Is Technology Stealing The Quality Of Your Life?

Let me be perfectly clear from the outset – I am not against era, trade, AI, transformation or the stairs we take into the destiny. Also, I’m sure a lot of you may take problem with some of my factors that observe – remember – reality is not what you or I think it’s far, however – what it is. But allow me additionally be clean that I trust that now not all of those advances will improve humanity’s capability to deal with lots of its central issues which includes; war, separation, loneliness, uncertainty, decision making, internal peace, fear, the need for romance and recognition, existence meaning and cause.

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Trust me – your brand new iPhone version, Facebook connection and iPad app are not going to remedy your issues of patience, the need for control, stressors, but let me guess – at this factor I have lost a massive percentage of people who started reading this newsletter and got here to the belief that I am out contacted, residing within the beyond or simply don’t get it? For you, parents take a look at returned with me in some years and permit’s chat approximately how technology has progressed your universal existence and its essential desires, desires and demanding situations. For the relaxation of you who have an open mind, permit me to share what I agree with are the positives as well as the negatives of our gradual addiction to any device or generation in fashionable that we feel is essential for our life and the closing fulfillment of our human purpose on the planet.

The age-old questions for heaps of years which have nevertheless no longer been replied – where did we come from, why are we right here and where are we going nevertheless plague maximum of humanity and yet every 12 months an increasing number of technological progress is made.

Yes, era might also make a few treatment options extra a hit and fast, it can enhance transportation and our ability to extra quick take hold of statistics this is critical and treasured. But recall – stress remains growing, the divorce fee is the same as it changed into inside the 50’s. “Or, how about suicide charges among the ones 35 to 64 years vintage they have improved 28 percent (32 percent for ladies, 27 percent for men). The greatest increases in suicide prices had been among humans aged 50 to fifty-four years (48 percentage) and fifty-five to 59 years (forty-nine percentage).

Why? There are extra technology and information available nowadays than at any time in records. Isn’t it assisting? How about weight problems – more than one in adults and almost one in six children are overweight or obese today. Adult obesity rates are maximum in the United States. Obesity rates are projected to increase dramatically by means of 2030. Got an iPhone with a view to resolve that?

Let me add before I forget what I agree with is a critical aspect – one of the maximum important things important for achievement, happiness and inner peace is not facts but information and sure, facts is a treasured contributor to understanding however in case you rely simplest on it – finally your data will no longer benefit you but make a contribution to your existence chaos.

There are extra books, YouTube segments, motivational speakers, psychiatrists, life coaches to be had these days than at any time in history and yet we nonetheless have a number of the identical issues humans have faced for years such as; impatience and the way it leads to pressure and then demise, conflict and the way it ends in separation and loneliness, worry and how it contributes to contamination, uncertainty and change and the way they result in lack of confidence.

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Had sufficient of the negatives? I recognize I actually have. So, Tim what’s the factor of this text – what are you trying to say? Glad you requested. Let me briefly percentage what I trust are the primary causes and some simple solutions.

Before I do, however, I want to go on record – all through my profession I had been a big propose and supporter of books and research by means of some of the sector’s most relied on futurists, fashion setters and thinkers who were sharing their insight, research and know-how with the world.

There are some basic human desires which have not modified for lots of years and are nevertheless applicable these days – in no order right here are only some – the want for manage, the choice for attractiveness, answers to some of life’s vital questions, the fear of uncertainty, the concern of conflict and its effect and the want for connection. Yes, there are others but permit’s just briefly talked these as they relate to technology and its benefits and or drawbacks to dealing with those.

And in the end, spirituality – You trust in God and a better energy otherwise you don’t. But, let me ask you – what could the sector be like without a better strength governing human’s life, progress, and behavior? Just appearance again during the last hundred years of all the evil that has existed. I ask you – if those humans were capable of dominating the sector – what do you suspect existence might be like nowadays?

How is era enhancing the above? Think approximately it. Yes, it could make superb contributions but are they the answer or can we want something else to ensure that human relationships control the satisfactory of life and no longer robotic questioning and acting?

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Yes, there are more and in case you want to grow to be acquainted with them and their impact on existence – simply spend some time the use of generation to research the outcomes of technology and trade – you are probably amazed.

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