Cure Your Self of Cancer – Alternative Cancer Treatment For a Healthy Body

OK, you’ve got just been identified with cancer…

You have most cancers is a phrase which one in 5 people within the United States will hear this year by myself in one form or any other. Too many humans have most cancers! Cancer rips via your lifestyles tearing its own pathway. Unfortunately, an entire life of ignoring positive aspects of your body and your lifestyles has resulted in disease.

Hearing you have cancer is earth shattering! Cancer is possibly the maximum dreaded disorder due to the fact we know so little about it and for lots, it’s miles a loss of life sentence.

All you can do is ask yourself… “how did I get most cancers? What did I do to get this in my frame? Am I going to die? What am I going to do? Where do I turn? What? What? Where? Where? Why? Why?” Confusion and fear units in. You are a damage!

What are you going to do? You want a plan. Prayer facilitates, but you furthermore might want a plan. You need a help system of friends and you want to rely on God to help you.

Your question… Am I going to die? Depending on what sort of most cancers you have and wherein it is for your body, you have one-of-a-kind questions. On the other hand, a few questions are very much the equal for all of us. Will I ever get better? Will I look the equal? What approximately coverage? Will it cowl the whole lot? What about my own family? What approximately my task? What approximately enterprise? Who will assist me? What shall I do? How a lot is all this going to feed?

Do those phrases sound acquainted? These words and emotions are all very ordinary. You are being challenged with the most important test of your energy in your lifetime. My thoughts possibly sound acquainted in your mind. Your adventure has simply begun.

As a -time cancer survivor I actually have written this e-book to reveal you that most cancers do not should be a death sentence. You will have to trade much stuff for your life. As you study on within the book, it is written to make you stop and assume. All I can do is to share my reports and wish that due to my ache and suffering, you’ll find consolation and treatment on your most cancers.


Healing your self, regardless of the help of present-day medication is an undertaking that only you could do for your self. Many humans will try that will help you and guide you, however, you need to make the selection that you’re going to be well and that positive changes need to be made within the way you live your life. In order so as to get nice and go on residing many greater years, you will want to make the decision to be nice. Think wellbeing mind. Your mind needs to recognize that you are already well so that the relaxation of your body can catch up to such thinking. This idea might be a piece hard to understand at first; please read on. Cancer is perhaps the best task you have got ever needed to face, and it takes exquisite braveness to get nicely. You ought to be sturdy!

Your frame, designed with the aid of God, has its own self-recuperation electricity. Your frame was given sick by using you not taking note of it. When you concentrate in your frame and your inner self, you’ll get nicely. So many people term most cancers as an adventure because it’s miles a life to change event. Today, many people are dealing with cancer and recovery themselves. Be hopeful and research from my adventure as well as the journeys and research of many others.

Become identified with throat cancer. The docs had been puzzled as to how I was given cancer, as I was no longer the standard profile of the individual that contracts throat cancer. I did no longer smoke and did no longer drink to extra. When I walked into the Chemotherapy Infusion Room with a physician for scheduling, the lady on the help desk requested “who’s the patient?” The medical doctor stated, pointing to me and responded, “It is for her.” On the outdoor, I appeared healthy, or so I concept at the time. To see the purpose why I got cancer was my private adventure. Looking lower back, I actually have a unique angle.Cancer

My journey changed into not easy. No cancer recuperation is simple, but; curing yourself of cancer is not as mysterious as you would possibly anticipate. Decisions ought to be made fast and severely. You will need an aid device.

1. If you smoke, you need to stop straight away.

2. If you are in a domestic in which everyone else smokes, you need to get yourself to easy surroundings where you aren’t exposed to second-hand smoke.

3. If you are a heavy alcohol drinker, you want to prevent right now. Did you already know that alcohol consumption can motive cancer? Most of us do not. Where is the “medical professional preferred” caution on alcohol consumption? Drinking alcohol can motive most cancers.

Four. If you drink tender drinks with aspartame you want to prevent without delay. In reality, gentle liquids are not anything but sugar and chemicals. You want to drink juices and water as an alternative.

