Essiac – Nature’s Cancer Treatment

Nurse Rene M Caisse desired simplest to ease human struggling, to assist humans stricken by a horrible ailment, and to prove the efficacy of the invention she had made. She had no mind of personal benefit. Yet she changed into usually stressed by means of Canadian health government and threatened with arrest and imprisonment for treating humans with a natural remedy she referred to as “Essiac”. Essiac was and is a hit remedy, and in many instances, a therapy for cancer. From the 1920s till her loss of life in 1978 at the age of ninety, the Canadian born nurse from Bracebridge, Ontario effectively dealt with and cured lots of cancer sufferers who have been given up on with the aid of the scientific profession as being incurable or untreatable.

She modified an antique Canadian Indian natural remedy and named it Essiac (Caisse spelled backward). The system, a mixture of four herbal substances, turned into administered both orally and via injection to certified terminally ill most cancers patients by means of Caisse under the supervision of certified physicians. Many of these patients lived a similarly 35 to 40 years, definitely unfastened from most cancers.

Caisse’s involvement commenced in 1922; while operating as a surgical nurse, she came throughout an 80 12 months vintage patient with a badly scarred, however, healed breast. The patient was cured almost 30 years formerly of breast cancer through an Indian herbal drink. Caisse asked the female for the formula, wondering she would use it herself if ever she evolved cancer. Her lifestyles became by no means to be identical after that.

In 1924, Rene’s aunt turned into diagnosed as having advanced, inoperable belly cancer. She turned into given handiest six months to live. Caisse received permission from her aunt’s doctor, Dr. R.O. Fisher, to attempt out the Essiac components on her. Caisse collected the herbs and organized the tea which her aunt drank each day for a length of two months. She skilled a full restoration and lived an in addition 21 years. Cancer by no means came lower back.

Dr. Fisher changed into impressed with this fulfillment and he teamed up with Caisse. Together they treated cancer sufferers who were given up on by means of their doctors. Many of their sufferers progressed to a first-rate extent. They additionally performed laboratory experiments on mice, testing and modifying the method to enhance its effectiveness.

Other doctors heard of Rene from Dr. Fisher and had patients handled through Rene that they had did not remedy with conventional techniques. Several of those doctors were so inspired with the outcomes she received that in 1926, none of them signed a petition to the Department of National Health and Welfare in Ottawa, testifying to the effectiveness they had witnessed Essiac have the discount of tumour size, alleviation from pain, prolonging of existence in hopeless cases, and the “remarkably useful outcomes” Essiac confirmed. The petition advised that Caisse be “given a possibility to show her paintings in a massive manner.” The motion the petition provoked turned into unexpected.

The Ottawa Department of Health and Welfare sent doctors to research, armed with powers to have Rene Caisse arrested for training remedy without a license. This becomes the start of the persecution by way of government officials and people inside the clinical profession which became to observe Caisse for almost 50 years as she attempted to render help to the ones in need.

Caisse became capable of make those first investigating doctors go into reverse while she explained how she operated underneath the supervision of qualified physicians, handiest at their request, and most effective on those terminally sick patients who have been failed by orthodox remedies. She additionally made no fee for her offerings, and regularly occurring only voluntary contributions. She became capable of escape arrest.

Caisse’s setup was dazzling to Dr. W.C. Arnold who becomes one of the investigators, and he urged her to keep trying out Essiac on mice on the Christie Street Hospital in Toronto. She did so from 1928 to 1930, and her experiments went well. Mice which had been inoculated with human most cancers have been injected with Essiac, and the remedy regressed their tumors.

Rene gave up nursing so that she may want to commit extra time to her Essiac research, and the treatment of sufferers which doctors persisted to send to her. She noticed roughly 30 sufferers in step with day in her apartment.Essiac

She became satisfied of the genuine advantage of the Essiac remedy as she persisted to deal with an increasing number of humans, making case notes as she went. She decided that her evidence could be persuasive to the medical career, and he or she organized to fulfill with Dr. Fredrick Banting, well-known co-discoverer of insulin, and present him along with her case notes.

