China Adventure Travel Itinerary Ideas

Day 1 to 4 – Beijing

First forestall, Beijing! It’s truly one of my preferred towns and an awesome way to begin your China ride. You’ll discover it clean to spend three nights in the town as there are many splendid attractions to hold you occupied. Tian’anmen Square, The Forbidden City, and The Summer Palace must all be on the hit listing. Save a day to look the Great Wall of China as the high-quality web page at Jinshanling is a good three-hour pressure outdoor of the city. The Olympic Stadium is likewise an amusing prevent off for your ultimate day. Donghuamen Night Market is a first-rate place to spend the nighttime munching down on standard and strange Chinese cuisine. The pearl market and buying centers near Wangfujing Dajie may be a pleasant detour to pick up some top-notch presents.adventure

Day four to 7 – Lanzhou – Xiahe – Songpan

Next, you can head out of the city for a greater rural China journey revel in. Catch a flight to Lanzhou and meet your driver at the airport on your 3-day jeep trek through the Tibetan Plateau. When you travel through the western provinces of China you will see certainly marvelous landscapes along the way. Traditional yak herders and nomadic villages can be dotted inside the distance of the rolling hills. Just beyond Lanzhou is the metropolis of Xiahe and for me, it was defiantly one of the highlights from my China tour inside the western provinces. Xiahe is well-known for the Labrang Monastery which lies close by. Visiting the Monastery became top notch, smelling the incense, listening to the monks chanting and seeing the Buddhist traditions all around you became a real Tibetan travel experience.

Day 7 to eleven – Songpan – Ice Mountain – Chengdu Horseback Trek

After leaving Xiahe, this China travel itinerary will take you via jeep to Songpan. Songpan is a generally Chinese city set amongst rolling inexperienced hills and mountains stages. The next morning you may prompt on horseback for The Ice Mountain – an in reality proper China travel enjoy. Along the manner, you will experience breath-taking surroundings with the massive Ice Mountain dominating the horizon. Once the nighttime involves a quit your guides may have camp installation right away topping off an all spherical desert revel in.



Day eleven to twelve – Chengdu

Next, for your China itinerary, I would propose a brief overnight prevent in Chengdu to rest up after your horseback trek and to enjoy some of China’s fine restaurants. A have to at the Chengdu list is to revel in a traditional Sichuan hotpot meal – a culinary China adventure. It’s a scrumptious blend of clean seafood and veggies which you prepare dinner yourself in the fragrant soup at the center of the table. Try the system using your chopsticks and I’m positive you may not overlook the meal for a while! Chengdu also has a top-notch park called the “People’s Park” that’s a wonderful location to see the world move by. Many human beings congregate right here to revel in the spring evenings and wander past the shore of the lake.China

Day 12 to 15 – Lijiang

Lijiang city is situated in the Himalayan foothills at an altitude of 2400m above sea stage. It’s extremely picturesque with winding canals and red lanterns striking from the rooftops, all with the backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains in the distance. It’s grown to be a firm favorite with travelers to China and it is easy to look why. Here you’ll get the chance to visit the lovable Black Dragon Pool Park, discover the historical streets and experience the Naxi network and their age antique traditions.

Day 15 to sixteen – Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek

Next, your China itinerary will leave from Lijiang and head into the mountainous areas that surround the town. The Tiger Leaping Gorge trek is one among China’s maximum famous hikes at an altitude of over 2500m. Your day might be spent finishing up and down the step riven with exceptional surroundings along the manner. It’s defiantly an appropriate region to try to get that picture to say “look what I did!” Rice fields with operating oxen, dramatic rock faces, and nearby Chinese villages are a sample of what your trek may additionally have to provide. After the hiking trail, I’d propose a steaming cup of Jasmine tea to complete off this Chinese journey enjoy flawlessly.

Day 16 to 17 – Back to Lijiang

One ultimate night in Lijiang where you may rest your ft after a tough two days trekking and take in all of your China tour studies thus far.

Day 17 to 19 – Dali

Next, your China tour plan will take you to Dali at the Erhai Lake. There’s nevertheless a totally Tibetan experience to the city. Modern Dali and Historical Dali are around 20 minutes apart from every other and are both very different. Historical Dali is extraordinarily stunning and inhabited by the Bai and Yi minorities who live in the Yunnan provinces. Take a visit to the Three Pagodas Temple set with the Himalayan Mountains inside the heritage.

Day 19 to 22 – Yangshuo

Yangshuo is another China journey highlight for plenty with a memorable visit to see the Karst Mountains. Yangshuo showcases some of China’s maximum beautiful landscapes with lush inexperienced fields all framed by using the limestone formations. Imagine a lazy afternoon blissfully cruising down the Yulong River as the Karst Mountains float beyond. It’s really an exquisite way to revel in China’s countryside. When I visited Yangshuo at some stage in my China journey I sincerely loved the bike trip alongside the river as you get to peer the mountains from a distinctive factor of view. The villages look high-quality as you ride beyond with the massive formations towering over them.

Day 22 to 24 – Ping’an

Following Yangshuo and the Karst Mountains, you’ll keep directly to Ping’an and the Zhuang villages. Here you will visit the rural villages inhabited via the Zhuang minority. October is an incredible time to visit Ping’an as that is the time the villagers harvest the rice fields, so it’s a superb opportunity to look how rural Chinese lifestyles in complete swing. Ping’an is domestic to the world’s biggest rice fields referred to as the Dragon’s Bone. During this a part of your China travel itinerary, you’ll have a threat to take a guided excursion across the fields and see some of the arena’s fine rice terraces.

Day 24 to 26 – ShanghaiTravel

You’ll finish your China journey with a visit to the dynamic town of Shanghai, an exhilarating, ever-morphing metropolis. While there are no dusty imperial palaces right here, tucked among the purchasing malls and the current structure you could find out the antique Shanghai, wherein temples nestle down alleys, at the side of road markets and classical Chinese gardens.

This is my concept of the closing China tour adventure, taking you from mountains to rivers and towns to rice terraces. It’s an experience which you’re bound to keep in mind for lifestyles.

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