Important Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Weight Loss

So, with yet another beginning of the year, people have already set their health goals. Shedding those extra kilos to fit into one’s favorite clothes remains on the top of ‘to-be-achieved-things’ this year. But in order to fulfill your goal, one needs sustained commitment, motivation, and determination.

With the majority of people, effective weight loss still remains hardest to achieve which can be due to their poor diet or lifestyle choices or even due to their health issues.

First of all, it is important to understand that every person’s body is different and responds uniquely on the journey of effective weight loss. One fitness routine and diet plan cannot fit for everyone.

However, there are some general rules laid down by experts to aid in quick weight loss and help you attain a healthy body. They are discussed as follows –

The Do’s:

Eat Healthy

Well, this is something that every person tells you to do – eat healthy food. By saying that it means – increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet that contain high amount of fibers in them and provide abundant vitamins and minerals to your body that are required for its proper functioning and living healthily.

This also means that you should include the desired amount of fats and carbs in your routine diet as cutting them off completely would lead to an eating disorder.

Take plenty of fluids

Though this might sound very basic, including fluid components in your diet would help you in reducing weight faster. Plenty of water and fruit juices are essential to create a healthy metabolism system and flush out toxins from your body.

For the effective functioning of a human body, 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water is a must. It will also keep the dehydration at bay during vigorous workouts.

Regular Exercise

This is undoubtedly the most important thing for losing those extra inches of your body. Any diet plan without sufficient amount of exercise will be rendered useless. You obviously won’t prefer losing on your muscle strength for the sake of shedding weight.

Moreover, regular exercising would help you in building a great stamina and metabolism system.

The Don’ts:

Stop starving your body

It has been observed among a lot of people that they cut down on their intake of food to lose weight. Whereas, it has been pretty much confirmed by research studies that when you starve yourself, your body goes into survival mode. This will reduce the energy building in the body and bring it to a slow metabolizing state.

So, you should keep giving sufficient food to your body in small proportions every two hours to lose weight.

Cut down on alcohol consumption

This is one of the bitter truths which become hard for the regular drinkers to digest. Alcohol actually puts extra pressure on the liver and is in fact, the biggest fat contributor to your body. Using sugary syrups and sodas with alcoholic drinks and cocktails become a big obstruction in getting rid of that unwanted fat.

So, if you are an occasional or moderate drinker, then it is fine but overdoing it can be disastrous for your next weekend weighing results.

Ditch processed sugar

It is a well-proven fact the more processed sugar you consume, the more your body will store and turn it into fat. So, eliminating the processed sugars from your diet is important to aid in quick weight loss.

However, you can opt for other alternatives like dates, fruits, jaggery, honey, and avocados to satiate your sweet tooth.

Following the above-mentioned tips will surely help you in maintaining a healthy weight, or you can say- never gain in the first place.


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