8 Tips For Effective Energy Meditation

Whether you’ve been practicing power meditation within the form of qigong, Core Energy Meditation™, pranayama, kundalini, or some other device for awhile, or in case you’re simply starting, I suppose you may locate the following 8 tips useful in your progress. Many of those suggestions you can follow to every other type of meditation exercise as nicely.


Meditation is an exercise of focusing your interest on a particular object or in a specific way for a time period. Energy meditation way which you are the use of imagination and feeling of your lifestyles electricity, prana, or “qi” (“chee”) as your focal object. The electricity facilities and pathways through your frame are a notable way to meditate due to the fact they deliver your thoughts an lively path to follow. It’s exciting and it generally feels amazing-especially while you’ve evolved your abilities.

Energy meditation grounds you inside the present moment in your frame, that is a powerful manner to “get from your head.” It also has superb fitness advantages, consisting of activation of your natural rest reaction, progressed posture, tension launch, improved move, deeper breathing, coherent brain and coronary heart function, and improved immune response. Energy meditation lets you experience comfortable, superb, and vitally alive. Most importantly, it connects you to the essence stage of “who you’re” and “what you’re here to do.” It connects you to your inner steering, deeper purpose, and emotions of oneness with Life.

In the Chinese system of qigong and in Core Energy Meditation™, we cognizance on 3 number one energy centers or donations (“Dahn-tee-ens”) in your body:

1. Your lower dantian or Body Center for your decrease abdomen which relates to your primal existence force and bodily vitality.

2. Your middle dantian or Heart Center within the center of your chest which relates to your refined feelings and characteristics of interplay with others consisting of appreciation, gratitude, believe, compassion, and love.

3. Your upper dantian or Mind Center in the middle of your mind which relates to your mind powers of insight, imagination, intuition, and attention in addition to your ability to calmly study your reviews without being overwhelmed by them.

When you first exercise imagining and feeling your strength facilities, you may now not imagine or sense a whole lot at all. It may be a venture to hold centered on them throughout your exercise. It’s also common which you might experience one in every of them but now not the others, or two of them and not the 1/3. What you experience relies upon for your natural flair for visualization and kinesthetic sensing, the degree of activation of your power centers, and what sort of you have got practiced feeling interior your body.

No depend in which you stand for your capability to visualize and sense inner your frame, it is O.K. You can gain from making use of yourself to the exercise, no matter what your current competencies. If you practice continually over the years, you’ll steadily awaken your capability to perceive, experience, gather, flow into, refine, and still your internal existence force. I’ve practiced strength meditation for over 25 years and find myself improving that abilities year via the year.

As you develop your capabilities, you may also observe wonderful effects to your ability to feel inner steering, make properly picks, be the gift, and comply with via to your first-class intentions. You will come to feel extra at home, healthy, and wonderful in your body, coronary heart, mind, and spirit. You will develop a consistent robust, advantageous, clean and coherent non-public lively vibration, or what I like to call a “Core Energy State.” Here are eight suggestions to hold you progressing.

Eight Tips for Effective Energy Meditation:

1. First and major, exercise each day. If you are training only whilst you suppose you need it, recognize that there is much more for you within the exercise than merely the use of it to calm and are available lower back to center when you get “stressed out” (although that is certainly critical). If you exercise every day, you may find out which you are better capable of a procedure the experiences and tensions of the remaining 24-hour duration so that you method life in a far extra clean, at ease, wonderful, and centered way.

You might also observe the difference whilst you pass over even a day of exercise as unresolved tensions begin to cloud your notion and have an effect on the way you experience. It’s common within the first several years of exercise, to experience letting pass of “old stuff” that may bubble up into your attention as you meditate. The greater you launch these beyond held tensions, the more you can stay free in the present.

To inspire your each day practice, I advocate which you choose an amount of time that appears very affordable to you, perhaps 15-20 mins, and agenda it at the equal time every day (as an example, first component inside the morning). Though it can be difficult to wake up earlier before everything, it is probably that you will start to sit up for waking up and getting into a “Core Energy State.”


The maximum critical motive for daily practice is that each time you sit down you’ll be capable of move proper into your practice and construct on what you’ve executed the day earlier than. You’ll stay within the drift of it. If you practice sporadically or occasionally you will, in a sense, “usually be beginning over.”

2. If you’ve been working towards constantly for a while, you can want to recall increasing the amount of time you devote to your practice. While 15-20 minutes daily is notable, you can find that meditating longer will deepen and enhance the advantages. You can get into gradually deeper, clearer, and quieter states the longer you meditate.

It’s common for the primary 10-15 minutes of practice to involve a lot of thoughts chatter that step by step quiets down the longer you retain. If you sit for 30-40 mins or greater, you can have extra time in a quieter kingdom. The time beyond regulation will develop the have an impact on of this state for your mind and body and make it a more reliable reference point to which you can extra without difficulty return.

To growth your time, you can bear in mind doing one longer consultation per week or perhaps longer classes per week at the weekend days. However, do not provide yourself too much to try this it becomes a chore. Lengthen your time as your natural preference increases.

Three. Besides growing your standard time, you can boom the time which you spend focusing on someone strength center. For example, you may discover it clean to consciousness into the middle of your mind, however harder to consciousness into your heart or your decrease abdomen. It’s commonplace to have one or extra of those facilities this is less difficult to awareness on and one or greater this is extra hard.

When you first start working towards, you can have a tendency to need to spend extra time in the energy center(s) which you are most relaxed with. That is really first-class, to build your confidence. However, as you keep, you’ll make the most progress to your practice and your existence in case you spend greater time focusing at the electricity center(s) that you are feeling the least or that you discover to be maximum hard. These are probable the places wherein your electricity flow isn’t as fluid and unfastened. You may be storing long-held feelings or traumas in those spots.

