A Simple Seated Isometric Exercise Workout For Seniors

First of all, allow me to tell you that I am 70 years antique and were doing this basic exercise software, together with some different sports for numerous years.

Since you might not be acquainted with isometric sporting events, just a brief rundown.

These are sporting activities accomplished wherein one muscle group, as an example the biceps (the front of higher arm… Curls the arm), pulls or pushes in opposition to both some other muscle group, for instance, the triceps (again of upper arm… Extends the arm), or, an immovable item.

The muscle is tensed in contraction or extension for between seven and ten seconds.

I continually do a sluggish count number to ten, myself.

Caution, while the recommendation for most fast outcomes is to irritate the muscle to seventy-five% of its maximum ability, you haven’t any way of measuring this, and, at first, you’re at greater chance of injury, so, as you begin, just hectic until you feel resistance and regularly you may begin to feel the “sweet spot”. Also, helping muscles may not be as robust as the main muscle being exercised, and also you do not want to need to stop due to the fact you have injured a few smaller muscle.



There is an inclination during the intense effort to maintain your breath.

This is another little rule of thumb of mine. If I should forestall breathing to do the precise isometric exercise, I’m attempting too tough and risking harm… Now not just to the muscle, but to the heart.

The intention is to help you get and live, inform, now not make you into a professional athlete. Isometric sports need to never be your only sporting events. You have to stroll or do different varieties of aerobic sports, as a minimum. It’s also an awesome concept to perform little exercises which absolutely require movement, as an isometric exercising contraction does no longer exercising a particular muscle thru its whole varietyIsometric

That’s why, by the way, I perform little sporting events of the same muscle in exceptional positions.

At the give up of the exercise itself, I will come up with multiple suggestions to enhance your result, both with the isometric exercising workout itself and with adding a piece of aerobic interest within the manner.


Get your self a robust chair without fingers. Kitchen table fashion will do. Set it in the role.

Now, stroll across the residence for a minute or two to “get the blood flowing”.

You will need to do the sports one proper after any other, once your body is acclimatized to the isometric exercise, however, before everything, do not push it and always take as a great deal rest between physical activities as you need. This is meant that will help you get more healthy… Not push you into turning into an Olympic stage athlete… Or having a heart attack.

Slowly lower yourself to a seat at the chair… BUT…

Just earlier than you’re really seated and nevertheless in sort of a skier’s pose, prevent and maintain position for a slow count of 10.

To save time, and typing, to any extent further, I might not say “slow count of 10”, I will simply say to maintain the location.

Sit on the chair as a long way ahead as you could as later you’ll want to rock from side to side a little.


These physical activities may be accomplished in three corporations of threes to allow the man or woman muscle groups relaxation apiece among the sports. At the equal time, this allows you to get a few cardio outcomes from isometric sporting activities, which is difficult to do.Exercise

First set:

Arms Exercise 1:

Hold one arm in order that it’s far from your aspect and bureaucracy a 90 diploma angle on the elbow in nearly the conventional “study my muscle”. Put the fingers of your fingers together and, pull up with the first arm while pushing down with the other and keep. Reverse hand positions and repeat.

Chest Exercise 1:

Put the fist of 1 hand into the palm of the opposite in front of your chest. Push them against each other, and hold.

Back Exercise 1:

With arms nonetheless in front of you, hold close arms, pull, and hold.

For Set 2, repeat the isometric physical activities together with your fingers in a low position, at or under your waist.

For Set 3, repeat the sports along with your fingers in an excessive function.

Don’t fear about form. You are doing this for you, and, how your appearance does not actually rely on. Also, as you get stronger, grow to be more familiar with the physical activities, and the way they experience, you’ll begin to realize that you may concentrate the contraction wherein you need it.


I used the word “plus” due to the fact at the same time as the attention of the following sports are at the middle, or center vicinity of the frame, you may be doing a few things for other components as properly. We will no longer be doing multiple positions of these.

Core Exercise 1:

Put your hands on top of your knees and, the use of your belly muscle tissue as tons as possible, push down, and hold.

Core Exercise 2:

Put your right hand on the outside of one knee and pull closer to the opposite side as though you are trying to turn in that direction. Try to use your center muscle tissues and just use your arm as though it had been a “stick”. Hold. Then repeat going the alternative manner.

Plus Exercises 1 & 2:

At this factor, for a mini-spoil in my core sporting activities, I positioned my fingers among my legs, press the backs of my palms against the insides of my knees, press outward, and keep.Workout

When that is finished, positioned your arms on the outside of your knees and press inward and keep.

Core Exercise three:

Place one hand on the pinnacle of your contrary knee (proper hand on left knee or left hand on proper knee). Using your core (stomach) muscle mass, press down, and keep. Reverse and do with the opposite hand and knee.


Neck Exercise 1:

Place your fingers against the front of your forehead. Push ahead together with your neck and face up to with your fingers.

Neck Exercise 2:

Put your hands behind your head. Pull again with your neck muscular tissues and pull against that along with your hands and preserve.


Start to rise up, BUT, just as you clear the chair, prevent and hold for that sluggish count number to ten.

Stand up, placed the chair away and walk around the house for a few minutes.


While at the beginning you may simply need to do the isometric physical activities and permit the relaxation cross, in case you want to get a little greater cardio impact, and, make the sporting activities extra effective at the equal time, add a little motion to every exercising, just before the “keep”.

For instance, within the arm physical activities, I alternately curl and enlarge my arms for about three or 4 times before I positioned them in the “hold” role. In the chest exercise, I pass my fingers inside and out earlier than I certainly installation for the exercising. I attempt to make every flow as though I have been moving into position and just preserve going three or four times.

I referred to sitting forward at the chair. This is so you can rock backward and forward earlier than the stomach sporting activities. For the neck, I pass my chin to my chest and raise it up, or, appearance up on the ceiling and straighten my head returned up.


Since I can position a variety of attempt into every “preserve”, I best try this exercising 4 instances every week, days on, one time off, two days on, and two days off. However, you could mess around, mainly at first.

One factor to definitely watch out for is discomfort. While there can be a touch pain with any form of exercising, especially a new one, if you are truly feeling the ache, you are trying too hard. In fact, I advocate that for the primary few weeks that you make the stress fairly light and progressively boom it until you’re experiencing real resistance.

No hurry. The fact that you are doing this little isometric workout software, which in all likelihood simplest take about 10 mins or so, on a regular foundation will soon start to offer effects. Now, you may not lose a whole lot of weight, or increase your energy substantially, however, you need to be aware a bit extra energy, and a looseness in your garments after a few weeks.

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