5. You need to determine which you need to live and that you’re going to go about converting your existence for you to accomplish that.

6. Get plenty of relaxation. You want a minimum 8-10 hours of sleep every day. Naps are also encouraged. While at rest, your frame can do its very own healing method.

7. You need to forget about approximately FEAR. You want to get to work on recovery the frame that you have badly not noted for many years. Right now, you have no time for worry.

Eight. Have a tremendous mindset toward your restoration. You are going to grow to be healthy once more.

Nine. Let pass and let God!

10. Expect a miracle!

You have read that I am a two-time most cancers survivor. When I first was recognized with cancer, I took the American Medical Association technique to the ailment. I went to the University of Virginia Medical Center which has cutting-edge cancer treatment. First, I had chemotherapy treatments for several weeks. Chemotherapy offers poison to all cells, killing both cancer cells, and on the equal time, wholesome cells. I additionally obtained seven weeks, 5 days every week, of radiation remedy. Tomotherapy Radiation system takes a scan of the most cancers tumor each day and as the treatment progresses, the tumor size and position trade. This gadget objective the tumor and lasers it with radiation, killing the most cancers cells. I almost died at some stage in the aggregate of these lengthy treatments. However, after the grueling remedy was over, my cancer went into remission. Recovery from the remedies took a very long time due to the fact my body turned into pretty frail and weak. All most cancers patients have anemia, and I changed into no exception. Cancer causes anemia and chemotherapy make anemia even worse.

My weight went down to eighty kilos. I lost all my hair. I became depressed past whatever I may want to ever believe. I did not devour for five weeks. I needed to have a stomach tube inserted in order that my frame could get the nutrients it needed. Everything tasted like cardboard, so why eat? It changed into a terrible revel in. However, the most cancers went into remission and I turned into cured, or so I notion.

I started to advantage weight and come alive again. I had hair stubble. With my immune gadget being challenged by way of the chemotherapy, I attracted a totally rare amoeba in my proper eye. The amoeba ate my cornea and eye blood vessels earlier than the hassle became identified successfully. The ache changed into excruciating and for nearly 9 months, I became blind in my right eye.

When the amoeba changed into long gone, and my eye started to heal, I started out to see again. At the eye health practitioner’s go to for the primary time in nearly a 12 months, I finally noticed and diagnosed the “BIG E.” That turned into a happy day! However, on account that my frame was malnutrition and weak, the next day I had a coronary heart assault. On the working room desk throughout coronary heart surgery, I could pay attention the nurses speaking about me. “She is so tiny.” I weighed about ninety kilos soaking wet.

After recovering from the coronary heart assault and gaining weight I steadily were given lower back to my old self and went lower back to work. I had a brand new coronary heart, I was thin and fashionable, and I turned into designing and traveling all over the world once more. Modern medicine had cured me of the feared disorder and surrounding headaches. Happy days had been here again!Healthy

I slipped back into my antique terrible behavior. I worked through, did no longer relaxation enough, stressed over things, and did not devour correctly. Basically, I did not love myself any extra after this entire ordeal than I did earlier than cancer. The cause being, I did no longer realize any better. You are sitting there announcing “what?” I am right here to tell you that cancer is the symptom of something tons deeper than simply the disease of the cells. The frame and the mind are much more complicated than what we treat with medication and medical remedies. In case you have forgotten, your mind is hooked up to your body and the thoughts and the mind are very a great deal in the price of the whole thing that goes on for your body both on a conscious or unconscious stage.

Within years, the identical most cancers returned. I become identified with cancer a 2d time. This time the remedy was extra complex and extreme.

After a biopsy verifying most cancers, the docs wanted to do the surgical operation. They felt that chemotherapy and radiation had not worked. This time they could do salvage surgical procedure which could have left me maimed for the relaxation of my existence.

I refused salvage surgical procedure and the entirety else that went on the side of it. The medical doctors had counseled I at the least take some other flight of chemotherapy. I went to the appointment with the Chemotherapy Physician. During the direction of our communication (I was taking notes) we mentioned my preceding chemotherapy treatments and the way cancer had disappeared very quickly. At that point, the health practitioner grew to become to me and stated: “every person knows chemotherapy does no longer remedy most cancers.” I asked him, “then why did you positioned me through all of that horrendous experience almost killing me if it couldn’t remedy me?” I did not watch for an answer.