Dr. Banting became inspired and supplied her a proportion in his laboratory at the Banting Institute. He additionally expressed a hobby in running along with her. Caisse declined his offer due to the fact she wanted to continue to deal with most cancers patients.

The Bracebridge Clinic

In 1935, a Dr. A.F. Bastedo who changed into impressed with Caisse’s work, arranged for her to open a cancer clinic in her domestic of Bracebridge. This hospital operated for seven years, and in that point Caisse handled thousands of most cancers patients, accomplishing fantastic outcomes.

Just after the sanatorium opened, Rene’s seventy-two yr antique mom, Friselde changed into diagnosed with inoperable liver most cancers and given most effective ways to stay. Caisse started out treating her mom with Essiac injections, and he or she made a full recovery. She lived a similarly 18 years, the death of heart failure aged 90.

For Rene, this made all her paintings, and all the harassment she endured profitably. Essiac had given her mom 18 years of existence while orthodox scientific science said she had simplest days.

In 1937, Caisse becomes invited to Chicago to treat 30 terminally unwell most cancers patients underneath the supervision of 5 medical doctors. So impressed had been those docs by her results that they supplied to installation a clinic in Chicago for her if she could flow to the USA. She favored staying in her home of Canada although, and so declined the offer.

Other doctors heard approximately and visited the sanatorium at Bracebridge. One of those become Dr. Emma Carson who stayed at the health center for 24 days in 1937. Dr. Carson had come as a skeptic, intending at the beginning to stay most effective an afternoon or two at Bracebridge. She ended up inspecting over 400 patients, both inside the clinic, and at their homes in which they have been getting on with their lives after having been cured by way of Essiac. As she examined and talked to these humans, her skepticism melted away.

In a record Dr. Carson later wrote at the hospital, she said, “Really, the progress obtainable and the rapidity of repair was, in reality, marvelous, and need to be visible to convincingly affirm notion.”

In 1938, a bill became offered to the Ontario Parliament accompanied through over fifty-five,000 signatures on a petition which supported its concept that Rene Caisse is legally allowed to treat most cancers patients with Essiac. The petition was signed by many splendid physicians, beyond sufferers of Caisse’s and their families. The invoice failed to bypass by just three votes.

Instead, a Royal Cancer Commission became installation to determine the viable advantage of Essiac as a cancer remedy. This Commission, which includes six orthodox doctors headed up by an Ontario Supreme Court Justice was a total farce, a blatant try to discredit Essiac.

Of the 387 of Caisse’s sufferers who arrived to testify before this Commission in 1939, only forty-nine had been authorized to speak.

In consideration of these 49 instances, the Commission might not accept x-ray reports as diagnoses. It said that the docs in those instances had made incorrect diagnoses, even if some of these patients have been one after the other identified through up to 4 specific certified physicians.

When the Commission did realize that a patient has been cured of most cancers, it attributed this to previous remedies the patient had acquired including radiation therapy or surgical treatment. In some instances, it changed into quite clean that conventional remedies had had no impact on the disease. Nowhere could the Commission acknowledge that any affected person was cured or maybe benefited from Essiac remedies.

It concluded, “The Commission is of the opinion that the proof adduced does now not justify any beneficial end as to the merits of Essiac as a treatment for most cancers.”

Caisse felt beaten and feared arrest and imprisonment for practicing medicine without a license, and in 1942 she closed the Bracebridge Clinic and went into seclusion. She might thereafter deal with sufferers in her domestic in mystery.

In 1959, Caisse went to the Brusch Medical Centre in Cambridge, Massachusetts in which she had been invited to treat terminal most cancers sufferers and do in addition laboratory experiments on mice beneath the supervision of 18 physicians. She labored with Dr. Charles A. Brusch, director of the health facility, and medical doctor to former US President John F. Kennedy.Cancer

Dr. Brusch became satisfied of Essiac’s efficacy in treating cancer, and even made a notarized declaration in April of 1990 wherein he stated, “I endorse this therapy even nowadays, for I even have in fact cured my personal cancer, the unique website of which become the lower bowels, via Essiac alone.”

In 1977, just before Caisse died, she turned the rights of the formula over to Dr. Brusch and to the Resperin Corporation who were to test and manufacture it.

