Closer To Truth: Is Time Travel Possible?

There is an ongoing PBS TV series (also several books and also a website) called “Closer To Truth”. It is hosted by using neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He’s featured in one-on-one interviews and panel discussions with the cream of the cream of contemporary cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, etc. On all of the Big Questions surrounding a trilogy of extensive topics – Cosmos; Consciousness; God. The trilogy together handled truth, space and time travel, mind and cognizance, extraterrestrial beings, theology and on and on and on. Here are some of my comments on certainly one of the general subjects blanketed – Is time tour viable? Time

# Is time travel viable? Actually I personally do not agree with time exists. Change exists, and time is simply our measurement of price of trade. IMHO time is just a idea. Time is a mental construct that facilitates us come to phrases with exchange. Some cosmologists say that point became created in the Big Bang, as if time had been a component of substance and shape, however, I mission them to definitely create a while in front in their peers or perhaps a TV audience or at the least produce a theoretical equation or that would create time. In the intervening time, here’s a trilogy of factors.

First, the idea of time tour is one of these amusing elements of physics. Whether true or no longer, it’s far unique to play the ‘what if’ game. If nothing else, the idea makes or forces one to consider the nature of fact.

Secondly, Einstein and others have postulated that point travel is a theoretical fact and I’m not in their type of league that I can dispute the theories. I’ll depart that to others who understand the sector inner and out.

But thirdly, and most significantly, you can in no way clearly be within the destiny or the beyond, best in the future or the past compared to where and whilst you at the moment are. In other words, no matter how you slice and cube matters, you exist within the where-ever and within the on every occasion in that in which-ever’s or every time’s NOW or in different phrases within the present. You can not literally be in any destiny or in any beyond since you handiest enjoy the NOW that is the present. If you need to by some means journey lower back one hour, you would still revel in matters as belonging to NOW. If you sleep for one hour then wake up, you’re in the future relative to whilst you went to sleep, but you still locate your self in the NOW.Truth

# Is time journey possible? The solution is both sure and no. Yes, we are able to journey into the destiny at one second per second, we try this anyway whether or not we find it irresistible or now not. Yes we will tour into the destiny at a barely faster fee by using going to sleep or otherwise having our sense of focus, our consciousness of fee of alternate (that is what time virtually is or measures) incapacitated. You get drunk and pass out and the subsequent issue you already know you’re 12 hours into the destiny. Yes we are able to tour into the destiny as mentioned by means of Einstein’s dual ‘paradox’ where one dual travels at a totally high rate of pace outward bound, stops and returns to home base, whilst the live at domestic twin, properly, remains domestic. Upon their reunion the journeying twin unearths their live at home twin to be a long way older, so the traveling twin has travelled into the future greater rapidly than might otherwise had been the case. Yes, you could tour back in time, in principle, consistent with the obvious theoretical houses that wormholes or black holes could have. No, you can not tour to the past because of all of those nasty paradoxes. I just like the variation at the grandfather paradox wherein you travel packages returned just one hour into the beyond and shoot yourself dead. That’s a singular way of committing suicide! The different paradox I like is while you pass lower back in time to have Shakespeare autograph your copy of “Hamlet”. Shakespeare is not home but the maid promises to have him autograph your book when he returns. Alas, your timing is slightly off and Shakespeare hasn’t yet written “Hamlet”, so whilst he gets your reproduction from his maid to autograph, he reads it, and after you return to Shakespeare’s home and obtain lower back your now autographed replica and go back home to your own time, Shakespeare now writes “Hamlet”. The paradox is, wherein did “Hamlet” come from for the reason that Shakespeare best wrote it after he had already visible your replica. No, you cannot travel back to the beyond because if that have been viable there might be hoards of time-journeying tourists who went back in time to witness some important historic occasion or different. No hoards of photograph-snapping vacationers have ever been documented being present at Custer’s Last Stand, the Battle of the Alamo, the sinking of RMS Titanic, or any individual of hundreds of comparable historic occasions. Yes, you may journey returned in time however only right into a parallel universe. If you shoot your self however it’s miles some other you in some other universe, no paradox arises. You tour lower back in time to have Shakespeare autograph your replica of “Hamlet” but in that parallel universe Shakespeare can now write “Hamlet” based totally on your copy and no paradox effects. However, the only point I locate interesting is that if you become inside the future, or in the past, are you in reality within the destiny or the past? No, the most effective time you can exist in is the prevailing, your proper here and NOW time. It is probably a distinct time from what you formerly knew, however nonetheless wherever and each time you exist, you simplest exist inside the NOW.

