Author: Pritam

Swollen Eyelid in Toddlers

Swollen eyelid in toddlers may not always be a concerning issue. But given their tender age, a pediatrician must be consulted so that potential problems can be ruled out. The symptoms of a swollen eyelid may have several plausible reasons. Nonetheless, getting your child checked by a pediatric ophthalmologist is […]

Surgery for Dark Circles Under Eyes

If you’ve got tried in vain to apply over-the-counter creams for decreasing the appearance of dark circles, you may need to recall the option of surgical treatment. This Buzzle submit has extra facts. If you have puffy baggage or dark circles under your eyes, it virtually turns into taxing in […]

Red Dots Around Eyes

Red dots around eyes isn’t always an alarming state of affairs and takes place due to breakage of blood vessels in the eyes. The following Buzzle article elaborates on elements that harm eye blood vessels. Looking at the replicate, one might also see red dots around the eyes. Is this […]

Eye Socket Pain

Ethmoid sinusitis is one of the most commonplace causes of throbbing eye socket ache. Read directly to recognize the alternative not unusual reasons of sharp pain around the attention socket, and numerous other symptoms related to the pain. People regularly complain about the ache in the eye socket during common […]

Early Symptoms of Pink Eye

What is Pink Eye? Conjunctivitis, or crimson eye, is an infection of the conjunctiva, a clear membrane that covers the outer layer of the eye and the internal surface of the eyelids. As with other commonplace eye inflammations, conjunctivitis typically seems and feels worse than it is. While the suggested […]

Almond Oil for Eyes

The pleasant part of the use of almond oil for eyes is that it can result in a gentle and supply impact on the skin surrounding it. Read this Buzzle article to recognize greater at the high-quality results of its utilization. Almond oil is a mild yellow colored oil extracted […]