My mind becomes made up that immediately. Something was truly wrong with this image! After seeing several of my buddies go through cancer remedy with a deadly quiet, I selected great of existence.

I was given 3 extraordinary expert critiques on the second one cancer analysis.

1. University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia in which I have been handled for the primary cancer treatment.

2. Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California to their Top Oncology Center.

3. Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona to check out Trans Oral Micro Laser Surgery for Throat Cancer. This is a reasonably new system achieved by using most effective two famed doctors inside the world; one in every of them is at Mayo Clinic.

I saw the most surprisingly seemed Throat Cancer Oncologist in every of the above three places. I did my diligence with international-magnificence surgeons.

All the docs reviewed my scientific records. They assessed my CT Scans, and all gave the same diagnosis. Both the University of Virginia and Loma Linda could do the salvage surgical procedure, the handiest difference being that Loma Linda could take away the artery from my proper leg, now not my right arm to replace the artery in my neck. At the Mayo Clinic, the health practitioner would do a new procedure, Trans Oral Micro Laser Surgery which would involve placing a laser down my throat surgically and the use of a laser because of the number one slicing device. This manner could remove slicing my jaw, and cast off my artery. However, I changed into advised the technique “isn’t always magic” and was “not minimalistic.” I would have a giant wound, maybe a few issues with speech, a belly tube inserted thru my nose, a completely long healing, troubles swallowing, and a speech hassle for several years, possibly for all time.

I inform you this story due to the fact you’ll hear something similar and you have to weigh your odds. How do you need to live the rest of your life?

At that factor in time, I my body weight changed into 112 lbs. How much greater weight could I in all likelihood lose? I also did not want to appear inside the reflect and spot part of my face removed. In my thoughts, I had no choice but to take an opportunity course. Remember…Be Determined and Beat Cancer. That mantra changed into usually in my mind. I saved beating that drum again and again.

I turned to opportunity medication, and I commenced what people name the journey to wellness. I went to a Naturopathic physician in California and modified my diet significantly to encompass herbs and vitamins, coupled with fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and fish. This weight-reduction plan changed my lifestyles. When you have cancer, your body has been depleted of the vitamins it needs, you must give your frame and your brain the nutrients it desires to get you properly once

All for the duration of my first most cancers treatment, I became by no means gave a weight-reduction plan or any facts approximately how a diet can without a doubt remedy most cancers. However, the truth of the problem is; I likely turned into not in the frame of thoughts to listen to whatever, although that they had given me a dietary weight loss program. I had no longer exceeded over what my intuitive healer calls the crossroads to wellbeing. My vintage conduct of residing and consuming had been still a part of my regime. My mindset changed into such that “I could just take the medication prescribed for me, do what the medical doctors inform me to do, and get healed thru the wonders of cutting-edge medicine.” I could discover the best health practitioner money could buy, the most famous in all of the international, and beat most cancers! Just take a pill and make all of it depart…That turned into my questioning before I changed into challenged with cancer the second time.

It was most effective until I passed over the crossroads, what I name the point of no return while both my awareness and my unconscious mind were running in tandem to get me nicely all the time. I had refused salvage surgery, and knew if I were going to be healed I needed to do something essential for myself; quickly. I started to observe and to do studies. I started investigating alternative medicine and other options for recovery. I became a voracious reader and searched the Internet for statistics approximately most cancers treatment plans and healing. I had to locate a solution and heal my self.

I was given an e-book titled Love, Medicine, and Miracles by using Dr. Bernie Siegel. Dr. Siegel states that the body has a first-rate strength to heal itself. This is wherein my adventure started out.

Your journey may be distinctive than mine, and simplest you recognize wherein to find the solutions buried to your body and thoughts. Your body has a very powerful recuperative ability. You and your thoughts have the manipulate to heal yourself. In this book, I will display you the equipment to institute your very own healing procedure. You must do the paintings and come to terms together with your frame.

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