger and bitterness toward others. But, questioning high-quality mind and making an effort to be glad, loving, and optimistic, are most effective a part of what’s worried in terms of the recovery of our emotional existence. We can only move to date by way of exercise will strength by myself, as vital as it’s miles to use our own efforts whilst attempting to make an alternate in our emotional existence for the higher. All our ethical requirements, our guidelines, and rules for main an appropriate ethical life, all our advantageous questioning formulation are a way to a stop, the cease being the hole and revelation of the nonsecular component or our thoughts – the terrific conscious degree of thoughts. This brings me to the ultimate category of health, the spiritual class.

Spiritual Health

I actually have written approximately this difficulty elsewhere and will be repeating a number of the statistics here. Keep in thoughts while reading this that being religious is not to be pressured with being spiritual. Someone who is religious can be operating from a bodily, emotional, and intellectual degree best, but be void as ways as being religious goes. Pseudo-religious lifestyles (not to be careworn with a proper noun secular lifestyles) this is lived in delight, elitism, self-righteousness, and egoism is completely opposite of non-secular life. In context of this text being non secular approach living your existence from the level of your splendid conscious mind, and residing a harmonious existence evidently from that level. This is easier said than done because our pleasure and ego frequently get within the manner and cause us untold pain and struggling. But by means of residing in concord with the fantastic-conscious degree of our thoughts, and accessing the spiritual grace and energy which flow thru (from God and Spirit) that identical stage of mind, our intellectual and emotional health, as well as our bodily health, all fall into vicinity and are balanced.

All our ethical, ethical, spiritual or simply human efforts at looking to be a greater loving, high-quality, optimistic individual are a feeble way of (frequently unconsciously) aligning, or trying to align, ourselves with that ever gift float of power, mild, grace, and Spirit permeating at some point of all creation.

This ever gift, but frequently unperceived and untapped, spiritual power upholding all advent is the source of a without a doubt happy lifestyles even if we discover ourselves in the midst of terrible external circumstances. It is the ultimate key to finest health. Some call this ever-present electricity cosmic focus, super-awareness, Christ attention, God, Spirit, a Higher Power and so on. Some humans customize it and dress it with a human form and then worship the person it manifests via. Ancient writings say the heavens and earth had been made through the phrase of God and by way of the breath of his mouth. This is a human way of seeking to accommodate a nonsecular fact to the confined understanding of the human brain, using analogies, parables, precise genders, and ideas that can be understood by the rational mind. This often consequences in misunderstandings and even struggle and bloodshed in the name of faith.

The bare reality is intuitively perceived by way of the better aspect of human recognition known as terrific consciousness. And it’s miles this degree of recognition (Christ consciousness) that wells up from within to “shop,” exchange, deliver, and heal us when the thick layer of ego, all of the emotional blockages, wounded recollections, and incorrect thinking, are thinned out sufficient by means of our very own efforts at self-improvement. This is the fact of the “Messiah” or Savior figures regularly mentioned in historical writings. Eventually, we need to allow the move of our own strivings and permit God to take over.

Or, we are able to keep to resist the inner pull and alternatively live an unnatural existence with the cease end result of disharmony on all degrees bodily, mental and emotional. (This is the truth approximately the so known as the wrath of God. It has not anything to do God or Spirit being irritated at us. But it has the whole lot to do with us bringing struggling upon ourselves by way of deciding on to move our personal way, no longer heeding the whispers and impressions of the splendid conscious mind both within ourselves, or talking through dreams, visions, other human beings, or even via writing, artwork, and so on.)

Once we tap into the spiritual waft of grace then a surely modified person is the result, from the inner out. Children are toward this level of being than adults who’ve been conditioned and brainwashed throughout existence via peer stress, upbringing, lifestyle and so forth. Humility is fundamental, now not pleasure and ego. Attaining to the religious degree of recuperation cognizance is the end of all religions.


When we’re bodily, emotionally and mentally wholesome within the true sense of the phrase we’re spiritually on track with the very best stage of our cognizance – the extraordinary awareness – in order that there may be a consistent go with the flow of existence and electricity from that stage of attention flowing into us as we allow it to go with the flow through us cleaning and vivifying us. This even reaches to one’s selections on what to devour, motivating one to exercise and to joyfully do what’s first-class for the body, to forgive others. By choice, we in the end willfully chose to transport in a joyous harmony with the impressions, suggestions, advice, and wisdom all the time emanating from the inherent concord inside the religious power upholding all creation. The ego fears this and sees it as death to its satisfaction and insurrection. This is the fact at the back of the frequently repeated concept of death at the pass, worshipping God, obeying God and many others. There is no proper God who has an ego so inflated that he needs worship on pain of illness and death if he is not worshipped. Instead, for our own sakes, the ever-present Holy Spirit encourages us (without interfering with our freedom of choice) to pick out to transport within the drift and harmony of the ever gift spiritual power upholding all creation so we are able to enjoy the proper key to most advantageous Optimal  health, and lasting harmony even after our short stay on this global is over, and our temporal bodily shell is dissolved into nothingness. The stop result is an honestly wholesome and complete person.

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