Flute Playing Tips For Beginners

Flute learning is in itself, a fantastic experience. Where good flute playing habits can provide a joy of a lifetime, poor habits can harness the enjoyment that the instrument offers. Whether you are new to the field of flutes or are familiar with the basics of flute playing, there are a few specific things that you need to keep in mind.

Let us learn some useful tips that every flute beginner must keep in mind.

flute playing tips

#1. Be patient, don’t try to grasp all the things at once. 

Don’t make hurry in learning the fingering techniques. You need a lot of patience in mastering different notes. Stay focused and avoid confusing the familiar note with the less familiar ones. As you are comfortable with one note, only then move to the new note. Several flute players make a hurry in learning the instrument and don’t learn note by note. This ends up into huge confusion, and they get messed up in everything.

If you want to become pro, then recommended is to go slow and do as said by the flute teacher. Also, you can’t become the best flautist overnight motivation, practice and patience is the key.

#2. Have a good grip on the flute. 

To play the flute comfortably, holding it perfectly is extremely important. Initially, every beginner has trouble handling the instrument. So, don’t get stressed. Start by learning proper posture and position. Stick to the instructions of your flute teacher and practice the pose. The right attitude is to sit up or stand straight, with your chin raised and eyes looking straight ahead.

#3. Test the instrument before purchasing.

When buying a new instrument, whether new or old, be very cautious. As you are not an expert, ask a specialist or your teacher to accompany you. The expert will help in test playing the flute and will assure that you buy the best suitable piece. Also, make sure to buy a flute from a trusted source only.

#4. Learn proper assembly. 

Many beginners damage their flute while learning. So, learning proper assembly is extremely important. The most crucial thing that you should keep in your mind is to avoid twisting the mechanism. Further, when combining the head joint and the body of the flute, hold both parts of the flute above or below the keys and lip plate. Also, make sure to align the headjoint and footjoint properly.

#5. Keep a check on the maintenance. 

While maintaining the instrument, make sure to clean it after every use, Also, avoid the usage of key oil or polishing cloth. Oil can easily leak onto the pads when applied by an amateur. Plus, keys need to be oiled about as frequently as a flute needs repair, so it’s best to leave the oiling to the flute repair professionals. For effective cleaning, don’t forget to buy a flute cleaning kit.

#6. Practice daily. 

As you know, practising is the key to success, practice as much as you can. Start by practising 15 to 20 minutes daily. Make your practice sessions goal-oriented and stay focused.

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