# Is time journey possible? It ought to already be the case that time journey has been documented on the quantum stage despite the fact that that could be open to interpretation. Before I get to the specifics, I just want to point out that with appreciate to the legal guidelines, standards and relationships of physics, time is invariant. Operations in physics remain invariant in time whether or not time is transferring as we typically understand it (past to future) or again to the front (future to beyond). For example, gravity could operate as in keeping with its regular grab-ity self in a world in which time flowed backwards. There’s many an operation one should movie that when the film were run backwards, one would not be any the wiser. Tree branches blowing in the wind involves thoughts, or the coming collectively, collision, and rebounding or separation of two billiard balls. Okay, having set up that with regards to physics, physics does not care which course time is flowing, there might be no violations in the ones legal guidelines, principles and relationships of physics destiny to beyond, we now come to the not on time double slit test. Time

In the everyday double slit test, you have got an electron gun that fires one electron particle at a time, such that one electron completes its adventure earlier than the next one is fired, at two side-by using-facet slits. If one or the other slit is open, the one-at-a-time electrons pass via the open slit to a detector display behind the slits. The detector screen gets hit in almost the identical spot each time after every and each electron particle passes thru the unmarried open slit. That is uncomplicated. If each slits are open, the electron shape-shifts into a wave (how I don’t know), passes through both slits (as only a wave can), morphs back right into a particle and hits the detector display. The distinction is that when enough electrons had been fired, and have surpassed or waved through the double slits, the hits on the detector display screen are not in only one or spots but all-over-the-map, albeit all-over-the-map in a conventional wave interference sample. Okay, it truly is the traditional experiment.

Now we do a version of the subject matter, the delayed double slit test. Electrons are fired one-at-a-time, with both slits wide open. An all-over-the-map classic wave interference sample ought to seem at the everyday detector display screen after sufficient electrons were fired. However, further to the normal detection screen, there are other detectors located behind the normal detector screen which might be each in a specific line-of-sight with every of the two slits. The electron is fired. It morphs right into a wave and passes via each slit then morphs again right into a particle. But before the electron, which has already exceeded through both slits, can hit the detector screen, the detector screen is removed to show at the back of it the opposite line-of-sight detectors. Now possibly as soon as the electron has exceeded even though the double slits it is too little too late to change its mind about where it will hit. Only a tiny few must be detected by using the two line-of-sight detectors aligned with the 2 slits. Alas, every and each electron can be detected by using one or the opposite of the line-of-sight detectors. It could appear that the electron CAN change its thoughts after it has already long gone via both slits and as an alternative appear to have long past thru one or the other of the two slits. One interpretation is that the electron, after having exceeded through each slit, realized the gig became up, traveled returned in time, retraced its direction and handed through one or the alternative slit.



As an aside, the past due Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman stated that the double slit experiment went to the coronary heart of quantum weirdness. I mention this because it becomes the equal Richard Feynman who recommended that a positron (an anti-electron) became simply an everyday electron that turned into going backward in time.

# Is time travel viable?

I actually have numerous other factors to make about the idea of time journey.

Firstly, there is Stephen Hawking’s idea of a Chronology Protection Conjecture which postulates that there may be some as but an undiscovered law of physics which prevents time journey to the past and thus makes the cosmos a safe vicinity for historians to strut their stuff.

Secondly, it’s been said that you cannot tour farther lower back in time than the date sometime travel packages ‘tool’ turned into built, be it a wormhole or a few other gizmos. So if some genius builds a time visiting ‘tool’ in 2014, he’s now not going anywhere into the beyond. But in 2015 he can travel returned to 2014 and in 2114 he should travel returned to any time among 2114 and 2014. The analogy is that you can’t tour via a tunnel prior to while that tunnel turned into constructed. Thus, we don’t see human time travelers because no human time traveling ‘device’ has but been built. The flaw there may be that doesn’t restrict ET from traveling who would possibly have built a time touring ‘tool’ hundreds of thousands of years in the past. Recall the one’s pesky UFOs although they don’t seem to cluster round massive terrestrial historical activities so perhaps ET would not care approximately our history and are simply right here on an excursion from their future.

Thirdly, possibly a while travelling ‘device’ is constant at some sort of celestial coordinates. Because the whole thing within the cosmos is in motion, whilst you re-emerge into that cosmos after beginning on a time visiting adventure, even as you may be the one’s identical fixed celestial coordinates the relaxation of the cosmos would have moved to differing celestial coordinates. So, if you start out in London you might not become in London on down, or up, the time journeying track. Finally, the concept of your, or the future or of the beyond or your past is only relative to what you select as some fixed factor. If you select your date of birth as that constant factor, then really you are now inside the destiny relative to your date of start. If you pick out the concept of an ever ongoing NOW, the existing, as a fixed point, you’re neither in the destiny or the beyond relative to the NOW nor will you ever be. That of course doesn’t mean you can not do not forget your beyond, what existed before your NOW (despite the fact that the past in popular is greater abstract) or plan in your future after your NOW (even though the future in popular is past your manage).

# Is time travel possible? There’s but another form of time travel, or at least the phantasm of time travel packages , and that’s through the cinema. Films and TV shows concerning time journey are many and regularly legendary. But it really is no longer pretty the medium I want to explore here. One can program time tour right into a pc simulation. You can have a video game in which the characters journey backwards (or forwards) in time, or have a software application that loops around again to the beginning. Now the query is, might we be characters or digital beings in a Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe? If so, the software packages that run our virtual show would possibly permit for time journey, or digital time tour, but nonetheless time tour that would appear to us to be pretty actual. Now where does our sense of deja vu surely come from?

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