4 Crucial Questions to Ask your Pet Odor Removal Company

Every pet owner knows the kind of joy their pets have brought to their life. And, also the kind of mess they have brought to their homes.

The pet odors in a home aren’t just unpleasant, but dangerous for the health of people exposed to it. This foul odor develops because of the bacterium that builds up in the carpets, floorings, couches, and other upholsteries. When left untreated, it can cause various health hazards and severe ailments.

There is no doubt why a lot of landlords prohibit their tenants from owning a pet. A house with pet odor is not even preferred by any buyer and affects the resale value of the house to a great extent.

People often resort shampooing and deodorizing the stinky area but that is not how this odor is supposed to be treated. A basic cleaning never serves the purpose and calls for immediate help from a professional pet odor removal company.

Considering that there are numerous companies operating in the similar industry, you need to make an appropriate choice amongst them by asking some really important questions –


Q1. What is your work experience?

It is vital to look at the experience of the company before hiring. It is because the professionals who are serving the community from long will have a greater level of expertise than the rest. These companies would provide full-fledged inspection of your home and help you to get rid of the stinky smell lingering all over your home easily.

Inquiring about the certified associations that the company belongs to and any special training that its team may have gone through will also help you in judging its efficiency and reliability.

Q2. Do you have a license?

Every service provider is required to have proper licenses to operate business and serve the clients. A company which is certified and licensed by the state government or a recognized local body can always assure better services than the non-licensed ones. These licenses are indicative of their quality work and legitimate work practices.

However, be wary of companies that blatantly lie about their certifications. Ask the concerned authorities about them before making your final call.

Q3. Can you provide me a list of your previous clients?

Well-established companies usually have a huge client base with a long list of odor removal projects undertaken in the past. Such companies happily boast about their success and excellent customer service and don’t hesitate in providing you a list of their past clients.

Contacting these references becomes a great way to measure the company on the parameters of authenticity and professionalism and then decide your next move.

Q4. What will be the cost of your services?

Before finalizing any service provider, make sure you contact multiple other companies. Discuss with them the kind of services you want and how much will they charge you for it. You can also request them to pay a visit to your premises in person to decide what all needs to be done. Usually, the best of the pet odor removal companies deal with all kinds of odor in your house, but it is always better to clarify the scope of work before going ahead.

Comparing the type of services and the costs charged by each of the shortlisted companies helps in taking a radical decision.



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