Get Your Adrenaline Pumping at These Bungee Jumping Locations

There are a number of places in which you may enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping. From incredible bridges to gushing waterfalls, it’s for all there. Hop directly to understand about the exceptional places in which all you can get your adrenaline pumping.

In bungee jumping, the fun from the loose fall, however, the liability of the twine, results in a kind of rebound which provides to the laugh. There are some of the places around the sector in which this excessive game can be experienced to its fullest. Let’s take a plunge into knowing wherein they are.Adrenaline

Idaho, Perrine Bridge

One of the most exciting bungees jumping spots, Perrine Bridge in Idaho, gives 486 toes fall inside the Snake River. This is the most effective guy-made bridge within the USA wherein bungee jumping is permitted, for the duration of the 12 months, that too without a allow.

Victoria Falls Bridge

Go east in Africa, and you’ve Zimbabwe supplying an excellent and breathtaking bungee jumping place. This is 500 toes drop from the Victoria Falls bridge over the Zambezi river, connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia. The thrill of the soar, mixed with a creamy spray of a waterfall. Wow, have to go!



Grand Canyon, Arizona

This is any other region in the USA. Here, at the northern tip of the Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, at Kuskulana Bridge, you could leap from a height of 470 feet.

Ticino, Switzerland

Yes, that is that famous dam from where ‘007 James Bond’ jumped within the movie GoldenEye. Verzasca dam is the call of the vicinity in Switzerland, which has on offer a plunge from a 220 m high hydroelectric dam. Ticino valley is the location wherein it’s far positioned.

The Bridge to Nowhere, California

This leaping website online is one of the most famous ones in the USA. The bridge is positioned round forty miles north of downtown Los Angeles, within the lovely Angeles National Forest.
Bhote Khosi Bungee, Kathmandu, Nepal

Eastern ecstasy is at its best in Nepal, a relaxed u. S. A. Situated inside the coronary heart of the magnificent Himalayas, very close to India. The snow-capped mountains are an excellent history to take a 500 feet fall. The Bhote Khosi river gushes wildly below the bridge, that’s perfect for bungee leaping.

Great Canadian Bungee

If you’re nevertheless now not impressed, attempt leaping from a cliff in Canada. This incredible website is flanked with the aid of limestone walls and an interesting aqua-blue colored lagoon. Further, it is simply round 30 minutes or much less from downtown Ottawa at the Morrison’s quarry. Here, you could have a 200 feet head or body dip, and the rebound is a mind-blowing 160 toes.

Macau TowerBungee

I stored the great for remaining. It is the Macau Tower in China. This plunge continues for 18 seconds, and you forestall best 30 toes quick of the ground, after happening a ripper―762 ft. I am getting goosebumps simply writing about this. This fall will actually make you agree with in God, and you’re surely going to get a flashback of your existence even as you move down.

Jumping Heights is Located at different places and rated as one of the maximum desired destinations within the international. These are the only locations in the global where bungee leaping may be carried out from a platform. Jumping heights are widely known for its protection measures. It is the maximum thrilling leaping location inside the world. Some Bungee Jumping places like Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia Nevis Highwire, Bungee, QueenstownNew Zealand, Ozone Adventures, Wanderlust, Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa. There is one greater famous vicinity well-known for bungee leaping is Cantilever platform, that’s constructed over a rocky cliff that is eighty-five meters above ground degree, making it the highest, and the most interesting leaping locations in the global.

7 nice bungee Jumping Locations for adventure Junkies:-

1. Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia:
The Zambezi River rises in the northwest of Zambia close to Angola, snakes its way exotically through 6 specific countries before spilling into the Indian Ocean from the coast of Mozambique. It’s one of the global’s pinnacle 20 to 30 white-water spots, for an awful lot good motive. If I visited the Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia place. I was 23 years vintage. Then I also experience the adorable moment of the bungee leaping. I see broadly speaking children want to enjoy the lovely moments right here.

2. Nevis Highwire Bungee, Queenstown, New Zealand:
New Zealand is maximum superb with elastic. It is, well-known arms down, the popular spot for jumping among our consultants and there are plenty of options available, from the ledge leaps to canyon swings and the city plummets from the Sky Tower in Auckland, The air is thick with adrenaline. Many humans went to those places with their family. So we are able to say that it’s far first-class.

3. Ozone Adventures in Bangalore:
Ozone in Bangalore is one of the most popular bungee leaping places in India. This is conducted from the height of 80- 90 ft above the floor, like leaping heights, there’s no platform. The device is mounted to a hundred thirty- 140ft-high cell crane. Anyone among the age organization of 18 or 60 years can enjoy this adrenaline pumping revel in at Ozone Adventures. Safety is given utmost preference, but now bungee jumping from cranes is not as safe as jumping from constant structures.

4. Wanderlust in Delhi:
If you’re looking for a first-rate location within the North, in Delhi would be the quality desire. The entire jumping staffs at Wanderlust is skilled in Germany or operates with German generation and gadget. It offers crane jumps from a hundred thirty to one hundred forty toes above the flood stage and any journey enthusiast between the age group of 14 to 50 years can carry out this exciting sport at wanderlust.

5. Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa:
If you will Goa then you definitely must try this spot, you can try first at Gravity zone. It is positioned close to Anjuna seashore, that is one of the most popular attractions in Goa. It has installation an everlasting 30- meter high tower which fee around one thousand rupees per jump. Many vacationers go to those places with their family due to the leisure and notable fun.Jumping

6. Daily Adventure in Lonavla:
Daily Adventure in Lonavala is one of the most important journey parks in India. It has famous jumping structures. The jumping platform is 50 meters; the jump lasts for around 10 minutes. If you visit those places then you definitely enjoy these lovely moments.

7. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa:
Located at the lovely Garden Route between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, this is the Big Daddy of bridge jumps then the very best industrial bridge and jumping locations within the world. From the bridge and you can see the manner down the Bloukrans valley to in which the river meets the sea, offering an epic backdrop for an epic soar. Bloukrans Bridge.

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