Food and Medicine as a Spiritual Act of Worship

Indeed, I regularly surprise why God places up with us as His youngsters given the way we frequently suppose and act. No, I am now not speaking about holiness, although holiness is, in reality, an element of religion. Rather, I am regarding the way Christians stroll in keeping with the arena with regards to their fitness and lifestyle.

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Based on fitness and lifestyle, the general public would be tough pressed to single out a Christian in a crowd of unbelievers. Christians eat the identical junk foods, drink the same tender beverages, get simply as obese, come down with the equal sicknesses and get dealt with by using docs educated inside the same medication, take the same pills and frequently die from headaches following the equal medicines and treatment.

Don’t get me incorrect. I am no longer questioning all of uses religion, their Church attendance, worship, church activity, or none of that stuff. No, alternatively what I’m thinking is the spiritual disconnect I see in the operation of our religion with our personal bodily health and nicely-being. I suggest it’s as although many Christians don’t forget food and medication as being beside the point to the practice of their religion.

My point is that the arena may want to care less approximately your properly being, it best desires your money. So the world is full of lies and “experience items” to keep you coming lower back. That is how the arena works. For instance: To get you to shop for processed meats, meat packagers inject sodium nitrite into the beef to make it look fresh and to maintain it. Never thoughts that sodium nitrite whilst heated paperwork nitrosamines, extremely effective most cancers-causing chemical compounds. Does that rely on you? It subjects to God who knit your body collectively within the womb of your mom. He has something to mention about that.

Or suppose you’re diagnosed with cancer. Never thoughts there are more secure and greater powerful alternatives then the surgical operation your medical doctor recommends. He thinks a general practitioner have to cut you open from front to lower back to eliminate the tumor. If you live on the surgical procedure, you would take delivery of poisonous and regularly lethal tablets. Your physician offers you no different feasible alternatives. Does that be counted to you? It matters to God who knit you together inside the womb of your mom. He has something to mention approximately that as properly.

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Here’s the point. God receives no glory in you getting sick with a sickness. He receives no glory in disease and struggling duration. God receives glory in restoration, and via sacrifices, we provide to Him in body, spirit, and soul. That word sacrifice refers to how we stay our life, which incorporates the welfare of our frame.

Since meals and remedy are high on our listing of lifestyles”s priorities, it is in these regions that we must be on defense and careful approximately the maximum. Why food and medicine? Well, in case you were Satan, could you believe you studied a more way to inflict more harm than thru food and medication? People want to consume and those want medical help. Satan performing thru the sector works 24/7 in each the meals and clinical industry to put and maintain you down, to hold you from glorifying God in the frame.

It sickens me to peer such a lot of Christians in bodily struggling introduced on with the aid of their own neglectful lifestyle. Trust me, this has a massive effect. Others looking inside the Church from outdoor observe there is nothing taking place there distinct from the sector. There is not anything to lead them to want to are looking for God. If simplest Church leaders could understand God”s legal guidelines do now not prevent on the Church door; if they might best start to teach Christians about the holiness in their body because it pertains to food and medicinal drug, life as a Christian might end up plenty healthier. Many human beings outdoor of Christ could start in search of Him.

I consider the nearby Church has a responsibility to educate believers within the righteous way they must deal with their bodies. No, no longer simply warn them approximately the misuse of sex and pills, however, to train them the distinction among suitable and terrible food and medicinal drug. Church leaders should train us how to “purify ourselves from everything that contaminates frame and spirit,” But right here is where matters get fuzzy and blurred.

Many Church leaders, ignorant themselves of the connection between physical and religious health, are scared of getting into a hassle with the regulation or worry being outcast as false instructors. Even worse, a few Church leaders just don’t get the relationship among obeying God’s natural laws and nonsecular healing.

They have a “devour, drink and be merry” mindset closer to the frame. This is the disconnect I referred to in advance. The mindset they convey is that Church is wherein one goes for salvation. The global is where one goes for health and restoration. Nothing may be further from the reality.

We are created inside the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26). Our frame is a member of Christ’s Body (I Corinthians 6:15). Our frame, spirit, and soul have all been redeemed. There isn’t any earthly reason why we must leave obligation to the sector for our health and nicely-being, any more than we have to depart our souls to the world for salvation.

Churches behavior training on almost any Bible associated subject matter you could consider. Why now not a wholesome way of life class? Topics ought to include things like learning the way to read food labels and what to look at out for, figuring out known food chemicals suspect for negative fitness, identifying physicians on your place skilled in holistic fitness, Bible take a look at with reference to health and much extra. Not most effective would such training be popular, they could serve to draw greater visitors.

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Food and remedy are the problems of our time. The greater a Church is inclined to involve itself in instructing its flock on the subject of food and medicinal drug as a nonsecular act of worship, the extra we are able to see a healthier Church.

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