Day: April 14, 2019

Chinese Baoding Balls: Facts and Health Benefits

While their sleek look and painted by hand designs may also spark off many to gather them, proponents of Chinese Baoding balls firmly believe that these exercise balls offer numerous fitness blessings. As such, this Buzzle write-up provides records on the history and fitness blessings of Baoding balls. Named after […]

Vertigo Symptoms in Dogs

Vertigo symptoms in dogs are quite similar to the ones located in humans. Read directly to recognize more on vertigo in dogs and its signs and symptoms. Vertigo, in simple terms, manner a feeling of dizziness or giddiness. It can also be described as the sensation skilled by someone as […]

Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Like humans, puppies can also broaden ear infections at times, because of fungal or bacterial overgrowth, and the accumulation of earwax within the ear canal. This article discusses a number of the viable reasons of canine ear contamination, at the side of its signs and treatment. The anatomy of a […]