This turned into precisely what Rene had always wanted – for Essiac to be clinically examined through properly documented trials where there would be no allegations of misdiagnoses after the fact, and where sufferers’ development would be determined and authenticated through reviews drawn up via qualified people.

But it in no way came to pass. Resperin’s trials, which began in 1978, showed promise at the start, however, had been halted in 1982 due to allegedly substandard tactics and documentation as well as terrible outcomes. A file turned into issued by using the Canadian Health and Welfare Department which said, “No scientific proof exists to assist claims that Essiac is a powerful remedy for most cancers.”

Dr. Gary Glum, a chiropractor from California, who published a biography of Rene Caisse in 1988 titled” Calling of an Ange”l alleges that this 1982 document becomes a deception.

Dr. Glum says that the Resperin Corporation labored closely with the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare. He says that files were falsified inside the direction of the Resperin assessments, and notes a particular case of a person who had come to Rene Caisse to thank her for Essiac, and for being a part of the trial program. This guy had been indexed as dead inside the Resperin case reports.

Glum further alleges that after Caisse’s demise in 1978, the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare burned all of her case notes which she had amassed considering that she had begun treating people with Essiac.

Glum’s involvement with Essiac has placed him to amazing non-public and financial stress. He states that US government officers confiscated copies of “Calling of an Angel” (which he posted himself) that he had saved at his medical exercise. Thousands of copies of the e-book had been additionally confiscated by way of Canadian border government who said that it becomes “advertising” an unapproved drug. He by no means received these copies lower back.

Dr. Glum received the Essiac method from a personal pal who had been cured of cancer by using Essiac, and he became sooner or later capable of affirming the authenticity of this component with a female named Mary McPherson who labored very closely with Rene Caisse for quite a while, and whose very own mother has been cured of most cancers inside the Thirties on the Bracebridge Clinic.

In 1988, Dr. Brusch grew to become over his rights on Essiac to Elaine Alexander, a broadcaster and radio producer from Vancouver. Alexander interviewed many sufferers who had been cured of most cancers by way of Essiac and saved properly upon activities surrounding the remedy for some twenty years. She organized for Essiac to be synthetic and dispensed.


Essiac includes four not unusual herbs: sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella), burdock root (Arctium lappa), slippery elm bark (Ulmus fulva), and turkey rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum).

At least three of these herbs – sheep sorrel, burdock root, and turkey rhubarb had been found in numerous cutting-edge research to show antitumor interest.

As nicely as appearing to cut back tumor masses, it was Caisse’s idea that the substances in Essiac served to purify the blood. It has been recognized in people remedy for decades that burdock root acts to cleanse the blood.

Caisse’s concept would seem to be supported through many Essiac sufferers with internal cancers who reported hardening in their tumors, observed through awesome softening of the mass. Many could then file discharging of the fleshy count in conjunction with pus. This would seem to suggest diseased tissue being done of the body as tumors might disappear after the discharges had taken the region.

Caisse never wanted the public to know the substances of her components. Her worry becomes that humans suffering from most cancers, concerned in an existence or loss of life scenario, could reap the wrong elements, or put together the system incorrectly. She knew that right guidance with very exacting measurements of the substances turned into vital to Essiac’s ability to treat cancer.human

Today, Essiac can be acquired from numerous private distributors and vendors. It’s miles bought as a “meals complement”, and no claims can be made regarding its possible advantage as a treatment for cancer. Doing so is illegal as it is unapproved as a medication, and everybody selling it, making such claims, is open to prosecution.

Because it is so essential that Essiac is prepared properly, using the precise elements in the proper ratios, the ones wishing to use it must cautiously take a look at the historical past of the source from in which they intend to purchase it. There are many bogus copies of Essiac in the marketplace which haven’t any value as remedies, and may even be dangerous.

Rene Caisse by no means claimed that Essiac is a remedy for most cancers, even though many of her sufferers did, as did some of the docs she worked with over time. She sought to relieve her patients of ache and to manipulate the disease. But it’s miles simple that a lot of her patients were given many more years of lifestyles – free from pain or loose from most cancers – that they would no longer have had without Essiac

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