Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman should avoid some beauty treatments during those nine months and should also take special care while using certain beauty products and procedures. Read the article to find the beauty treatments that are safe during pregnancy.

It is a well-known fact that a pregnant woman’s body undergoes many alterations, owing to hormonal changes. Are you pregnant, and have started noticing changes? Your skin has turned ever so sensitive, acne has suddenly become severe, there are more freckles on your face, your skin tone has darkened, your hair may have turned dry or frizzy. And finally, one good change – there seems to be a glow on your face! All these changes are normal during pregnancy and go away after the baby arrives. As far as the safety of beauty treatments during pregnancy is concerned, not all procedures are believed to be safe, and some treatments should be avoided by the pregnant mother.
Body MassageBeauty
Massage has a soothing effect on the body and is totally safe for pregnant women. To be on the safer side, massage should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy; many massage centers don’t offer massage services to a woman who is in the first trimester of her pregnancy. On and all, special massage packs are available for pregnant women and you should consult a therapist to determine the best massage routine for you.
Tip: Massage can be a boon for pregnant women, as it actually relieves the body of unnecessary tension and prepares it for future stress and strain. So consult the best masseuse, discuss with him/her all your apprehensions before taking a message.
Manicure and Pedicure
Some pregnant women experience that their nails grow faster than usual, this is observed because of the hormonal changes and other body changes, like an increase in the mineral and vitamin concentration of the body. Manicure and pedicure treatments come in handy, and they are safe too. The chemicals in nail polish can cause some harm, especially formaldehyde and toluene in the nail polish. It is best if you use nail polish that contains the least amount of chemicals.



Tip: Make sure the room is well ventilated, as the fumes and chemicals can be harmful. Massaging the ankle and heel area should be avoided, as contractions can be triggered from these points.
Women, no matter what age, whether pregnant or not, love tanning. But is tanning safe during pregnancy? The safety of tanning depends on what medium you are using. Tanning beds should be avoided during pregnancy, also tanning in the sun is something you should not prefer doing. This is because exposing skin to UV rays can be unsafe for the already sensitive skin. Exposing the skin to UV rays increases the chances of developing chloasma, that is, sun blotches on the skin.
Tip: Any activity that considerably raises the temperature of the body should be avoided. This includes avoiding tanning beds, steam rooms, hot tubs, jacuzzis, and sauna treatments. A good remedy is using tanning lotions, but only if you are desperate for a tan. A good quality tan lotion is safe and does no harm to the skin. On a final note, it is advisable to stay away from tanning during pregnancy.
Hair Treatments
So, what about the safety of hair treatments during pregnancy? Your hair might look dry and dull and you would be tempted to go treatments like curling, perming, dyeing or hair relaxing. A majority of these treatments involve the use of chemicals and harmful products that can enter the bloodstream through the scalp and create problems, in rare cases. Though the chemicals do not harm the baby or the mother, there is no guarantee of the safety of these procedures.

Tip: It is best not to take risks and avoid hair dyeing procedures. A better option is using hair coloring sprays, as they do not enter the skin and work on the surface. Any hair procedure that uses chemicals should be avoided during the first three months.
During pregnancy, there are some procedures that should be avoided altogether. Though there is no concrete evidence to confirm the harmfulness of using botox during pregnancy, it is a general opinion that this procedure should be avoided during the entire nine months. In fact, any beauty procedure that uses syringes or injections should be avoided. It is due to the same reason, the injected matter enters the bloodstream and can harm the baby.
Hair Removal Procedures
Electrolysis is a popular method that uses electric currents to remove hair from the body. There is no conclusive evidence to determine if electric currents are harmful to pregnant women and the fetus. So, it is advised that pregnant women should stay away from this procedure. If undertaken, certain precautions should be followed, like you should not carry out electrolysis in the bikini area, abdomen, and breasts. The best option is to avoid electrolysis completely during the pregnancy. If you do wish to get rid of unwanted hair, you should consult a registered electrologist. Some pregnant women tend to be sensitive to waxing due to the pain accompanying it. Pregnant women should thus consult a doctor before waxing, as sometimes it may not suit the skin. Similar can be said for hair removal creams (that contain chemicals) and depilatories. Shaving off the hair is a good option for pregnant ladies.
The use of oils for body rejuvenation is called aromatherapy. Researchers have still not arrived at a general consensus to confirm the safety of use of certain oils during pregnancy. Some oils should be avoided during pregnancy. A pregnant woman can also develop sensitivity to some oils, and experience nausea on smelling some oils.
Tip: Aromatherapy is, as such, safe during pregnancy, and it all depends on the oils being used in the process. So, consult the best aromatherapist for a safe therapy.
So, these were some of the common beauty procedures during which you should be a little careful. Apart from these, your daily beauty regimen can be carried out as usual, with no harm coming from it. For complex beauty treatments, it would be best if you consulted an expert. Have a happy and safe pregnancy.

Acne Treatment During Pregnancy – Safe Acne Treatment While Pregnant

During pregnancy, it is common for an expecting mother to have trouble carrying herself around, sleepless, worry about the health of the unborn baby and even worry about worrying itself. It can, therefore, be a huge blow when they have to contend with yet another problem; acne. Finding safe acne treatment during pregnancy will most likely drive anyone wild because having acne and being pregnant each has their list of demands.

During pregnancy, there is an increased level of hormones. This hormonal increase normally creates many skin changes including acne. The chances of acne occurring are rather heightened especially in the first two or three months of pregnancy because this is the time when hormonal changes are profound, in particular, progesterone. Progesterone boosts the secretions of the skin making the glands that produce oil to become active thus making it quite easy for the bacteria to thrive and cause a break out of acne. Finding safe acne treatment during pregnancy are related to each other in that sometimes myths are created that a pregnant woman suffering from acne is likely to have a girl and so the acne is a way to show that she is afraid that the little one will take her beauty.

The issue of finding safe acne treatment during pregnancy is normally a temporary problem and is soon bound to disappear even before an alarm is signaled. This is down to the fact that with time, the hormonal levels reduce and come down to a normal level and so the acne begins to disappear naturally and automatically. Therefore it is usually not necessary to worry. However, if one still has doubts about acne and pregnancy it would be advisable to contact your doctor so that you are well prepared with the necessary and relevant medication for the condition. Having said that, when the acne breaks out, there are procedures you can carry out to limit its effects and eventually eliminate it altogether without a hint of worry.

Begin by drinking huge amounts of water because it will keep the skin well hydrated and help the skin cells to effectively flush out waste. During pregnancy, the skin will dry more than it does normally. Therefore drinking plenty of water will be of great help. Secondly, adding more fruits and vegetable to the daily diet is a huge step towards freeing oneself from acne during pregnancy because they increase the body’s immunity to acne. Also, it is paramount to have great hygiene during pregnancy, wash the face with plain fresh water, use mild cleansers to wash the face and in the event that the skin becomes rather too oily, clay marks can be used. Safe acne treatment during pregnancy should be handled with great care because most of the treatments will have disastrous effects on an expectant mother.Pregnancy

There is no doubt that pregnancy has a bearing on acne. However, the alert levels should not be as high as they would be in other situations because as mentioned already, it will almost always heal naturally. Using these strategies will help to answer questions relating to safe acne treatment during pregnancy by wiping away any traits of acne.

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