A Percolator Bong Isn’t Always All That

A percolator bong is something that is often heavily marketed at head shops and online. After all, having fancy little contraptions inside the bong make it much more appealing to the eye, especially to young people that might not exactly know everything there is to know about bongs. In case you don’t know, percolators are those intricate pieces of glass in separate chambers of bongs, which basically add another layer of filtration for the smoke passing through. All this does is further cool down the smoke and make it easier to inhale smoothly, meaning you can get some pretty insane, milky clouds of smoke going without hacking up a lung. This is great, but a percolator bong isn’t necessarily all that worth it just for this.
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What Kind Of Smoker Are You?

    Some people just smoke to get high, and others smoke with an impassioned love for the flavors and aromas of cannabis. If you love making a hobby out of identifying the different tastes of different weed strains, then ya you definitely want to look around for a piece that will satisfy your needs with quality percolators. If you’re just trying to get high, and your lungs are already used to harsh smoke from a pipe or something, the extra cost that comes with a percolator in a bong is most likely not worth it for you in the slightest. Contrary to popular belief, there is zero correlation between any kind of percolator and the mental effect you feel from THC. Percolator bongs are purely just a matter of comfort and indulgence. Sure, you can take some monstrous rips more easily with some good percolators, but it’s up to you how important that really is.


    A bong is a pretty tough thing to craft as it is. Throw in some small, complex pieces of glass in the middle of the whole bong and that’s a whole other level of difficulty to make. Just make sure that if you are going to buy a percolator bong that the quality of the glass is top notch. You don’t want to get swindled by a head shop owner promoting his products falsely and making empty promises that you’ll get higher than ever before just because of a little percolator or two.

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