Spending extra time with those locations with a mindset of curiosity, a sense of appreciation for the way your frameworks to preserve you secure, and a calm looking at attention can begin to release those held tensions so that your power device will function extra fully and combine more deeply. One manner to do this is to settle your interest into a feeling of spacious, silent stillness in the center of any strength center. Simply being the gift within an energy center, resting your interest there without looking to do something or make anything show up, could have a therapeutic impact.

In the Daoist culture, it’s miles regarded as safest to position more consciousness into your decrease dantian or decrease belly electricity center whilst you are starting your practice. As your strength builds in that middle, your power will naturally float upward to the center dantian or Heart Center, then, to the higher dantian or Mind Center. Whether you follow that development or any other shape based totally on your unique desires, it’s a very good concept to start and stop your practice via accumulating strength for your decrease dantian.

Four. To assist robust vitality on your lower dantian take care of your frame properly. It takes surplus energy to strongly focus your interest and develop your practice. The basis of this greater power is your physical vitality. To growth your physical vitality, monitor those 5 things:

A. Manage your “To Do List” nicely,

B. Get ok sleep,

C. Eat a variety of meals that are as sparkling and as close to their herbal kingdom as viable,

D. Drink sufficient water to stay well-hydrated (about 64 oz. An afternoon for maximum people), and

E. Exercise regularly

If you have devoted to getting up early to practice, however, you’re exhausted out of your existence activities and haven’t long gone to bed early enough, have not eaten high-quality meals, aren’t properly-hydrated, and haven’t properly exercised, you in all likelihood won’t have the strength for a good exercise at home consultation. With sufficient bodily types of energy, you will be capable of devoting robust interest to activating, commencing, clearing, and integrating your power facilities.

Five. To prompt and clear any electricity middle to believe and sense your self-respiratory thru it. As you inhale, believe and experience which you are filling up what types of energy middle with your breath. As you exhale, imagine and feel which you are emptying that electricity middle and freeing any tension held there. When you inhale, try imagining that your breath is bringing light, open, spaciousness into your types of energy middle. When you exhale, strive to imagine which you are exhaling any congestion or density.

You also can follow this approach to anxiety anywhere to your frame. First, believe and feel as if you are breathing into the space around the tight vicinity, softening up its edges. Then, draw your breath right into the center of the space in which you sense tension or tightness. Imagine and feel as though your breath is bringing mild, open, spaciousness into that region. Exhale any density or tightness.

6. You also can spend extra time focusing on the connections between the strength centers. Connecting the three dantians is the Central Channel or Middle Mai Channel. This channel can be visualized and felt as a vertical cylinder extending from your perineum (among genitals and anus) up via the middle of your frame (in front of your backbone, even though you could additionally believe it together with the spine) to the top of your head. This channel connects your 3 dantians and integrates them right into a coherent balanced gadget.

You may additionally sense one strength center is powerful, open, and clear and any other is numb, disturbing, or clouded. You can consider and experience the relationship between them through the Central Channel as a way to prompt and clear the center that feels clouded. You also can believe and sense your breath touring between the two as you inhale and exhale.

Another possibility is that you are feeling the openness in the strength centers themselves but lack a sense of integration between them. You might also experience that they may be not vertically aligned or no longer functioning nicely collectively. For example, your thoughts aren’t operating along with your heart and your frame. They aren’t in sync. Your thoughts think one issue, your coronary heart feels any other, and your body desires something altogether different.


If this is the case, you can consider and experience the Central Channel as a straight vertical column with the three dantians resting in the center of it and breathe through that channel. I like to do this at some points in the course of my exercise at home to refresh my attention. I additionally finish my practice by means of inhaling up through the Central Channel and exhaling down thru the Central Channel numerous times. Then, I gather strength inside the decrease dantian before starting my eyes.

The bottom line with power meditation exercise at home is that it’s far specific to everybody. You begin by using mastering accurate bureaucracy to comply with. Once you grasp the bureaucracy, then you could adapt them to your unique needs and what is going on for you at any given time. The extra you understand the exercise at home and the extra sensitive you grow to be for your inner types of energy flow or lack of float, the more you may know the way to continue. Energy meditation sensitizes you to choose up for your inner steering.

7. Once you have got very well discovered a form or kinds of meditation by means of following a guided audio, you might attempt practicing on your very own without the audio. This may be after months or years of practice. Allow your inner guidance to lead you in the way to refine and expand your internal power. Spend extra time wherein you need to, use your respiration to open up areas of anxiety, and allow your conscious presence within your types of energy area to guide the manner.

Whenever your interest wanders, understand and take delivery of it, and lightly return for your meditative cognizance. As you stay present, receive whatever arises, and return to allowing lifestyles power to drift easily thru you, I trust you’ll discover a profound belief within the deeper Life Force that is guiding your lifestyles.

That brings us to the 8th tip for powerful practice.

Eight. When you sit down to meditate have a firm and clear intention in your exercise at home. Having a strong “why” will result in company awareness and unwavering attention. For instance, my motive in meditation is to become a clear channel for Life Energy to waft thru me. I name this a Core types of energy State. In any such state, I experience calm, clear, free, useful, and complete. Moving into life from this nation I discover that I can higher experience and follow what I am here to do, my provider to others in every moment. If I sit down to meditate with this aim robust and clear in my mind, my exercise at home has more electricity.

Contemplate why you meditate and kingdom your intention as you sit down to exercise at home. See if that facilitates to awaken your motivation and support your attention. I desire you find the eight tips above useful for cultivating your meditative revel in, refining your existence energy, and increasing the nice feelings of types of energy and purpose in your life.

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